Rupa Marya v. Warner Chappell Music Inc

Filing 86

APPLICATION for Refund of Fees Paid Re: APPLICATION for attorney Mark C. Rifkin to Appear Pro Hac Vice(PHV Fee of $325 receipt number 0973-12457377 paid.) 18 , Order on Application to Appear Pro Hac Vice 22 filed by plaintiffs Good Morning to You Productions Corp, Majar Productions LLC, Rupa Marya, Robert Siegel. (Manifold, Betsy)

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UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT CENTRAL DISTRICT OF CALIFORNIA MARYA RUPA, et al. CASE NUMBER C V 13-4460-G H K (MRW x) PLAINTIFF(S) v. W ARN ER/C H APPELL MUSIC , IN C ., et al. APPLICATION FOR REFUND OF FEES; ORDER THEREON DEFENDANT(S) Pl ease com pl al f el i Secti I. Ifyou are requesti a ref ete l i ds n on ng und off pai onlne usi,al com pl ees d i ng so ete Secti II. Then el on ectroni l f l the com pl caly ie eted f orm usi the Applcati f Ref ng i on or und ofFees event i CM/ECF. n SECTION I Nam e ofApplcant: i Am ount Pai d: Mark C . Ri ki f n $ 325 Requested Ref und Am ount $ 325 Docum ent Ti e and Docket #: Pro H ac V i Adm i on Appli on;EC F N o. 18 tl ce ssi cati Transacti Date: on July 25, 2013 Recei Num ber: pt (Ifpai by cash/check onl d y) Reason for refund request: Duplcate or unnecessary paym ent subm i i tted O verpaym ent ofa requi f lng f red ii ee ✖ Pro hac vi applcati deni ce i on ed O ther: SECTION II (Com pl onl i you are requesti a refund offees pai onlne usi Thi i orm ati can be found i the ete y f ng d i ng s nf on n screen recei or conf rm ati em ai.) pt i on l Account H ol Nam e: der W olfH aldenstei Adler Freem an & H erz LLP n Tracki ID: ng 25BN 6C U1 Agency Tracki ID: ng 0973-12457377 For Court Use Only Fi scalDepartm ent IT IS O RDERED that the applcati f ref i on or und of f i ees s: Ref und i ssued Applcati ref i on erred to Uni States ted Di ct/Magi stri strate Judge f rulng;i or i t i recom m ended that the Applcati be: s i on G RANTED DENIED pursuant to the polcy ofthe i Judi alConf ci erence ofthe Uni States ted (Guide to Judiciary Policy,V ol 4,Chap. 6, . § 650) G -124 (01/14) G RANTED DENIED Uni States Di ct/Magi ted stri strate Judge APPLICATION FOR REFUND OF FEES; ORDER THEREON

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