Microsoft Corporation v. Godwin Corporation et al

Filing 17

ORDER RE STIPULATED PERMANENT INJUNCTION 15 by Judge Ronald S.W. Lew. See Order for further and complete details. (jre)

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1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Katherine M. Dugdale, Bar No. 168014 Audra M. Mori, Bar No. 162850 PERKINS COIE LLP 1888 Century Park E., Suite 1700 Los Angeles, CA 90067-1721 Telephone: 310.788.9900 Facsimile: 310.788.3399 Attorneys for Plaintiff MICROSOFT CORPORATION 8 UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT 9 CENTRAL DISTRICT OF CALIFORNIA 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 MICROSOFT CORPORATION, a Washington corporation, Plaintiff, v. Case No. 13-cv-5744-RSWL (FFMx) ORDER RE STIPULATED PERMANENT INJUNCTION GODWIN CORPORATION, a California corporation d/b/a BESTCOMPUTERGROUP; and THOMAS TSUNGYI CHAO, an individual, Defendants. 18 19 20 Pursuant to the stipulation of the parties, and good cause appearing therefore, 21 IT IS ORDERED that defendants Godwin Corporation, a California corporation 22 d/b/a BestComputerGroup, and Thomas Tsungyi Chao, an individual, (collectively 23 “Defendants”) along with their directors, principals, officers, agents, servants, 24 employees, representatives, successors and assigns, and all those persons or entities 25 acting in concert or participation with them, shall be and hereby are 26 PERMANENTLY ENJOINED and restrained from: 27 28 (a) imitating, copying, or making any other infringing use or infringing distribution of software programs, components, end user license -141826-5600.0075/LEGAL28796650.1 1 agreements (“EULA”) or items protected by Microsoft’s registered trademarks and 2 service mark, including, but not limited to, the following Trademark Registration 3 Nos.: 4 (1) 1,200,236 (“MICROSOFT”); 5 (2) 1,256,083 (“MICROSOFT”); 6 (3) 1,872,264 (“WINDOWS”); 7 (4) 2,744,843 (COLORED FLAG DESIGN); 8 or the software programs, components, EULA, items or things protected by the 9 following Certificate of Copyright Registration No.: 10 (1) TX 5-407-055 (“Windows XP”); 11 and any other works now or hereafter protected by any of Microsoft’s trademarks or 12 copyrights; 13 (b) manufacturing, assembling, producing, distributing, offering for 14 distribution, circulating, selling, offering for sale, advertising, importing, 15 promoting, or displaying any software program, component, EULA, item or thing 16 bearing any simulation, reproduction, counterfeit, copy, or colorable imitation of 17 any of Microsoft’s registered trademarks or service mark, including, but not limited 18 to, the Trademark and Service Mark Registration Nos. listed in Paragraph (a) 19 above; 20 (c) using any simulation, reproduction, counterfeit, copy, or 21 colorable imitation of Microsoft’s registered trademarks or service mark including, 22 but not limited to, the Trademark and Service Mark Registration Nos. listed in 23 Paragraph (a) above, in connection with the manufacture, distribution, offering for 24 distribution, sale, offering for sale, advertisement, promotion, or display of any 25 software, component, EULA, item or thing not authorized or licensed by Microsoft; 26 (d) using any false designation of origin or false description which 27 can or is likely to lead the trade or public or individuals erroneously to believe that 28 any software, component, EULA, item, or thing has been manufactured, produced, -241826-5600.0075/LEGAL28796650.1 1 distributed, offered for distribution, advertised, promoted, displayed, licensed, 2 sponsored, approved, or authorized by or for Microsoft, when such is in fact not 3 true; 4 (e) engaging in any other activity constituting an illegal distribution 5 of any Microsoft software, component, EULA, COA, item, or thing and/or 6 constituting an infringement of any of Microsoft’s trademarks, service mark and/or 7 copyrights, or of Microsoft’s rights in, or right to use or to exploit these trademarks, 8 service mark, and/or copyrights or constituting any illegal dilution of Microsoft’s 9 name, reputation, or goodwill; and 10 (f) assisting, aiding, or abetting any other person or business entity 11 in engaging in or performing any of the activities referred to in paragraphs (a) 12 through (e) above. 13 14 IT IS SO ORDERED. 15 16 Dated: 1/3/2014 RONALD S.W. LEW HON. RONALD S. W. LEW United States District Court Judge 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 -341826-5600.0075/LEGAL28796650.1

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