Marcus Gray et al v. Katy Perry et al

Filing 527

AMENDED MINUTES 525 MINUTES Motion Hearing held before Judge Christina A. Snyder: RE DEFENDANTS' RENEWED MOTION FOR JUDGMENT AS A MATTER OF LAW, OR ALTERNATIVELY FOR A NEW TRIAL 483 , 435 ; and 459 ; PLAINTIFFS' MOTION FOR AN AWARD O F PREJUDGMENT INTEREST 488 , filed October 10, 2019. The Court concludes as follows: (1) defendants' motion for judgment as a matter of law is GRANTED and the jury's verdicts as to liability and damages are VACATED because plaintiffs' fail to satisfy the extrinsic test; (2) defendants' motion for a new trial is DENIED AS MOOT; and (3) plaintiffs' motion for prejudgment interest is DENIED AS MOOT, as are any related evidentiary objections. In the event that the Court of Appeals were to find th at judgment as a matter of law on the extrinsic test is not appropriate in this case, the Court conditionally grants a new trial because, for the same reasons set forth above, the jury's findings on the extrinsic test and damages are against the clear weight of the evidence. Court Reporter: Chia Mei Jui.(AMENDED ONLY at Attorneys Present to include Attorney for Amici Musicologist). (lc). Modified on 3/17/2020 (lc).

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