UL LLC v. The Space Chariot Inc. et al

Filing 96

MINUTES (IN CHAMBERS) by Judge Christina A. Snyder RE: Notice of Relief from Automatic Stay and Request for Decision on Fully Briefed Motion for Partial Summary Judgment 94 . On 4/20/2017, the Court granted plaintiff UL LLC's ("UL") m otion for partial summary judgment on its first and second claims (trademark infringement and counterfeit of registered marks) as against Space Chariot (the "Summary Judgment Order") 81 . On 6/20/2017, UL filed a notice that the U.S. Bankr uptcy Court had lifted the automatic stays imposed by 11 U.S.C. Section 362 so that UL could pursue relief against Walker and Mortel. The Court lifts the stay of this action as to Walker and Mortel. UL requests that the Court grant partial summary ju dgment against Walker and Mortel, as requested in its original motion 50 . Now that the Bankruptcy Court's automatic stay has been lifted, the Court GRANTS UL's motion for partial summary judgment as against Walker and Mortel. In the Summa ry Judgment Order, the Court awarded UL statutory damages in the amount $1,000,000. Walker and Mortel are now jointly and severally liable for damages to UL. In the Court's Sanctions Order, the Court directed defendants to account for $ ;42,500 in dissipated assets on or before 4/17/2017. Defendants have failed to do so. The Court directs defendants to account for the dissipated assets on or before 7/28/2017. Failure to do so may result in the imposition of additional sanctions. Court Reporter: Not Present. (gk)

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