Kiss Catalog, LTD. v. JB Imports, LLC

Filing 19

FINAL JUDGMENT, INCLUDING PERMANENT INJUNCTION PURSUANT TO STIPULATION, 18 by Judge Consuelo B. Marshall: IT IS HEREBY ORDERED that Defendant JB IMPORTS, LLC and its agents, officers, employees, partners, owners, successors, assigns and representat ives and all persons acting in concert or participating with them, and each of them, are hereby restrained and enjoined from manufacturing, marketing, advertising, distribution, selling, attempting to sell, or causing to be sold wine using containers , stickers or labels which utilize any of the registered or common law trademarks or copyrighted works of KISS CATALOG, LTD or which list or feature the name KISS or images of any of its members. IT IS HEREBY FURTHER ORDERED that all claims and counterclaims of KISS CATALOG, LTD. and JB IMPORTS, LLC are otherwise dismissed with prejudice, and that each party is to bear its own costs and fees incurred in connection with this matter. (MD JS-6. Case Terminated) (shb)

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