General Fidelity Insurance Company v. Quanta Specialty Lines Insurance Company, et al

Filing 52

STIPULATION and ORDER 41 re Dismissal of certain homeowner defendants signed by Judge John A. Mendez on 12/17/2014. All amended homeowner defendants with the exception of Rene Diaz, Monica Diaz, David Beltran, and Alma Beltran are DISMISSED without prejudice. Plaintiff GFIC and dismissed Homeowner Defendants shall bear their own costs and attorneys' fees. (Marciel, M)

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1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT 9 EASTERN DISTRICT OF CALIFORNIA 10 11 GENERAL FIDELITY INSURANCE Case No. 1:14-CV-01325 JAM GSA 13 ORDER RE DISMISSAL OF CERTAIN HOMEOWNER DEFENDANTS WITHOUT PREJUDICE, PURSUANT TO STIPULATION COMPANY, a South Carolina 12 Corporation, 14 Plaintiff, v. 15 QUANTA INDEMNITY COMPANY, a Colorado corporation, as successor by 16 merger with QUANTA SPECIALTY LINES INSURANCE COMPANY; 17 BELLA VISTA ESTATES, a California Limited Partnership; LAUREL TREE 18 HOMES, INC., a California corporation; DAVID DYCK, an individual; 19 LAMBETH CONSTRUCTION OF CALIFORNIA, INC., a suspended 20 California corporation; LAMBETH CONSTRUCTION, INC., a suspended 21 California corporation; LAMBETH CONSTRUCTION INCORPORATED, a 22 suspended Nevada corporation; LAMBETH CONSTRUCTION, LLC, an 23 Arkansas limited liability company; RENE DIAZ and MONICA DIAZ, 24 individuals; NORMA AGUILAR and JESSE AGUILAR, individuals; TONY 25 ADAYAN, JR., an individual; HECTOR CERDA and SANDRA CERDA, 26 individuals; MARISA CERROBLANCO, an individual; ABEL DELGADO and 27 MARIA DELGADO, individuals; BEATRIZ FLORES and MANUEL 28 GARCIA, individuals; JOSE GOMEZ SOLIS, an individual; JOSE GUILLEN CHAMBERLIN KEASTER & BROCKMAN LLP 4850-116/PODISM-HO 1 CASE NO.: 1:14-CV-01325 GSA [PROPOSED] ORDER RE: DISMISSAL OF CERTAIN HOMEOWNER DEFENDANTS WITHOUT PREJUDICE 1 and NORMA GUILLEN, individuals; RAFAEL IGNACIO and BERTHA 2 ALICIA REYES, individuals; LANDY OROZCO and JOSE LEDESMA, 3 individuals; ALEJANDRO MAGANA and ESMIRNA ESTRADA, individuals; 4 GREGORIA MORALES, an individual; FERNANDO ORTIZ and PATRICIA 5 ORTIZ, individuals; JUAN PULIDO and MARIA PULIDO, individuals; 6 SEVERINO RODRIGUEZ and LEE ANN RODRIGUEZ, individuals; 7 RICHARD REYES, JR. and SAMUEL ROBLES, individuals; JORGE 8 SALINAS, an individual; ISMAEL SPINDOLA, FRANCES SPINDOLA and 9 CRYSTAL SPINDOLA, individuals; JOSEPH TORRES, an individual; 10 BRENDA VARGAS, an individual; RICARDO ZARAGOZA and MARIA 11 ZARAGOZA, individuals; JOSE LUIS ZEPEDA, an individual; ILLIANA 12 MARTINEZ, an individual; RUBEN BETANCOURT and ROSA 13 BETANCOURT, individuals; MANUEL ALVAREZ, BERTHA ALVAREZ and 14 SERGIO ALVAREZ, individuals; JOSE DANIEL AVALOS, an individual; 15 RAMON BARRAGAN and AMPARO BARRAGAN, individuals; DAVID 16 BELTRAN and ALMA BELTRAN, individuals; DEMETRIA CARDENAS 17 and OSBALDO CARDENAS, individuals; JAVIER CAVAZOS, an 18 individual; JUAN JOSE CHAVEZ, an individual; ARTURO CISNEROS, an 19 individual; JOSE CORTEZ and MARICELA CORTEZ, individuals; 20 CARLOS CUEVAS and JERONIMA CUEVAS, individuals; NORBERTO 21 DIAZ, JR. and LORENA DIAZ, individuals; SALVADOR GALLARDO, 22 an individual; EDWARD GALLEGOS and VERONICA GALLEGOS; 23 individuals; IVAN SERGIO GARIBAY and ESPERANZA GARIBAY; 24 individuals; NELSON GARIBAY and LUCILA GARCIA, individuals; SERGIO 25 GARIBAY and YOLANDA GARIBAY, individuals; WALLY GONZALES and 26 ELENA GONZALES, individuals; JUAN GONZALEZ and GINA GONZALEZ, 27 individuals; JULIAN GUTIERREZ and MARIA GUTIERREZ, individuals; 28 SALVADOR HERNANDEZ, an individual; SANDRA IBARRA, an CHAMBERLIN KEASTER & BROCKMAN LLP 4850-116/PODISM-HO 2 CASE NO.: 1:14-CV-01325 GSA [PROPOSED] ORDER RE: DISMISSAL OF CERTAIN HOMEOWNER DEFENDANTS WITHOUT PREJUDICE 1 individual; CARLOS IGLESIAS and MONICA IGLESIAS, individuals; 2 MARIA INIGUEZ, an individual; GERARDO LOPEZ and JULIA LOPEZ, 3 individuals; RODOLFO MALDONADO and ROSALBA MALDONADO, 4 individuals; JOSE MERAZ and DOMINGO GONZALEZ, individuals; 5 JIMMY MORENO and MARIA MORENO, individuals; JOVITA 6 MUNOZ and NICOLAS MORALES, individuals; MIGUEL MURILLO and 7 SUSANA GUZMAN, individuals; ISIAS PACHECO and THERESA PENALOZA, 8 individuals; JAVIER PAULINO and MARGARITA PAULINO, individuals; 9 MOISES PEREZ and MONICA PEREZ, individuals; MARIA RAMIREZ, an 10 individual; LETICIA REYNA, an individual; ZEFERINO REYNA, an 11 individual; ROBERT ROBLES and JULIANA ROBLES, individuals; JOSE 12 GUADALUPE ROSILES and PATRICIA BAUTISTA CEJA, individuals; ISRAEL 13 RUBALCAVA, an individual; ARMANDO SANCHEZ and ELEANOR 14 LOPEZ, individuals; ERNESTO SANCHEZ and TERESA SANCHEZ, 15 individuals; JOSE SANCHEZ, an individual; JUAN CARLOS SANCHEZ, 16 an individual; PETER SANCHEZ and VERONICA MARTINEZ SANCHEZ, 17 individuals; MARIA SERRANO, an individual; GURVINDER SINGH and 18 JAGDEEP KAUR, individuals; RICARDO BUSTOS TAPIA, an 19 individual; ANDRES TORRES, an individual; GABRIEL TOVAR and 20 MARIA ZONIA TOVAR, individuals; FRANCISCO VARGAS and MARIA 21 ALVA, individuals; PAULINO VAZQUEZ and ROBERTO VARGAS, 22 individuals; LORIANE ZAMORA and ROBERT JUAREZ, individuals; 23 NORMA ZUNIGA, an individual; LUIS MUNOZ ALANIS and MARIA 24 CONSUELA MUNOZ, individuals; PABLO CASTRO, an individual; 25 GUSTAVO ESPINOZA, an individual; MARIO GARCIA and SALLY GARCIA, 26 individuals; THOMAS F. GHEEN and JULA A. GHEEN, individuals; OSCAR 27 INIGUEZ and MARSHY INIGUEZ, individuals; ROBERT L. LEIJA and 28 GUADALUPE G. LEIJA, individuals; HUMBERTO LOZANO and MARYVEL CHAMBERLIN KEASTER & BROCKMAN LLP 4850-116/PODISM-HO 3 CASE NO.: 1:14-CV-01325 GSA [PROPOSED] ORDER RE: DISMISSAL OF CERTAIN HOMEOWNER DEFENDANTS WITHOUT PREJUDICE 1 LOZANO, individuals; MARTIN MARES and SULEMA QUINTANILLA- 2 MARES, individuals; STEVEN PADILLA and LENORA E. PADILLA, 3 individuals; DANIEL A. RODRIGUEZ and FRIEDA RODRIGUEZ, individuals; 4 LORENZO SALAZAR, ERNESTINA C. SALAZAR, ADRIAN SALAZAR and 5 MARIA ELENA SALAZAR, individuals; JUAN G. SANTOS and FRIDA 6 SANTOS, individuals; DANIEL TAMEZ, an individual; GABRIEL TAMEZ and 7 DESIREE D. TAMEZ, individuals; JESUS M. VILLAGRANA and 8 ARACELI VILLAGRANA, individuals; and JOSE ZUL, an individual. 9 Defendants. 10 This matter is before the Court on the STIPULATION RE: DISMISSAL OF 11 12 HOMEOWNER DEFENDANTS WITHOUT PREJUDICE (hereinafter, 13 “Stipulation”) entered into and executed by Plaintiff GENERAL FIDELITY 14 INSURANCE COMPANY (hereinafter, “GFIC”) and the AMENDED 15 HOMEOWNER DEFENDANTS (as more fully identified in the Stipulation and 16 below) on December 8, 2014, through their respective counsel of record in the herein 17 Action. Said Stipulation was filed in this Action on December 12, 2014 [Document 18 41]. 19 The AMENDED HOMEOWNER DEFENDANTS are the 160 Defendants 20 named in GFIC’s First Amended Complaint for Declaratory Relief, which was filed in 21 this Action on October 17, 2014 [Docket Number 17], who are plaintiffs in the two 22 Underlying Construction Defect Actions and the owners of the single-family 23 residences that are the subject matter of the Underlying Construction Defect Actions, 24 as follows: 25 (1) RENE DIAZ; (2) MONICA DIAZ; (3) NORMA AGUILAR; (4) JESSE 26 AGUILAR; (5) TONY ADAYAN, JR.; (6) HECTOR CERDA; (7) SANDRA 27 CERDA; (8) MARISA CERROBLANCO; (8) ABEL DELGADO; (9) MARIA 28 DELGADO; (10) BEATRIZ FLORES; (11) MANUEL GARCIA; (12) JOSE CHAMBERLIN KEASTER & BROCKMAN LLP 4850-116/PODISM-HO 4 CASE NO.: 1:14-CV-01325 GSA [PROPOSED] ORDER RE: DISMISSAL OF CERTAIN HOMEOWNER DEFENDANTS WITHOUT PREJUDICE 1 GOMEZ SOLIS; (13) JOSE GUILLEN; (14) NORMA GUILLEN; (15) 2 RAFAEL IGNACIO; (16) BERTHA ALICIA REYES; (17) LANDY 3 OROZCO; (18) JOSE LEDESMA; (19) ALEJANDRO MAGANA; (20) 4 ESMIRNA ESTRADA; (21) GREGORIA MORALES; (22) FERNANDO 5 ORTIZ; (23) PATRICIA ORTIZ; (24) JUAN PULIDO; (25) MARIA PULIDO; 6 (26) SEVERINO RODRIGUEZ; (27) LEE ANN RODRIGUEZ; (28) 7 RICHARD REYES, JR.; (29) SAMUEL ROBLES; (30) JORGE SALINAS; 8 (31) ISMAEL SPINDOLA; (32) FRANCES SPINDOLA; (33) CRYSTAL 9 SPINDOLA; (34) JOSEPH TORRES; (35) BRENDA VARGAS; (36) 10 RICARDO ZARAGOZA; (37) MARIA ZARAGOZA; (38) JOSE LUIS 11 ZEPEDA; (39) ILLIANA MARTINEZ; (40) RUBEN BETANCOURT; (41) 12 ROSA BETANCOURT; (42) MANUEL ALVAREZ; (43) BERTHA 13 ALVAREZ; (44) SERGIO ALVAREZ; (45) JOSE DANIEL AVALOS; (46) 14 RAMON BARRAGAN; (47) AMPARO BARRAGAN; (48) DAVID 15 BELTRAN; (49) ALMA BELTRAN; (50) DEMETRIA CARDENAS; (51) 16 OSBALDO CARDENAS; (52) JAVIER CAVAZOS; (53) JUAN JOSE 17 CHAVEZ; (54) ARTURO CISNEROS; (55) JOSE CORTEZ; (56) 18 MARICELA CORTEZ; (57) CARLOS CUEVAS; (58) JERONIMA CUEVAS; 19 (59) NORBERTO DIAZ, JR.; (60) LORENA DIAZ; (61) SALVADOR 20 GALLARDO; (62) EDWARD GALLEGOS; (63) VERONICA GALLEGOS; 21 (64) IVAN SERGIO GARIBAY; (65) ESPERANZA GARIBAY; (66) 22 NELSON GARIBAY; (67) LUCILA GARCIA; (68) SERGIO GARIBAY; (69) 23 YOLANDA GARIBAY; (70) WALLY GONZALES; (71) ELENA 24 GONZALES; (72) JUAN GONZALEZ; (73) GINA GONZALEZ; (74) 25 JULIAN GUTIERREZ; (75) MARIA GUTIERREZ; (76) SALVADOR 26 HERNANDEZ; (77) SANDRA IBARRA; (78) CARLOS IGLESIAS; (79) 27 MONICA IGLESIAS; (80) MARIA INIGUEZ; (81) GERARDO LOPEZ; (82) 28 JULIA LOPEZ; (83) RODOLFO MALDONADO; (84) ROSALBA CHAMBERLIN KEASTER & BROCKMAN LLP 4850-116/PODISM-HO 5 CASE NO.: 1:14-CV-01325 GSA [PROPOSED] ORDER RE: DISMISSAL OF CERTAIN HOMEOWNER DEFENDANTS WITHOUT PREJUDICE 1 MALDONADO; (85) JOSE MERAZ; (86) DOMINGO GONZALEZ; (87) 2 JIMMY MORENO; (88) MARIA MORENO; (89) JOVITA MUNOZ; (90) 3 NICOLAS MORALES; (91) MIGUEL MURILLO; (92) SUSANA GUZMAN; 4 (93) ISIAS PACHECO; (94) THERESA PENALOZA; (95) JAVIER 5 PAULINO; (96) MARGARITA PAULINO; (97) MOISES PEREZ; (98) 6 MONICA PEREZ; (99) MARIA RAMIREZ; (100) LETICIA REYNA; (101) 7 ZEFERINO REYNA; (102) ROBERT ROBLES; (103) JULIANA ROBLES; 8 (104) JOSE GUADALUPE ROSILES; (105) PATRICIA BAUTISTA CEJA; 9 (106) ISRAEL RUBALCAVA; (107) ARMANDO SANCHEZ; (108) 10 ELEANOR LOPEZ; (109) ERNESTO SANCHEZ; (110) TERESA 11 SANCHEZ; (111) JOSE SANCHEZ; (112) JUAN CARLOS SANCHEZ; (113) 12 PETER SANCHEZ; (114) VERONICA MARTINEZ SANCHEZ; (115) 13 MARIA SERRANO; (116) GURVINDER SINGH; (117) JAGDEEP KAUR; 14 (118) RICARDO BUSTOS TAPIA; (119) ANDRES TORRES; (120) 15 GABRIEL TOVAR; (121) MARIA ZONIA TOVAR; (122) FRANCISCO 16 VARGAS; (123) MARIA ALVA; (124) PAULINO VAZQUEZ; (125) 17 ROBERTO VARGAS; (126) LORIANE ZAMORA; (127) ROBERT JUAREZ; 18 (128) NORMA ZUNIGA; (129) LUIS MUNOZ ALANIS; (130) MARIA 19 CONSUELA MUNOZ; (131) PABLO CASTRO; (132) GUSTAVO 20 ESPINOZA; (133) MARIO GARCIA; (134) SALLY GARCIA; (135) 21 THOMAS F. GHEEN; (136) JULA A. GHEEN; (137) OSCAR INIGUEZ; 22 (138) MARSHY INIGUEZ; (139) ROBERT L. LEIJA; (140) GUADALUPE 23 G. LEIJA; (141) HUMBERTO LOZANO; (142) MARYVEL LOZANO; (143) 24 MARTIN MARES, (144) SULEMA QUINTANILLA-MARES; (145) 25 STEVEN PADILLA; (146) LENORA E. PADILLA; (147) DANIEL A. 26 RODRIGUEZ; (148) FRIEDA RODRIGUEZ; (149) LORENZO SALAZAR; 27 (150) ERNESTINA C. SALAZAR; (151) ADRIAN SALAZAR; (152) MARIA 28 ELENA SALAZAR; (153 JUAN G. SANTOS; (154) FRIDA SANTOS; (155) CHAMBERLIN KEASTER & BROCKMAN LLP 4850-116/PODISM-HO 6 CASE NO.: 1:14-CV-01325 GSA [PROPOSED] ORDER RE: DISMISSAL OF CERTAIN HOMEOWNER DEFENDANTS WITHOUT PREJUDICE 1 DANIEL TAMEZ; (156) GABRIEL TAMEZ; (157) DESIREE D. TAMEZ; 2 (158) JESUS M. VILLAGRANA; (159) ARACELI VILLAGRANA; and (160) 3 JOSE ZUL. 4 5 Pursuant to the terms of the Stipulation, and for good cause shown, 6 IT IS HEREBY ORDERED that all of the AMENDED HOMEOWNER 7 DEFENDANTS, with the exception of (1) RENE DIAZ, (2) MONICA DIAZ, (48) 8 DAVID BELTRAN, and (49) ALMA BELTRAN are dismissed as Defendants in this 9 Action, without prejudice, subject to the right of Plaintiff GFIC to re-file or renew its 10 claims against the dismissed AMENDED HOMEOWNER DEFENDANTS, which are 11 the subject of this Action (hereinafter, the “DISMISSED HOMEOWNER 12 DEFENDANTS”). Pursuant to the Stipulation, all DISMISSED HOMEOWNER 13 DEFENDANTS have heretofore acknowledged service of the Summons and First 14 Amended Complaint in this Action and consented to the Court’s jurisdiction in this 15 Action. 16 IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that the DISMISSED HOMEOWNER 17 DEFENDANTS shall be bound by all orders, findings, conclusions, determinations, 18 decrees, stipulations, judgments, settlements and/or agreements made or entered into 19 between the parties to this Action, other than those which constitute factual 20 determinations that are specific to the residences owned by Defendants RENE DIAZ, 21 MONICA DIAZ, DAVID BELTRAN and/or ALMA BELTRAN, in the same manner 22 and to the same extent as if the DISMISSED HOMEOWNER DEFENDANTS had 23 been parties to this Action and/or parties to any settlement agreement. 24 IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that Plaintiff GFIC and the DISMISSED 25 HOMEOWNER DEFENDANTS shall bear their own costs and attorneys’ fees in 26 connection with the dismissal of the DISMISSED HOMEOWNER DEFENDANTS 27 without prejudice. 28 CHAMBERLIN KEASTER & BROCKMAN LLP 4850-116/PODISM-HO IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that all statute of limitations, statutes regarding 7 CASE NO.: 1:14-CV-01325 GSA [PROPOSED] ORDER RE: DISMISSAL OF CERTAIN HOMEOWNER DEFENDANTS WITHOUT PREJUDICE 1 prosecution of claims or time within which a trial must be held or judgment must be 2 entered, and all defenses based upon delay and prosecution (collectively “Statute of 3 Limitations”) with respect to the claims of Plaintiff GFIC against the DISMISSED 4 HOMEOWNER DEFENDANTS provided for by law, equity or judicial decision shall 5 be tolled as provided herein. In the event that Plaintiff re-files or renews any claims in 6 connection with this Action in the future against one or more of the DISMISSED 7 HOMEOWNER DEFENDANTS, the period from August 25, 2014, up to and 8 including the date of re-filing or renewal of such an action, shall not be included for 9 purposes of computing the applicable time periods for Statute of Limitations, and shall 10 not in any way serve to extend any Statutes of Limitations that had already run as of 11 and including August 25, 2014. 12 This ORDER does not pertain to any parties in this Action, other than Plaintiff 13 GFIC and the AMENDED HOMEOWNER DEFENDANTS, all of which remain 14 parties to this Action, with the exception of the DISMISSED HOMEOWNER 15 DEFENDANTS. 16 17 DATED: December 17, 2014 18 19 20 /s/ John A. Mendez___________ The Honorable John A. Mendez U. S. District Court Judge 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 CHAMBERLIN KEASTER & BROCKMAN LLP 4850-116/PODISM-HO 8 CASE NO.: 1:14-CV-01325 GSA [PROPOSED] ORDER RE: DISMISSAL OF CERTAIN HOMEOWNER DEFENDANTS WITHOUT PREJUDICE

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