Foster Poultry Farms, LLC et al v. Tyson Foods, Inc.

Filing 6

ORDER GRANTING 4 Application for Pro Hac Vice, signed by Magistrate Judge Erica P. Grosjean on 07/29/2022. Added Attorney Corinne Biller, PHV for Tyson Foods, Inc. The Pro Hac Vice Attorney is directed to request electronic filing access through PACER. (Maldonado, C)

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... FILED JUL 2 9 2Ull United States District Court · , f · · CLERK U.S. DISTRICT COURT Eastern D1stn~t O CallfoJnlla\sTERN DISTRICT OF r~- DEPUTY CLERK jFoster Poultry Farms, LLC, et al Case Number: Plaintiff(s) I1:22-cv-00919-DAD-EPG V. APPLICATION FOR PRO HAC VICE AND PROPOSED ORDER jryson Foods, Inc., et al Defendant{s) Pursuant to Local Rule 180(b)(2) of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of California, _C_o_r_in_n_e_B __ ill_e_r_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ hereby applies for permission to appear and participate as counsel in the above entitled action on behalf of the following party or parties: Defendant, Tyson Foods, Inc. On 11/0 9 / 2 01? (date}, I was admitted to practice and presently in good standing in the __ s_ta_t_e_o_f_ll_li_no_i_s_lN_o_rt_h_e_r_n_D_is_tr_ic_t_o_f_l_lli_n_o_is_ (court). A certificate of good standing from that court is submitted in conjunction with this application. I have not been disbarred or formally censured by a court of record or by a state bar association; and there are not disciplinary proceedings against me. [8]1 have Q1 have not concurrently or within the year preceding this application made a pro hac vice application to this court. (If you have made a pro hac vice application to this court within the last year, list the name and case number of each matter in which an application was made, the date of application and whether granted or denied.) Kimahni Duncan v. Crate & Barrel Distribution Center, et al., No. 2:21-cv-01398-KJM-JDP August 11, 2021, application granted Date: _ _ _ 0_7/_2_71_2_0_2_2_ _ . . Biller Signature of Applicant: /s/ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ U.S. District Court- Pro Hae Vice Application Revised July 6, 2021 Page 1 Pro Hae Vice Attorney Applicant's Name: Law Firm Name: Corinne Biller Neal Gerber & Eisenberg LLP 2 North LaSalle Street Address: Suite 1700 Chicago City: State: Phone Number w/Area Code: _(3_1_2_)_2_6_9_-B_O_O_O_ _ _ _ __ City and State of Residence: Primary E-mail Address: Secondary E-mail Address: IL ---- Zip: 60602 Arlington Heights, Illinois I hereby designate the following member of the Bar of this Court who is registered for ECF with whom the Court and opposing counsel may readily communicate regarding the conduct of the case and upon whom electronic notice shall also be served via the Court's ECF system: Local Counsel's Name: Law Firm Name: Dan M. Forman GDF Labor Law LLP 707 Wilshire Boulevard Address: Suite 5150 Los Angeles City: Phone Number w/Area Code: ( 90017 State: __C_A __ Zip: _ _ _ _ _ __ 213 612 6300 ) - ------------ Bar# 155811 ------- ORDER The Pro Hae Vice Application is APPROVED. The Pro Hae Vice Attorney is DIRECTED to request filing access through PACER. Dated: ~/f-~ JUDGE, U.S. DISTRICT COURT U.S. District Court- Pro Hae Vice Application Revised July 6, 2021 Page 2

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