Heilman v. Cherniss et al

Filing 210

ORDER for SUBSTITUTION of ATTORNEY signed by Magistrate Judge Edmund F. Brennan on 12/07/17 ORDERING Attorney Tyler H. Onitsuka is substituted in as attorney of record in place of attorney Kathleen J. Williams, Leslie R. Wagley, Lakeysia Rene Been and Matthew Ross Wilson for defendant C. Cherniss. (Plummer, M)

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~AO lS4 (10/03} Substitution of Attorney UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT Eastern Cafifomia District of Thomas John Heilman Plaintiff (s), CONSENT ORDER GRANTING SUBSTITUTION OF ATTORNEY V. C. Cherniss, et al. CASE NUMBER: 2:11-cv-00042-JAM-EFB Defendant (s), Notice is hereby given that, subject to approval by the court, C. Cherniss, Defendant substitutes (Party (s) Name} _T_y l_er_H_._o_ni_ts_u_ka_,_D_e p_u_ty A_tto_r_n_e__ __ .... ___ y_G_e_n_e_ra_l_______ , State Bar No. _2_6_7_3_0_7____ as counsel of record in (Name of New Attorney) place of Kathleen J. Williams, Leslie R. Wagley, Lakeysia Rene Beene, Matthew Ross Wilson (Name of Attorney (s) Withdrawing Appearance) Contact information for new counsel is as follows: Firm Name: Office of the Attorney General Address: 1300 I Street, Sacramento, CA 95814; P.O. Box 944255, Sacramento, CA 94244-2550 ----------------(916) 210-7557 Telephone: E-Mail (Optional): Facsimile (916) 324-5205 TyIer. Onitsuka@doj.ca.gov I consent to the above substitution. 11/23/2017 Date: (Signature of Party (s)) I consent to being substituted. Date: / ch / S' / I 1 I consent to the above substitution. Date: ~ u r e o f N e w Attorney) The substitution of attorney is hereby approved and so ORDERED. Date: December 7, 2017 Judge [Note: A separate consent order of substitution must be filed by each new attorney wishing to enter an appearance.}

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