Blake v. City of Sacramento et al

Filing 30

ORDER signed by Senior Judge William B. Shubb on 9/12/13 ORDERING the plaintiff is granted leave to file the First Amended Complaint; Plaintiff my join Bonnie Ilene Wehe, also known as Bonnie Ilene Blake as a defendant in this action. (Becknal, R)

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1 2 3 4 5 6 JAME SANCH ES HEZ, City Attorney (SB 116356) A BN SHER M. CHA RI APMAN, Se enior Deput City Atto ty orney (SBN 215775) N SChap pman@cityofsacramen CITY OF SACR Y RAMENTO 915 I Street, Room 4010 Sacram mento, CA 95814-2608 Teleph hone: (916) 808-5346 ) Teleco opier: (916) 808-7455 ) Attorn neys for Defendants CI ITY OF SACRAMENT TO And RICK BRAZ R ZIEL 7 8 UN NITED STA ATES DIST TRICT COU URT 9 EAS STERN DISTRICT OF CALIFO F ORNIA 10 11 12 15 ORDER G GRANTING PLAINTI G IFF LEAVE TO FILE FIR O RST AMENDE COMPL ED LAINT AND D TO JOIN B BONNIE IL LENE WEH HE (BLAKE) A A DEFE AS ENDANT Plaintif ff, 13 14 Case No.: 2:12-CV-02 2061-WBSKJN STEV BLAKE, individuall and as VE , ly Succe essor-in-Inte erest to Carl Blake, dece l eased, vs s. Y RAMENTO, et al CITY OF SACR 16 Defend dants. 17 18 The Court, having cons T h sidered Plain ntiff Steve B Blake and D Defendants City of Sac cramento 19 and Rick Braziel Stipulatio to grant Plaintiff le R l’s on t eave to file the First A Amended Co omplaint 2 20 and to join Bonn Ilene We (Blake) as a Defend o nie ehe good cause a appearing th herefore, dant, and g 2 21 the Co HEREBY ORDER as follow ourt RS ws: 2 22 1. Plaint is grante leave to file the First Amended C tiff ed f t Complaint. 2 23 2. Plaint may joi Bonnie Ilene Wehe , also know as Bonn Ilene Blake as a tiff in I wn nie 2 24 Defen ndant in this action. s 2 25 Dated Septembe 12, 2013 d: er 2 26 2 27 2 28 1 279257 ORDER GRANTING LEAVE TO FI G L ILE FIRST A AM.COMPL. A AND JOIN D DEFENDANT T

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