Johnson v. McDowell

Filing 28

CJA 20 APPOINTMENT ORDER signed by Magistrate Judge Gregory G. Hollows on 10/27/2017 APPOINTING attorney Geoffrey M. Jones for Richard Steven Johnson, Jr. (cc: USCA) (Zignago, K.)

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OFFICE OF THE FEDERAL DEFENDER Eastern District of California 801 I Street, 3'd Floor Sacramento, California 95814-2510 (916) 498.5700 FAX (916) 498.5710 Wednesday, November 15, 20 17 E. WILLIAMS Federal Defender B ENJAM IN D. GALLOWAY Chief Assistant Defender FILED Nov 16, 2017 Geoff Jones 769 Center Blvd., PMB 162 Fairfax, CA 94930 RE: H EATHE R CLERK, U.S. DISTRICT COURT EASTERN DISTRICT OF CALIFORNIA Richard Johnson v. McDowell 2:16-cv-0745 GGH Attached is a copy of your appointment order for this case. You are the attorney of record until such time as you are relieved or other action is taken to appoint a different attorney. Kurt Heiser CJA Administrator Enclosure cc: Clerk' s Office I 'l:>.CJA 20 APPOINTMENT OF AND AUTHORITY TO PAY COURT-APPOINTED COUNSEL (Rev 12/03) I. CIR./DIST./ DIV. CODE 12. PERSON REPRESENTED VOUCHER NUMBER Johnson , Richard Steven , Jr. 3. MAG. DKT./DEF. NUMBER 6. OTHER DKT. NUMBER 5. APPEALS DKT./DEF. NUMBER 4 . DIST. DKT./DEF. NUMBER 2: 16-cv-007 45-GGH 10. REPRESENTATION TYPE 9. TYPE PERSON REPRESENTED 8. PAYMENTCATEGORY (See Instructions) 0 Felony 0 Petty Offense 0 Appellant 0 Adult Defendant 0 Misdemeanor 0 Other 0 Juveni le Defendant Iii'! Appellee Johnson v. McDowell Appeal ~ Aooea l 0 Othe r 11 . OFFENSE(S) CHARGED (Cite U.S. Code, Title & Section) If more than one offense, list (up to five) major offenses charged, according to severity of offense. 7. IN CASE/MA TIER OF (Case Name) Appeal 12. ATTORNEY' S NAME (First Name, M./. , last Name, including any suffix) , AND MAILING ADDRESS 13. COURTORDER Gl O Appointing Counsel OF Subs For Federal Defender OP Subs For Panel Attorney Geoff Jones 769 Center Blvd., PMB 162 Fairfax, CA 94930 DC Co-Counsel DR Subs For Retained Attorney DY Standby Counsel Prior Attorney's Name: Appoinnnent Dates: 1i'"••-o~o< ""oo "•"="" "• '"""' ""~' oo• "'"" "'~""" Telephone Number : satisfied this ourt that he or she (I) is financially unable to employ counsel and (2) does not wish to aive counsel, and because the interests of justice so require, the attorney whose •~• 14. NAME AND MAILING ADDRESS OF LAW FIRM (Only provide p er instructions) '' ~ ;, .,.,,;,.,,'" •••=• •;, ..~ ;., ,,;, ••,O• OOt r(. els . t>>:PJ .'.}, 1ctio~ 9( c:-tt~ -~ nt;tresidin., ~:2"'b y Order of the Court 9/6/2017 Date of Ordef Nunc Pro Tune Date Repayment or pa11ial repayment ordered from the person represented for this service at time appointment. 0 YES 0 NO CLAIM FOR SERVICES AND EXPENSES CATEGORJES (A uach itemization ofservices with dates) 15. FOR COURT USE ONLY TOTAL AMOUNT CLAIMED HOURS CLAIMED c. Motion Hearinszs Q d . Trial e. Sentencin2 Hearinas u f. ..: Revocation Hearinas R. Anneals Coun h. Other (Specify on additional sheets) <RATE PER HOUR= S a. t: b. = c. Q u .... d. Q :; e. 16. ) TOTALS: 0.00 ) T OTA LS: 17. u.uu u.uu "U.UU 0.00 0.00 0.00 o.uu o.uu 0.00 Travel Expenses (lodKinK, parkinR, meals, mileaf!e, etc.) 18. 0.00 o.aa 0.00 ADDITIONAL REVIEW 0.00 0.00 0.00 u.uu u.uu u.uu Interviews and Conferences Obtaininu and reviewin12 records Le2al research and brief writino Travel time lnvesti2ative and other work fSoecifv on additional sheets) O l(RATEPERHOUR=S MATH!fECH. ADJUSTED AMOUNT o.uu o.uu o.uu o.uu o.ou o.uo U.00 U.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 a. Arrai1mment and/or Plea b. Bail and Detention HearinRs ... ::i MATH!fECH. ADJUSTED HOURS Other Expenses (other than expert, transcripts, etc.) 19. CERTIFICATION OF ATTORNEY/PAYEE FOR THE PERIOD OF SERV ICE CASE DISPOSITION 20. APPOINTMENT TERMINATION DATE IF OTHER THAN CASE COMPLETION 1 21. TO: FROM: 22. CLAIM STATUS o.uu 0.00 GRAND TOTALS <CLAIMED AND ADJUSTED): 0 Final Payment 0 Supplemental Payment 0 Interim Payment Nwnber 0 YES 0 NO If yes, were you paid? 0 YES 0 NO Have you previously applied to the court for compensation and/or reimbursement for this Other than from the Court, have you, or to your knowledge has anyone else, received payment (compensalion or anything of value) from any other source in connection with this If yes, give details on additional sheets. 0 NO representation? 0 YES I swear or affirm the truth or cor rectness of the above statements. Date Signanire of Attorney APPROVED FOR PAYMENT- COURT USE ONLY 26. OTHER EXPENSES 27. TOTAL AMT. APPR./CERT. 28. SIGNATURE OF THE PRESIDING JUDGE DATE 28a . . JUDGE CODE 29. IN COURT COMP. 32. OTHER EXPENSES 33. TOTAL AMT. APPROVED DATE 34a. JUDGE CODE 23. IN COURT COMP. 124. OUT OF COURT COMP. 1 25. TRAVEL EXPENSES . 130. OUT OF COURT COMP. 1 31. TRAVEL EXPENSES 34. SIG NATURE OF C HIEF JUDGE, COURT OF APPEALS (OR DELEGATE) Payment approved in excess of the statulory 1hreshold amount. $0.00 $0.00

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