United States of America v. State of California et al

Filing 60

CERTIFICATE of SERVICE by County of Orange, Sandra Hutchens, Sheriff-Coroner for the County of Orange re 59 Motion to Intervene, 58 Notice of Appearance. (Golden, John) Modified on 4/23/2018 (Reader, L).

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1 LEON J. PAGB^ COUNTY COUNSEL 2 STEV^ C. MILLER,Senior D^uty(SBN 112951) PATRICK K.BRUSO,Deputy(^N 272109) 3 BENJAMIN L. BERNARD,Deputy(SBN 314698) 4 333 West Santa Ana Boulevard, Suite 407 JOHNIJACK)W.GOLDEN,Senior Assistant fSBN 092658) OFFICE OF THE COUNTY CC)UNSEL Post Office Box 1379 6 Santa Ana, California 92702-1379 Telephone: ^714)834-3300 Facsimile:(/14)834-2359 7 Attorneys for ProposedIntervenors 5 COUNTY OF OI^NGE and SANDRA.HUTCHENS, 8 Sheriff-Coroner for the County of Orange 9 UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT 10 EASTERN DISTRICT OF CALIFORNIA 11 12 UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, Case No.: 2:18-cv-00490-JAM-KJN Plaintiff, 13 14 V. 15 STATE OF CALIFORNIA;EDMUND GERALD BROWN JR., Governor of 16 California, in his Official Capacity', and XAVIER BECERRA,Attorney General of California, in his Official Capacity, CERTIFICATE OF SERVICE 17 Defendants. 18 19 20 COUNTY OF ORANGE,apolitical sub division ofthe State ofCalifornia; 21 SANDRA HUTCHENS,SheriffCoroner for the County of Orange, 22 Proposed Plaintiffs In Intervention. 23 V. 24 STATE OF CALIFORNIA;EDMUND GERALD BROWN JR., Governor of 25 26 27 California, in his Official Capacity, and XAVIER BECERRA,Attorney General of California, in his Official Capacity, Proposed Defendants. 28 1- CERTIFICATE OF SERVICE CERTIFICATE OF SERVICE I do hereby declare that I am a citizen ofthe United States employed in the County of Orange, over 18 years old and that my business address is 333 West Santa ^a Boulevm-cl, Suite 407, Santa Ana, California 92701,1 am not a party to the within action. I hereby certify that on April 20, 2018,1 served the foregoing documents: I NOTICE OF APPEARANCE OF COUNSEL & DESIGNATION OF COTOSEL FOR SERVICE FOR PROPOSED INTERVENORS COUNTY OF ORANGE AND SANDRA HUTCHENS,SHERIFF-CORONER FOR THE COUNTY OF ORANGE; NOTICE OF MOTION AND MOTION BY COUNTY OF OR^GE AND SANDRA HUTCHENS,SHERIFF-CORONER FOR THE COUNTY OF ORANGE,FOR LEAViE TO INTERVENE; DECLARATION OF JOHN(JACK)W.GOLDEN IN SUPPORT OF MOTION BY COUNTY OF ORANGE AND SANDRA HUTCHENS,SHERIFF-C(DRONER^ THE COUNTY OF ORANGE FOR LEAVE TO INTERVENE AND[PROPOSED] COMPLAINT IN INTERVENTION; DFCLARATION OF ROBERT J. PETERSON IN SUPPORT OF MOTION BY COUNTY OF ORANGE AND SANDRA HUTCHENI^SHERIFF-CORONER FOR THE COUNTY OF ORANGE,FOR LEAVE TO INTiRVENE; rPROPOSFDl ORDER RE: MOTION BY COUNTY OF ORANGE LnD SANDlil HUTCHENS,SHERIFF-CORONER FOR THE COUNTY OF 1 ORANGE,FOR LEAVE TO INTERVENE. on all other parties to this action by placing a true copy of said document in a sealed I envelope in the following manner: r 1 (BY U.S. MAIL)I placed such envelope(sj addressed as shown below for practices. I am readiW familiar with this officers practice for collecting and processing correspondence for mailing. On the same day that correspondence is Placed tor collection and mailing, it is deposited in the ordinary course of business with the United collection and mailing at Santa Ana, C^alifomia^ following our ordinary ^"5 States Postal Service in a sealed envelope with postage fully prepaid. rxi (BY UNITED PARCEL SERVICE(UPS)I placed such envelope(s) I addressed as shown below for collection and delivery hy UPS with delivery Tees paid or provided for in accordance with this office's practice. 1 am readily farnili^ with this office's practice for processing correspondence for delivery the following business day I by UPS. rxi (BY CM/ECF),I filed the foregoing document with the Clerk ofthe Court I via CM/ECF, which automaticallv sends notice ofthe filing to all counsel of record. I declare under 28 U.S.C. § 1746 that the above is true and correct. 26 // 27 // 28 // CERTIFICATE OF SERVICE ^ 1 I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the United States of America that the foregoing is true and correct. 2 Executed on: April 20, 2018 in Santa Ana, California 3 NAME AND ADDRESS TO WHOM SERVICE WAS MADE Chambers Courtesy Cody: United States District Court Hon. John A. Mendez Attn: Clerk of the Court Robert T. Matsui Courthouse 501 I Street Sacramento, California 95814 10 11 12 UJ i 13 8S ss 14 5° Ofe CO 15 ^z A £u Attorneys for Defendants: Lauren C. Bingham, Jos^h Anton Christine Chuang Darrow, Joshua Samuel Press U.S. Department Of Justice, Civil Division Office Of Immigration Litigation, District Court Section PO Box 868, Ben Franklin Station Office ofthe Attorney General California Department of Justice 1515 Clay Street, 20th Floor Oakland, CA 94612 510-879-0094 Christine.chuane(S)doi.ca.aov Washington, DC 20044 16 202-616-4458 lanren.c.hin2ham(S),usdoi.eov 17 202-305-7000 (fax) 18 i02-305-01u6 " o Ik o Attorneys for Plaintiff: 202-598-2445 ioser)h.a.darrow(«).usdoi.aov 19 20 21 22 23 202-305-7000 (fax). ioshua.Dress(S),usdoi.aov Erez Reuveni US D^artment of Justice Civil Division 450 5th Street, NW Washington, DC 20530 26 27 28 Attorney General s Office for the State of^California. Department of Justice 13o0 I Street P.O. Box 255200 202-307-4293 Sacramento, CA 95814 ere7.r.reuveni(S)usdoi.aov 916-210-6065 916-324-8835 (fax) 24 25 Anthony R. Hakl,III anthonv.hakl(^i)doi.ca.aov David Taylor Shelledy U.S. Attorney's Office 501 I Street, Suite 10-100 Sacramento, CA 95814 916-554-2799 916-554-2900(fax) Hflvid.shelledv(S)usdoi.20V Lee I. Sherman . California Department of Justice Bureau of Children's Justice 300 S. Spring St. Los Angeles, CA 90013 213-897-2409 213-897-7605 (fax) 1 Shermanrt7)cloi.ca.20V CERTIFICATE OF SERVICE 1

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