Allen, et al v. City of Oakland, et al

Filing 890

STIPULATION AND ORDER Extending Time for the Filing of the Parties' Proposed Candidates for Compliance Director. Signed by Judge Thelton E. Henderson on 12/20/2012. (tmi, COURT STAFF) (Filed on 12/21/2012)

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1 2 3 4 5' JOHN L. BURRIS,STATE BAR NO.69888 Law Offices of John L. Burris Airport Corporate Centre 7677 Oakport Road, Suite 1120 .Oakland, California 94621 Telephone: 510.839.5200 Facsimile: 510.839.3882 s JAMES B. CHANIN,STATE BAR NO.76043 JULIE NI. HOUK,STATE BAR NO. 114968 Law Offices of James B. Chanin 3050 Shattuck Avenue Berkeley, California 94705 Telephone: S 10..848.4752, Ex. 2 Facsimile: 510.84$.5819 9 Attorneys for Plaintiffs 6 to 11 UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT is NORTHERN DISTRICT OF CALIFORNIA —SAN FRANCISCO DIVISION 13 1~ DELPHINE ALLEN,et al., 15 16 Plaintiffs, vs. i~ is Case N~o:: C00-4599 TEH(NC) STIPULATION AND [PROPOSED] ORDER EXTENDING TIME FOR THE FILING OF THE PARTIES.'PROPOSED CANDIDATES FOR COMPLIANCE DIRECTOR CITY OF OAKLAND,et al., Defendants. 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 `Stipulation and Proposed Order Extending Time re Compliance Director Candidate Filings 1 Delphine Allen v. City of Oakland, et al., Case No. COQ-4599 TEH(NC) WHEREAS,on December 12, 2012,the Court entered its Order re: Compliance Director 1 z in the above entitled action which, in part, required that the parties file their proposals for 3 Compliance Director under seal with the Court, jointly or separately, by December 21, 2012; 4 WHEREAS,the parties are continuing to meet and confer concerning the 5 candidates for Compliance Director, are continuing to interview candidates for the 6 position and have requested that the Honorable Magistrate Judge Nathanael Cousins 8 assist the parties in this process; and, WHEREAS,the parties have agreed to meet and confer further in person on 9 to li December 27, 2012 to discuss the Compliance Director position, criteria and/or candidates with the assistance of Judge Cousins via telephone conference call; is THE PARTIES DO HEREBY STIPULATE AND AGREE THAT they are jointly 13 14 respectfully requesting that the Court extend the deadline for the parties to file their 15 proposals for Compliance Director,jointly and/or separately, through Friday, January 11, 16 2013. 17 IT IS SO STIPULATED: 18 Paul B. Mello Attorney for Defendants as PURSUANT TO STIPULATION, IT IS SO ORDERED: 24 'Dated: December 20 ,2012 FO RT Ju LI NO 26 Thelton E. Henderson derson United n E. He Judge ofthe dge TheltoStatesnDistrict Court H ER Stipulation and Proposed Order Extending Time re Compliance Director Candidate Filings C N 2 D IS T IC T O Delphine Allen v. City of Oakland, et al., Case No. C00-4599 TEH(NC) F R A 25 RT U O 23 /S/ Julie M.Houk S DISTRIC TC TE Attorney for Plaintiff TA R NIA Dated: December 19, 2012 S ao al ~S~ Dated: December 19, 2012 UNIT ED 19

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