Overture Services, Inc. v. Google Inc.

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Declaration of Ravind S. Grewal in Support of 115 Google's Responsive Claim Construction Brief filed by Google Inc.. (Attachments: # 1 Exhibit 1# 2 Exhibit 2# 3 Exhibit 3# 4 Exhibit 4# 5 Exhibit 5# 6 Exhibit 6# 7 Exhibit 7# 8 Exhibit 8# 9 Exhibit 9# 10 Exhibit 10# 11 Exhibit 11# 12 Exhibit 12# 13 Exhibit 13# 14 Exhibit 14# 15 Exhibit 15# 16 Exhibit 16# 17 Exhibit 17# 18 Exhibit 18# 19 Exhibit 19# 20 Exhibit 20# 21 Exhibit 21# 22 Exhibit 22# 23 Exhibit 23# 24 Exhibit 24# 25 Exhibit 25# 26 Exhibit 26# 27 Exhibit 27# 28 Exhibit 28# 29 Exhibit 29# 30 Exhibit 30)(Related document(s) 115 ) (Grewal, Ravind) (Filed on 1/30/2004)

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Overture Services, Inc. v. Google Inc. Doc. 116 Att. 7 Case 3:02-cv-01991-JSW Document 116-8 Filed 01/30/2004 Page 1 of 6 EXHIBIT 7 Dockets.Justia.com ". . ~ Case 3:02-cv-01991-JSW Document 116-8 Filed 01/30/2004 Page 2 of 6 The New Oxford Dictionary of English EDITED BY Judy Pearsall CHIEF EDITOR, CURRENT ENGLlSH DICTIONARIES Patrick Hanks ,.J. CLARENDON PRESS' OXFORD 1998 ~. U(- Case 3:02-cv-01991-JSW Document 116-8 Filed 01/30/2004 Page 3 of 6 Oxford Un/ver",y Prcss. C"ar Clarwdon Oxford New lark co.pe Town Chennai Oar Srr"" Oxford oX! 6op Arhen; Auckland Bangkok Bogoro Bombay Buen05 Air" e; Salaam Dolhi Flo"na Hong Kong l51anbu! Karachi Kuala Lumpur MlUir.a Me/bourne Mexico City Mumbai Nairobi Pari; Singapore Taipei Tokyo Toronco IVarsaw and aHoC/ared companiC! Berlin Ibadan Oxford" a "gi"e"d Irade mark of Oxford University Prcss Oxford UniversilY PrCH 1998 Fir51 publi;hed All /998 slO"d "ghrs reserved. No part of th" publicarion mal' be "produced. ;yscem. or tran;mi"ed. in any form or by any means. 1M a retrj,,'al for the permission in writingof Oxford Univer5IC)' Prw. wjrhour the prior dealing Within the UK. exception; a" allowed in r"put of any fair purpose of ""arch under the "view a; permi"ed or private "udy, or crilici;m or the Copyrighl. De"gn; and Parent! AClI9S8. or in ca" of accordance with the rerm; of the licenc" reprographic "produCtion in j"ued by the Copyright Licen;ing Agen,,: Enquiries concerning "production outside rh"e term; and in other countries ;hould be "nr to eheRighrs Department. Oxford University PrCH. al ehe add"" above co the condition thae it ;hall not. by way i; ;oW ;ubiU! or or otherwi". be lent. ,,-soW, hj"d out orherw;" c"cularcd without the publj;her prior consent in any form of bin ding or cover fhi; book ie i; of trade orher than thatin which l'ubli;hed and without a ;imilar condition the ;ub;equC/lr pureha"r on including this condition being irnpo"d Brll/;h Library Cataloguing in Publicarion Dala Da", available Library o/Cong";; Caraloging 1M Publication Do", Da'" available ISBN 0-/9- 86126)-x 10987654321 O,,'gncd by Andrew Boag. Typographic problem ;olving, London Typeset in SWIft and Arial by Se/wood Sy;tems. Mid;omcr Norron , Barh on Prinrcd in Spai" acid- freepapcrby Maceu Cromo Arte; Crafica; S. l"radrid '. liquorish Case 3:02-cv-01991-JSW 1 Document 116-8076 formal SlruCtUre analogous 10 Filed 01/30/2004 a list. by whie Page 4 of 6 literal 1ily 2 the widely distributed plant, from which this product is obtaim . Genus GIyc:yrmIlO. family Legumrnosa" many spo"". are used '=ally ID ODI.,n toQuo""", tI1e ohoe' commercJal sour"" being tI1e cun"'aleO G. glob"'. of data ean tJ. "orod or processed ic a definit IORIGIN: late I61h cent.: from French linr. of Germanic origin. 2 (lists) hISIO"'" oonl"'nu' . food poisoning or other di.."e caused by infection wlth I"tena: limriosis. - ORIGIN 1940s: modern Latin, named after Joseph palisades enclosing an area for a LiSter (1827-19121, English surgeon. - ORIG'N Middle English: from Old French lieor."" from late Latin liquiritia. from Greek glukurrhiza, from gluku! ' sweet ' . rhiza ' root tournament. listeriosis Ih stlafl auslS/ ~ noun Imass nounl disea.. uhe scene of a conteS! or eombat. IORIGIN: late Middle English: from Old French lim, 3 a selvedge of a piece of fabric. 10RIGIN: Middle caused by Infection wirh listeria. liquorish /'Ilkmll ~ adjeclive 1 archaic form for liquor, LIQUOR' .'SH , by listing ~ noun 1 a liSt catalogue, or o!mass nounl the drawing up ofa list. 0 LICKERISH, 2 fond of or indicating a fondness IORIGIN: late 19th cent, from analogy with LIGKERISH, lira English. from Old English liste ' border !.eim, , of c"rmanic origin: related to Dutch IiJSf and German ~ vorlllWllh obj. 11 make a liS! of: hav, liSted four reason.s I - DERIVATIVES IIquorishneu noun, "'low. u". of Securities of Ihe London Srock Exchange, for whIch eertaln requllements muSt be Satisfied. a piece of fabric. listless ~ adjedive lof a person or their manner, 2 a selvedgeof or reg1Ster. 0 an entry for a company in the Official an entry in a 1151 /,lioro/. ~noun (pl. lire I'1i"o, ' I,OfOl, ' li.,ill1 the basic monetary unit of Italy, notionally equal to 100 centesimos. 2 the basic monetary unit of Turkey, equal 10 100 sloften b. IIs'ed! include or enter in a list: 93 mrn Wert as missing. sino ooi. IIII.. allfo rj be on a liS! of 'tllllimd produCtS at la specified price I: rilt bollom.oJ,rh,.line Mrnedes lis" !aclOng energy or enthusiasm: bouts of liStI", d'Pmsion. kurus. - ORIGIN Italian, from Proven,al liura. from Latin libro ' pound' 2 mn,ie enlist for military service. - PHRASES enter the for 552, 050. listle..ly adverb, listlessne.s noun - ORIGIN Middle English: from obsolete liSt ' appetite. desire ' . 'LESS, - DERIVATIVES IIs1.5 issue or accept a challenge. - DERIVATIVES listablo adjective, list' ~ vert Ino ool. llof a ship! lean overto Liston /'IlSt(o)n/. Sonny (1932-701. American boxer; born Charles LiSton, In 1962 he became world heavyweight champion but in 196~ 10". his title to Muhammad Ali (Ihen Cassius Oayl. list price ~ noun the priceof an article as shown in a liSt issued by the manufacturer or by the general liriodendron 1. lhllla(ul' dEndron/ ~ noun a tree of a small genus which includes the tulip tree. . Genus Liriodenoron lamily one side, Magnoliaca,.. typically because of a leak or unbalanced cargo, Compare with HEEL ~ noun an instance ofa ship leaning over in such a - ORIGIN modern Latin, (rom Greek leinon ' lily drndron tree liripipe /'IIIIPAlpl ~ way. . body of manufactUrers of the particular dass of goods, the back of a noun a long tail hanging from hood. especially ic medieval or - ORI GIN eorly 17th cent.: of unknown origin. ~ verb (no obj.) want: like: Iwilh el,useller them list' 'Ith,ie thin. whar they list ~noun lmass nounj desire: inclination: have littl, liS! list processing ~ noun Imass nounl ComPl/""'! the manipuIadon of data organized as Iim, academic dress. - ORIGIN early 17th cenL: (rom medieval Ladn liripipium ' tipper of a hood, cord' , of unknown LISTSERV ~ noun Im,ss noun) lradema" an electronic mailing list of people who wish to receive specified information from the Internet, -!COUni noun)Ilistsorv) any similar applicadon, origin. lis' lis' us, ftlSl ~ nDun (pl. same or /I..os) shortfor FLEUR-DEfhsi - ORIGIN Old English I)"tan (verb), of c"rmanic origin, from a base meaning ' pleasure list box ~ noun ComPuli"'J a box on the screen that wrjlt. list system ~ noun a sYStem of voting (used in several European countries! in which Votes are CaSt ~ ODun l,w a lawsuit, See also LIS PENDENS, ' EndEnzf ~ noun LAw p eon rains a list of options, only one of which can be selected. - ORIGIN mid 181h cent.: from Latin lis ' dispute for a list of candidates rather than an individual. to lis alibi pendens/lis .,hbAi lawsuit pending elsewhere, - ORIGIN Ladn. list broklng ~ noun lmass noun) troding listS for in mailing allow a degree of proportional representation, marketing or publicity by direct mail. a building in the UK) Liszt Ihsl/, Fronz 11811-861, Hungarian composer and pianist, He WaS a key figure in the romantic - DERIVATIVES list broke. noun, Ihe capita) and chief port Lisbon /,hzbanl LISBO" listed ~ adjedi.e 1 (of Portugal. on the Atlantic ccast at the mouth of the River Tagus; pop. 677, 790 119911. Portuguese name officially designated as being of historical importance and having protection from movement; many of his piano compositions combine lyricism with great technical complexity, while his created a new musical Lisburn Lisdoonvarna Republic fti3 boa/. I'ltzba:nl a !Own in Northern Ireland, to the or major alterotions. Slock Exchange: listed "",riries. listel I'hstall noun Architeduro a narrow ~ demolidon tWelve symphonic poems (1848-581 form. 2 relating to or denoting companies whose shares are quoted on the main market of the London - OEOIVATIVES Lintian adjective & noun. south-west of Belfast. on the border (19811. tJ.tWeen lit past and past participle of LIGHT , LIGHT'. Li T'ai Po 1.1i: 1, 1 pout \ Antrim and Down: pop. 40,390 lisdu:n vQ:no' of variant of LI Po. . .. spa town in the Ireland, in County Clare: pop, 607 form of SEHTE. flat surface running betWeen mouldings, Also listello, strip with a ~ litany /,htla)nil noun Ipl. - ies) a series of petition! for use in church services or proeessions.usually lisente plurol 11981), -ORIGIN late 16th centc from Italian diminutive of listo ' strip, band' listen ~ .erb lno obi. ) give one evidenrly h, was nor listening I sit and list;m to rhe called FILLET, recited by the dergy and responded to in a recurring formula by the people. o(th. W.any) such petitions and responses contained lisle Il,lil (also lisle thread) ~ noun Imass nounl a fine, smooth cotton thread used especially for Stockings. s attention to a sound: radio. over and over in the Book of Common Prayer, 0 a redious reciral or repetitive series: 0 IiUlny oj complaintS. - ORIGIN mid 16th cent.: from Lisle. former spelling of LILLE, the original place of manufacrnre. slake notice of and act on what someone says: respond ro advice or a request: 1 lold her - ORIGIN Middle English: from Old French I"ani" via Lisp ~ noun Imass - ORtGIN 1950s: ecdesiastical Latin from Greek lilaneia ' prayer', from lill ' supplication ~ nouolp!. litas /'Ii:!as/ same) the basic monetary unit noun) a high- level eomputer again, bul sh, wouldn progromming language devised for list processing. from Iis(rlp(roemorj. lisp ~ nDUO a speech defectin which , limn. 0 make an effore to hear something: tJ. alert and ready to hear something: Ih,y listD1ed for sound; from th, baby s room. olin is pronounced like rh in chic. and z is pronounced like rh in rhis. ,,"pol1I""1 used to urge someone 10 pay attendon 10 what one is going to say: listrn, an id,a. J'vr had ~ nDUO lin sing.) ~ .erllino obj. 1 speak with a lisp. - DERIVATIVES lisper noun, lispingly adverb. - 0 RJG Old English wlispian (recorded in dwlyspianj, an act of listening to something. from wlisp (adjective) ' lisping , of imitarive origin: compare with DUtch Ii!pen and German lispeln, - ORIGIN Old English hlysnan ' pay attention 10 , of Germanic origin, ~ listen in listen to a private conversation, especially of Lithuania. equalro 100 centas. spelling of LYCHEE, litchi ~ ODUO variant lit crit ~ abbre.iatioolor literary criticism. of lite ~ adjective or relating to low- fat or low.sugar versions of manufactured food or drink products. secretly. 8 use a radio receiving set to listen to broadcast or conversation, - DERIVATIVES lis pendens ftlS ' pwdEnzf ~ noun l'w a pending legal action. oa formaJ notice of this. -ORIGIN Ladn. listenable ~ adjeoti" easy pleasant to listen to. Ot listonability noun, listener ~ noun a person who listens, especially especially to low.calorie light beer. oN. Amet. inlornullacking in subStance: fadle. ~nouo 1 Imass nounl light beer with reiatively few calories, 2 N. Arner. a courtesy light in motor vehicle, a - ORIGIN Lissajous figure /,h"'3u:1 ~ noun Malh'malics any someone who does so in an attentive manner. 0 a person listening to a radio station or programme, listening post ~ nDun a station for a number of characteriStic looped or curved figures forming lite ~ suffix traced out by a point undergoing tWo independent simple harmonic modons at right angles with frequencies in a simple ratio, - ORIGIN late 19th cent, : named after Jules A. intercepting for electronic communications. fossils: rhyolite I zeohre. - ORIGIN from French, from Greek lirho! ' Stone'. liter ~ noun US spelling LITRE. of oa point near an enemy's movements by sound, Joseph, lines detecdng literacy ~ noun Imass nounl the ability lissom (also -SOME list' ~ noun1 li5S0JOUS (1822-801, French physicist, Lister, 1i55ome) ~ adjecti.e lof a person their body) thin, supple, and graceful. - DERIVATIVES 1i5somness noun. surgeon, inventor of andseptic techniques in surgery. He realized the significance of Louis Pasteur s germ theory in connection with sepsis and in 1865 he used 1st Baron (1827-19121, English - ORIGIN late LIGHT', write. 1950s: 191h cent.: from a deliberate respelling of LIGHT names of rocks. minerals. and to read and LITERATE, on the hju: manJo:ri:z/ Oxford pattern of illiteracy. literae hu!TIaniores I"or" - ORIGIN late 18th cent.: contraction. from LITHE' carbolic acid dressings on mould- patients who had undergone surgery. lister ~ nDUO US a plough with a double classics, philosophy. and ancient history at ~ plural noun 111"ted " sing. 1 rhe honours course in written or a number of connected items or names printed consecutively. typically one board, below the other-. consulr Ihe of drugs on pog' 326 I liSt -ORIGIN late 19th cent.: from late 18th-cent. prepare land for listeria IIi' suma/ University. - ORIGIN Latin, literally ' the more humane Studies'. writing a shopping Ii!t a crop ' Isee LlST , -ER list literal ~ adjecli.e raking words in their usual or 1 . a set of irems considered as being in the same "'tegory or having a particular order of priority: unemployment ~ noun 1m", nounl most basic sense without metaphor or allego/ya type dreadful in its literal sense, full oj dreod. thought the bbutld dog the com, lap of liSt oj issues rhal rhe public parries should b, tolking about. 0 Compuling a bacterium which infects humans and other warm' blooded animals through contaminated food. . Usleri. monoOylogenes: mo,;!, aerob,o Gram-negali... rods. 0 free from exaggeration or distortion: you shouldOI la" Ihi.! a lil"al rrcordMnlS. oonformal ablolu" OJ of lused to emphasize that a strong exprelSion is I ffewlg gellh helj yes Ikcalillegim man In nolppenlrredlssilll lop I vvoicelwweizzoolJshel3decisionl8thIOIolhisiry ring I x loch ItJchipldjjar r Case 3:02-cv-01991-JSW restrain Document 116-8 1583 Filed 01/30/2004 Page 5 of 6 resurgence limit for condition, place. or position: tl11 Iffon 10 reswre him to vehicles. . N Amer. an area which unauchonlCd la building, renovate offill l working. . repair or people are not allowed 10 enter. etc. so as 10 rerum it to ilS work of art, vehicle, 1 restriction ~ noun (often restrictions a limiting original condition: II" huil4ing har j,(,rn loVIngly especial1y a legal one: or condition . mlored. . give (something previously stolen, taken 08", an area in which there is a speed resubmit ~ .erb Iwlln obl. 1 submit (something, such as a plan, application. or resignation) again. - DERIVATIVES resubmission noun. result ~ noun a consequence. effeet. or outcome something: Ihl tDwer coUapsrd as a result oJ safrly measure, away, or lostl back to the original owner or reCIpient: will restorl land and proplrry tD Iho51 who Ihr gov,",mlnt loSt" rhrough eonfiscahon. - DERIVATIVES restorable adjective, restorer noun. - ORIGIN Middle English: from Old French planning rrstrictions on comrnereial devrlopmrn'or eonlrol of someone or .lmlSS nounl the limitation something, or the State of being limitod or power. oJ local gOI"'nmrnl - OERIVATIVES r..tri~tionism noun, restrictionist resrriCted: Ihr rrSinction violations. .an item of infonnation obtained by experiment some other scientific method; a quantity or formula r'5l0r,,", obtained by calculation. . loften result.sl a 6nal score, mark. or placing in a sporting event examinarioc, . (often rnults) a satisfactory or favourable outcome of an undertaking or contest: results) rhe outcome of a businesss trading over a of given period, expressed as a Statement profit or 10"Ss: 0" camponi" haVl reportrd marlcedly b""," mullS. ~ .e.. Ino obl. occur or follow as the consequence something: governmcnl unpopularity r....lnng from tl11 talk oJ grn,,"al Starr oJ th, rconomy II" idl resultingl from Latin rrHaura" ' rebuild, rescore'. restrain ~ ve.. Iwilh obi. ) prevent Isomeone or something) from doing something: keep under .djeClive & noun. - ORICIN laIC Middle English: from Old French, or from from Latin rrstrictio(n-J, rr51nngm ' bind fast, drrcrmlnalion and pmisrrnCt guaron", mullS. . (u,u. control or wi,hin limilS: hr had 10 bl restrained from walking out oJ Ihr rnClllng I las 'dl. restraining! Cara hIS pur a "stroining hand on ann. .prevent oneself from displaying or giving way to la Strong urge or emotion: Am'" had 10 r",roin hu restriction enzyme (also restriction endonucle...e) ~ noun B,ocheml"ry of cleaving DNA molecules at property specific sequenceof bases. confine ' lsee RESTRICTI. an enzyme produced chiefly by certain bacteria, that has the or near a dang"ouJ mminals. .(ofa seat beItl hold la person or part of their body) dOW11 and back whilein a vehicle - DERIVATIVES restrainable adJect""', re.tralner noun. impahlnll. a deprive Isomeonel of freedom of cuffs movement or personal liberty: Irg art uJld In rhr and US Jor resrroining and rransponlng ","mlly violrnl election and rhr multing politICal unc,,"Ulinry. restriction fragment ~ noun BIOchemIstry a of a DNA molecule rhat has been cleaved fragment by a restriction enzyme, .Iresult Inl have la'" la specifiod end or outcome!: seal. poly. restriction fragment length in the - PHRASES without result in vain:Dlnny had inquired July had rrsulrrd in slalrmate. about getting work. without multo morphism ~ noun length of Gon""s a variation -ORIGIN late Middle s sense ' pring back', English (as a verbl: from - ORICIN Middle English: from Old French reslTl'ign. stem of remeind", from Latin restringrre, from ft. back' . 51ringere to tie, pull tight'. restriction fragmentS-produced by a given restriction enzyme in a sample of DNA. Such medieval Latin resultarr ' to result', earlier in the from re- (expressing intensive restrained ~ adje"i.e characterized by reserve or moderation; unemotional or dispassionate: he had variation is used in forensic investigations and to map hereditary disease. restrictive ~ adjective 1 imposing restrictions limitations on someone's acuviries or freedom; a wrb oJ reSirieri\~ regulations. forcel- saltarr (frequentative of salire ' to jump ). The resultant. ~ adjecti.. laruib. ) noun dates from the early 17th cent. occurring or produced of something: as a result or consequence vector "Strained mannel'1. -Iof eolour, clothes, deeoration, etc. ) understated and 2 Gram""e lof a relative clause or descriptive phrasel serving to specify the particular restructuring and Ihe rrsullanlsavings, toSt velocity, or other force, ~ noun technical a or ornate. . kept under subtle; not excessively showy control; preventod from freedom of movemenl or restrained action: a paleh aJ land rurnld infO instance or quantity which is equiVdlent effect of ro the combined inStances being mentioned, - DERIVATIVES rwo or more component vectors acting at cent. tin the adjectival sense): WIld,""". . (of a person) held down and back in a vehicle seat by a seat belt. - DERIVATIVES restrainedly adverb, restrictively adverb, restrictiveness the same point, - ORIGIN mid 17th r"ultare (see noun. (!I!J33 What isthe diffelo""" between rnB books my which were 0f1 ,he table once Delonged /0 aurT! and /he books, wnich ....re on the fabio, once De/onged 10 In the firsl sentence the speaker uses the relalive BUnn from Latin resultant- ' springing back' , from the verb RESULTI. The noun sense dates from restraint ~ noun 1 (often restraints) a measure or the early 19th cent. condition that keeps someone or something under control or within limitS: drcisions are madr WI/hin Ihr oJ rhe budgr'financial rrstraintS noun) the action of keeping someone or something under eontrol. -1m", noon! deprivation or resultative Granunar resume ~ .e.. lwith obi.) day lara nonnal ~ adjo"i.. expressing, of clause 10 p;cIl out a subset cf books (the ones on the .Im", table) and imply a contrast with some other see 01 booIu, ~ noun a resultative verb, conjunction, or clause. begin to do or pursue indicating, or relating to the ou(Come an acuon. In \he second sentence the size of the set of booIu eferred \0 Is unanec1ed by the relative clause; the speaker merely oHers the additional information that they of personal IitJ.rry or freedom of restriction "quirrd physieal moYement: hI remainrd aggr"'ive an~ ear Isomething! again after a pause or interruption: a service was murnrd. .Ino obi-l "Straint. - a device which limitS or prevenlS freedom happen to tJ. on the lable. This distinction is between restrictive and nonreletive clauses. in writing, a noo-reslridive restrictive relative clause is set 01\ within commas, wtU1e in speeeh , the diHerence is expressed by a dinerence in intonation. I""ss nounJ unemotional, dispassionate, or moderate behaviour. self-control: hI u'Krd !hr prores!ol'1 ro "rreise restraint. .underSTatemenr, especially of of movement: safety rrstrainu, a pause or interruption: hostilihrs hlU! ceased and normallifr hlU! resumed, . lno obi-) bq:in speaking again ,valer tJ.gin ro tJ. done, pursued, or used again after after a pause or interruption: hI sipped al drr glass oJ artistic expression: from Old French of Ignorance of the distindion can lead to unintentionally . relative comic eneels: for e..mpie, strictly speaking, the clause in if you ara in need of ass;slanca, please ask any rnamDer of sraff who will De pHlBsad 10 help implies con!r3st with another set of stan whO will 001 tJ. pleased to help. A comma is needed before who. wirh strings and piano. all rrSirain! vanishld. on rhe Irctem and rhtn rrsumed I I""" .'rCCl spted1! can promi" anything.' Jor Joe, ' rhr Major mumal of: . take, pick up, or put on again; retUrn to the use - ORICIN late Middle English: hold back' (see RESTRAIN). rilL judge resumed his real of ~ noun N. Arner . variant speIling ",trein", feminine past participle r"trrindre REsuME tin sense 2). - DERIVATIVES resumable noun, - ORIGIN late Middle adjedive, resumption reo back' . surnm restraint of trade ~ noun Imass no",,) Liw action that interferes with free competition in a market. restrict ~ .e.. Iwilh obi,) -Icou", nounl a elause in a eon tract that reStricts a person s right to carry on their trade or profession, restrictive covenant ~ the value and enjoyment of English; from Old French him a noun Law a covenant rrsum" or Laun resum"" from imposing a reStriction on the use of land so thar preserved. take' adjoining land will be put a limit on; keep under resume I'rujumel/ ~ noun. a summary: I gavt 1 havr ro be closrd 01 peak hmrs control: some roads may oJ ro mtrict the number visitors. .deprive (someone or something) of fr..,dom group' oJ can restria movemenr or aerion: cities residmlial Slrerl. prorrSlcrJ from gathtTing on restrictive practice ~ noun Brit an arrangement by a group ofworke~ to limit output or restrict the new workers in order to protect their own interests, .an arrangement in industry or rrade thar restrict or controls competition betWeen firms. restrungllwilh verb (pi" and pa" p,n'Clple restring ~ entry of strings to la musical obi. instrument or sports racket). quick n!sumi oJrvcncs, 2 N. Arnec. a curriculum vitae, - ORIG!N early 19th cent.: French risumi, literally noun) resumed' , past participle (used as a "':sum", or having la partieular thing) or Slaying in (a particular plaeel: 1 shall restriCt mY5llf 10 0 singlr "ampll. . (restrict something to) limit something, especially aD activity, to (a particular place, time, or firSt caregory of people): thl Zoological Gardmr wm al rrstricrtd 10 mlmbm and rhcir gurs". . withhold (infonnationl from general circulation or disclosure: Ihl Amrriea ns CI;Id 10 rrsrrict n.-.vs oJ tl1rir ar fi'" involvemenl in Virlnam. . (re5td~t someone to) limit someone to only doing resumptive ~ adje"i.. Gl1mmar indicating resumption of a topic having previous reference. ) 1 fit new or different resupinate /r1su:prne", . sju:-f ~ adjecti,e Boli"y lof a leaf, flower. fruiting body, etc.lupside - DERIVATIVES resupination noun. - 0 RI C I down. - ORIGIN mid RESTR.J:,INI. 16th cent, : from Latin rr.l1riCl' , from the verb 2 thread (objects such as beads) on a new string, restroom ~ noun 1 Brit. a room, especially in a public building, for people (0 relax or recover in, 2 chiefly N. Amel. a toilet in a public building. restructure ~ .erb (wllh obi.) organize differently: a the Ec. plan to Slrenglhln and rr.l1ructurr late 18th cent. : from Latin rcsupinalus ' bent back' , past participle of resupinarr , based on supinw lying on the back' resupply ~ ".. (- ies, , led) Iwilh obi.j provide with' .Ino obi. ,nvi,aged a period to regroup and rrsupply. ~ noun an act or resupplying something or being fresh supply: hr planned ro usr 216 Squadron to rrsupply his JOret, ) rake on or acquire a fresh supply: phase rwo confined, bound fast mtringm Isee .f,nance eonvert (the debt of a business in difficulty) into another kind of debt, typically one that is restricted ~ adjective 1,II"b. ) limited in extent, number, scope, or action; W,stern scientists had only rrslncted access 10 rhr sitr. .(of a document or informationj for limited restudy ~ .e.. (-ies, -ied) (wilh Isomething) again, ~ noun an instanceof restyle ~ ve.. repayable at a later time. ) obi. stUdy resupplied. circulation and not to be revealed for to the public studying something again. resurface ~ .erb 1 Iwilh obi.) put a new coating on or reform (a surface such as a road, a floor, or ice). 2 lno obi. ) reasons of national security. . 8iolO9Y (of a virus) unable to reproduee at its normal rate in certain hosts. . Blocnem'Slry(of DNA) subject to degradation by a remiCtion enzyme. - OERIVATIVES noun. new shape or layout: Nick rrSl)'lrd Rrbrcca s hair. 2 give a new designation to: Iwilh obi and complemenlj has BR' s Nrrwork SouthEaSt division reStyled rho branch !he Lovejoy Line. Iw,rn obl. 11 rearrange or remake in a come back up to the surface: he rrsur:faccd beside thr boat. . arise or become evident again: serious conc,",S ahout restri~tedly adverb, restri~t..dness ~ noun an inStance of reshaping or rearranging restricted area ~ noun an area in which aCtivity something. .a new shape or arrangement. murJaCld. . lof a animals e..n!ually Ihe wllfarr oJ hI person) eome out of hiding or obscurity: murfoced undrr a Jols, identity in AuSlrelia. increase or revival sour is restricted in a number of ways, in particular: resurgence ~ noun (In sing.) an a call 0: arm I E bed I E: hair I . ago I a; her II sit I i cosy I i: see I oholl J: saw I A run I u put I u; 100 I AI my I au how 101 day I.u no II. near I JI boy I Ud poor I AI. lire I au. ,, Case 3:02-cv-01991-JSW sea perch successful in driving them away. but called PEOPLES OF THE SEA. rhe late 13th centUry BC. Tht Egypuans Wtlt som.. r Document 116-8 1677 Filed 01/30/2004 Page 6 of 6 SEATO roa! faT all seoson;. Searle Is.:I!, Ronald (Willi-m Fordhaml (b. I9201. warm seas which has wing- like pectoral fins that for every kjnd of weather: a including the Philistines. ""led in Palestine. Also English artiSt and cartoonist, famous for crearing the schoolgirls of St Trinian . adaptable ro any circumsrance: 0 singer for all "a sons season . greetings used as an "pression of goodwill at Chrisrmas or the Ne'" Year. - ORIGIN Middlt English: from Old French ICIOn sea robin ~ noun a gurnard (fishl. especially one of are brighlly coloured. . Family T"9Iodae. SOYer" genera .nd many soo"", sea perch ~ noun which typically sunDe"'" of any of a numtJ.r marine 5shes have a long- based dorsal fin and which are popular as sporting fish. in partICular: . a r,sn of tro. snap,",' t.m'y IL",",n"'.. se....' 9"""") ., sea room ~ noun Imm noun) clear space at sea for a ship to lurn or manoeuvre in. from Latin ,alio(n.J ' sowing . later ' lime or sowing'. from rhe root of serere ' to sow seasonable ~ adjectiv, 1 usual for or appropriate to a particular season of the yea r: !colonable sea pink ~ noun 21. anmhtl term for THRIFT (in sense an aircraf1 with nOalS or Sears Tower Imz! has 110 noors. skyscraper in Chicago. the IemperalureJ - D ERJ\' A T I\' ES seasonabllity noun. season.ble. ness noun , seasonably adverb. talleSt building in the world when il was seaplane ~ noun from water. slos completed in 1973. It is H3 m (1.454 ftl high and 2 jicha" coming at the right time or meeting the needs of the occasion: opportune. or instead of wheels. designed to land on. and take off sea-run ~ ,djecti.. N spawning. Arne..(of a migratory fish, seaport ~ noun a IOwn or CIt)' wilh a seagoing ships. harbour for after especially a lroutl h-ving returned to the sea evaporation of seawater. seasonal ~ ,djec!i.. of. relatlng to, characteristic of a particular season or the year: a selection of seasonal fresh fruit. 0 nuCtuating or restricted according to rho ,,",on orr componl" ",hose mar.CI' 0'" time of year: there seasonal I seasonal raInfall. - DERIVATIVES seasonality noun. seasonally adverb. sea potato ~ noun heart urchin. a yellowish.brown European sea salt ~ noun Imm nounl salt produced by the seascape... noun. view of an expanse of sea. .a piCture of such a view. . Ectunocarflivm cevtJalum . Class Ecnooo"'u. sea power ~ noun 1""55 noonl a country s Strength, especially as a weapon o( War, naval Sea Scout... noun (especially in the UKI a member of the maritime branch of rht Scout Association. seasonal affective disorder ~ noun seasoning ~ noun Imm noun1 Imm noun) SEAO ~ abbrevialion lor (in the UKI SlOck Exehange Automated Quotations (the computer system depression associated with late aurumn and winter and thought to be caused by a lack of light. which dealers "ade shares on and seek or provide sea serpent... noun monSter. a legendary serpent- like sea 1 salt, herbs. or spiees price quotations on the London Stock Exchange!. sea shanty... noun see SHANTY added to food to enhance the Oavour. seaquake... noun a sudden disturbance.of the sea eaused by a submarine eruption or earthquake. seashell ... noun the shell of a marine mollusc. seashore ~ noun (usu. the seashore) an area sandy, Stony, or rocky land bordering and level with the sea, ollW ,he land betWeen high, and low-water marks. 2 the process of adjusting the moisture content of wood to make it more suitable for use as timtJ.r. season ticket... noun sea spider... noun sear... ..111'"ith 001. 1 bum or scorch rhe surfact (something) with a sudden, intense hear: the wat" a sharp pang our lips Iligur~II" gar sohor thatil "artd hcr. "artd of di5Pppointm'nr a ticket for a period of of travel or a series events which costs less than .Ino 001. Mlh ,"..""al 01 di,,~,on) (of pain) tJ. experienced as pain "arrd a sudden , burning sensation: 0 au;hing through his ch"'- . br.....n (food J quickly at a high temperature so that it will retain its juices in chicl:", subsequent cooking: I" Odj. ..",,"c make Ii"",. . Ircna~ cause seasick... adjective sutTering from nausea caused by the motion of. - DERIVATIVES seasickness noun. sickness or ship at sea. seaside ~ noun purchasing several separare tickets. a spider- ike marine arachnid l which has a narrow segmented body with a minure abdomen and long legs. . ClaSS P~,,",cs.a. (someones conscienee. insensitive. .oaredl "a"d 10 withtl. . of heart, or feelings! noun a marine tunieate which has a a sea slater... noun a common shore- dwelling seag-squirt... with orifices through which water b like body (usu. the seaside) a place by the or sea, especially a beaeh area holiday resort. sea squill... noun see SOUIlt. (sense I). no"" intO and out of a central pharynx. . Class A.scidiac:ea. subphylum Urocn"'data. crustacean which is related to the woodlouse, L'9ia oceameA . "'dO' Isopoda. ... adjective (also sere) poehcl1,rer;ory(especially plants! withered. - ORIGIN Old English sial. sea slug ~ noun a shell. less marine mollusc . Order. Nudibranch"' , Class Gastropoda. whieh (adjeCtive), siarian (verbl, of is typically brightly coloured, with external gills and a riumtJ.r of appendages on the upper surf-ceo 1 a marine mollusc. sea stack... noun see STAGK (sense 2). Germanic origin. carefully and "arched among che rocks, bul there wa; thoroughly: able 10 search cuI rhe mO5t norhing I Daniel is then rhe Hugh wil/ be searching for advantageous mortgage sea star ~ noun a starfish. sea state ~ noun the degree average wave height, of turbulence at sea. search... velll lno 0~. 1 I", 10 find something by sea snail... noun looking or especially generally measured on a scale of 0 to 9 aecording to seat... noun 1 a thing made or used for otherwise seeking one with a spiral shell, . Subclass Prosoora"""ia . Class Gastropoda. 2 another term for SNAllFISH. sitting on. such as a chair or Slool. of . rht roughly horizontal port a chair. on whieh truth. .1"" obi. examine (a place, vehicle,oe 1 sea snake... noun a venomous m..rine snake with person) lop 10 bon om I the guards she searched the house from ""apons. . I" adj. s..rchlngl searrhed him for thoroughly in order 10 find something or someone: a flallened tail, whieh lives in the warm coastal waters of the Indian and Pacific oeeans and does not eome on to landS,",DoS. incJud"'II'he follow- bellIed pia/v",,). one s weight rests directly. . a sitting place for a scrutinizing thoroughly, especially in disconcerting way: you ho", ro as, )'Jurselvrs some searching queslions. or something: ~ noun an act of searching someone for ehe police carried out 0 thorough search of the premistS I he plam to go ro rhe Himala vos in search of a yeli. . Svbrami'y HydrOphiinae. lami'y Eiapodae: se....' genera and .ea snake (Pe'-mis troe ooIy species Iou"" in !he open ocean passenger in a vehicle or (or a memtJ.r of an theaerr Wlrh obout I.JOO audienee: ""hove a fairly !moll scats. . ch.lly 8"1. a place in an elected parli-menl couneil: he 1051 his scar in the 1997 eleCtion. .8rn. a ht parliamentary eonStitUency: safe labour seoc a season... noun each of the four divisions of the year (spring, summer, autumn, and winterl marked by particular weather parrerns and daylight hours, North. EaSt . a site or Iocauon of something specified: ""rlioment House was rhe seat of rhe Scars Porliomcnt until for COUNTRY SEAY. 0 a the Union .irh England. . shorr o(usu. searches I low an investigation of public records resulting (rom the earth' s changing position with regord to Ihe sun. part of a machine that supports or guides another part. 2 a person s bunocks. - PHRASES surch me! Inlormol I do nor to find if a propel1)' is subjeCt to any Ii_bili"es or encumbrances. know (used for emphasis). - DERIVATIVES searchable adjeclive, searcher noun searchingly adverb. cermier - ORIGIN Middle English: from Old French (verb), from late Latin circarc go round' , from Latin circus ea period of rhe year charaCterizedby a pat1icular or elimatic feature marked by a particular aCtivity, event. or festivity: rhe Tainy season I Ih, season far gaehmng pine needles. . a fixed time in theyear when 0 the part of a garment that eovers the bunocks. . a manner of sitting on a horR a horse of a n)'Jne I've ever ",n. gol rhe "~rsr sra' on circle s fruil rhal is sea.son I new season in a particular spot1ing activity is pursued: rhe Engfish cTir'" scason is almoSt upan us. . the rime o( year when a particular fruit, vegetable, or other food is plentiful and in good condilion: rhe pies arc made with Iamb. . a period ~ velll 1",lh obi. 1 somewhere: Owen seared his guest; in the draugh,y baronial hall. shr 'Is..t oneselfor be se.ted) sit down: arrange for (someone! to sit i",'ted rhem search coil ~ noun Phys"s a nat coil o( insulated wire eonnected to a galvanometer. used for the Strength of when a female mammal is ready ro mare: this sys1em of communirotion works very ",,1/, especial/y ",hen afemole year I! in sca.son. . (the .eason) a time of finding a magnetic field from the current indueed in the coil when it is quickly lurned over or withdrawn. search engine... noun Compullng a program for the retrieval of data. files, or documents from a traditionally adopred by Ihe English upper classes ror a series of fashionable soeial events. . """IC a proper or suitable time: to CVC'1'hing rhm I! a seo,on. 0 ""..t an indefinite unspecified period of lime: a or while: rhis mO51 beauliful soul; ",ho ",alked willi me for season in lhis world. 10 be seot,d J I" laj. seatedl a dummy in a sco/Cd position. o(of a place sueh as a theatre or restaurant! of peoplel: , lorg' have sears for la specified number lenl rhor seats 100 10 ISO !"ople. 0 I""" Obi 100 ,d"",iol 01 upper boulders "". ,., simply sca'ed In pl"'l fir in position: thr interstices belo.' s seat sir down. typically in a - PHRASES take one seat assigned to one. . start to take part in the business of an assembly after being elected. - OERIVATlvES seaUess ad,eclive, database or netWork, especially the Internet. searchlight ~ noun a powerful outdoor electric ~..III I,,"h obi. ! light with a concentrated beam that can be tUrned in the required direction 1 add salt, herbs, pepper. or other ond with spices to (food): seoson rh, soup to laSte salt pepper II" adl seasonedl seasoned flour oadd a quality feature to (somethingl, cspeeially sa or - ORIGIN Middle English (as a noun): from Old Norse verb dares s,,'i. from the Germanic base of S'T. from Ihe late 16th cent. n" s"at belt ~ noun a belt used 10 secure someone in or the sear of a motor vehicle search party ~ noun a group of people organized 10 look for as to make" more lively or exciting: hi! (on"'Tsation is .1lh rxclomallon poinl! "0'0"": libcrolly JonC! search authorizing a police omcer or other official enter and search premises. exllemely hol or intense: someone or something that is lost. warrant ~ noun a lebal document and punch .seater ~ combining loom denoting aircraft. a vehiele, sofa, or of 2 make (wood I building "' Ith Storer a specified number seatS: a SIX' which a searing ~ adjecti" scaring heal of rhe suitable for use as limber by adjuSting ilS moisture contenl to that of the enVlronment in which ir will be used: I" Idl. , seasonedl il was mode from seasoned untrtated oak. seating ~ noun ImlSS oounl the sealS with building or room is provided: "o"ng for rh, ",'ouranr has a Tleal)' thr \Un I a scenng pain. . ,,"erely critical: a scanng IndiClmenl of rhr go"mmrnr performance. '1" "I se.sonedJ accustomed - 'H"AS ES lor 10 parrieular condition!: experionced: she I! 0 seasoned lro,.lIcr. all s.asons suitable in or appropriate SEATO ~ obb..,ial;on lor South. East ,," Organization near I ot boy I uo poor I " 'call 0: arm I (bed I c: hair I 0 ago I 0: her I t Iii I i cosy I i: ~ee I tJ 11011): law I h run I u pull u: 100 I hi my Iou how I tI day I ou no I" " fire I au' lour

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