Patton et al v. Astrazeneca Pharmaceuticals, L.P. et al

Filing 5

ORDER DISMISSING CASE without prejudice; Signed by Judge Marilyn Hall Patel on 5/2/2006. (awb, COURT-STAFF) (Filed on 5/2/2006)

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Patton et al v. Astrazeneca Pharmaceuticals, L.P. et al Case 3:06-cv-01526-MHP Document 5 Filed 05/02/2006 Page 1 of 1 Doc. 5 I 2 J 4 5 6 7 I 9 10 ll LAWRENCEJ. GORNICK,ESQ.(SBN 136290) DENNTS CANTY, ESQ.(SBN 207978) J. EMrLY CITARLEY,ESQ.(SBN 238542) L E V I N SIMESKAISER & GORIIICK LLP 14thFloor O n eBushStreet, Francisco, California 94104 San T e l e p h o n e (415)646-7160 F a c s i m i l e (4 1 5 ) 8 1 - 1 2 7 0 9 Attomeysfor Plaintiffs UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT NORTHERN DISTRICT OF CALIFORNIA t2 IJ JOSEPH PATTONAND SANDRA A. D. PATTON, Plaintiffs No, C a s e C 06 1526MHP NOTICE OF VOLUNTARY DISMISSAL ELI LLLYAND A S TO DEF'ENDANTS COMPANY, JOTINSON& JOHNSON COMPANY AND JANSSEN PHARMACEUTICA PRODUCTS,L.P. A/K/A JANSSEN,L.P., A/IVA JANSSEN P H A R M A C E U T I C A ,L.P.,NW A J A N S S E NPHARMACEUTICA, INC. HON. MARILYN H. PATEL t4 l5 t6 LI vs. ASTRAZENECAPHARMACEUTICAL S, L . P . ,et al. Defendants. 18 t9 20 2l 22 to NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN thatpursuant Fed.R. Civ. Pro.41(a),Plaintiffsvoluntarily ELI defendants LILY dismiss withoutprejudice AND COMPANY' JOHNSON & JOHNSON COMPANY AND JANSSENPHARMACEUTICA PRODUCTS,L.P. A./IVA JANSSEN,L.P., A/KIA JANSSENPHARMACEUTICA, L.P., A/IVA JANSSENPHARMACEUTICA,INC. fTom 24 25 26 27 28 the above-captioned action. May1,2006 UNIT ED S S DISTRICT TE C TA LEVIN SIMES KAISER & GORIIICK LLP t)L+.c-YLL fr. \ Deffiris Canty J. Attomeysfor Plaintiff rl \ - / t/ , . r' ' N C F D I S T DocT R I C ke s. A voI,ut'rTAF{I Dlsts'I ss]J, ER LI FO ari Judge M lyn H. P atel R NIA O ORD IT IS S ERED RT U O NO RT H

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