Chavez v. Blue Sky Natural Beverage Co. et al

Filing 265

STIPULATION AND ORDER re 264 Renotice motion hearing, filed by Chris Chavez, 258 Status Report filed by Chris Chavez Motion Hearing reset for 5/25/2011 02:30 PM in Courtroom C, 15th Floor, San Francisco before Magistrate Judge Edward M. Chen.. Signed by Judge Edward M. Chen on 4/14/11. (bpf, COURT STAFF) (Filed on 4/14/2011)

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Case3:06-cv-06609-JSW Document264 Filed04/13/11 Page1 of 2   1   NORMAN  L.  SMITH  [SBN  106344]   2   WILLIAM  N.  KAMMER  [SBN  53848]   3   SOLOMON  WARD  SEIDENWURM  &  SMITH,  LLP   401  B  Street,  Suite  1200   4   San  Diego,  California  92101   Telephone:  (619)  231-­‐0303   5   Facsimile:  (619)  231-­‐4755     6   Attorneys  for  Defendants  BLUE  SKY  NATURAL   BEVERAGE  CO.,  HANSEN  BEVERAGE  COMPANY   7   and  HANSEN  NATURAL  CORPORATION     8   ADAM  J.  GUTRIDE  [SBN  181466]   SETH  A.  SAFIER  [SBN  197427]   9   GUTRIDE  SAFIER  LLP   835  Douglass  Street   10   San  Francisco,  CA    94114   Telephone  (415)  271-­‐6469   11   Facsimile:  (415)  449-­‐6469     12   Attorneys  for  Plaintiff  CHRIS  CHAVEZ     13     UNITED  STATES  DISTRICT  COURT   14   NORTHERN  DISTRICT  OF  CALIFORNIA,  SAN  FRANCISCO  DIVISION   15     16   CHRIS  CHAVEZ,  an  individual,  on  behalf  of     CASE  NO.  06-­‐06609  JSW  (EMC)   himself,  the  general  public  and  those     17   similarly  situated,       STIPULATION  AND  [PROPOSED]  ORDER   18   Plaintiffs,   TO  CONTINUE  HEARING  DATE  ON     PLAINTIFF’S  REPORT  RE  MOTION  FOR   19   v.   SANCTIONS  (DKT.  #258)       20   BLUE  SKY  NATURAL  BEVERAGE  CO.,  a   Judge:   Hon.  Edward  M.  Chen   foreign  corporation;  HANSEN  BEVERAGE   21   COMPANY,  a  foreign  corporation;  HANSEN   NATURAL  CORP.,  a  foreign  corporation,  and   22   DOES  1  through  10,  inclusive,     23   Defendants.     24     25   26   27   28     P:00520660.3:07565.073   1   STIPULATION  TO  CONTINUE  HEARING  DATE   CV  06-­‐06609  JSW  (EMC)   Case3:06-cv-06609-JSW Document264 Filed04/13/11 Page2 of 2   1   THE  PARTIES,  THROUGH  THEIR  ATTORNEYS  OF  RECORD,  STIPULATE  THAT:   2   In  light  of  the  unavailability  of  counsel  for  Plaintiff  on  the  date  scheduled  by  the  Court   3   for  this  hearing  (May  18,  2011  at  3:00  p.m.),  the  Parties  agree  that  the  hearing  should  be   4   continued  until  May  25,  2011  at  2:30  p.m.    The  briefing  schedule  is  unchanged.     5     6   DATED:  4/13/11   SOLOMON  WARD  SEIDENWURM  &  SMITH,  LLP   7   8       9     11   12     13     DATED:  4/13/11   14   15       16   By:    s/  Adam  Gutride     ADAM  J.  GUTRIDE   SETH  A  SAFIER     Attorneys  for  Plaintiff   CHRIS  CHAVEZ         20     S IT  IS  SO  ORDERED   UNIT ED 21     4/14/11 DATED:  ____________   22     23               Chen Hon.  Edward  Mard M. ge Edw .  Chen   d U.S.  MJu agistrate  Judge   RT 25     DERED O OR IT IS S NO   24     S DISTRICT TE C TA ER H 26   27   RT U O 19   R NIA   LI 18   FO 17   A 10   By:    s/William  N.  Kammer     NORMAN  L.  SMITH   WILLIAM  N.  KAMMER   ALISON  L.  PIVONKA     Email     Attorneys  for  Defendants   BLUE  SKY  NATURAL  BEVERAGE  CO.,  HANSEN   BEVERAGE  COMPANY  and  HANSEN  NATURAL   CORPORATION           GUTRIDE  SAFIER,  LLP   N F D IS T IC T O R C 28     P:00520660.3:07565.073   -­‐2-­‐   CV  06-­‐06609  VRW   STIPULATION  RE  NON-­‐WAIVER  PURSUANT  TO  FEDERAL  RULE  OF  EVIDENCE  502(d)  

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