Parrish et al v. National Football League Players Incorporated

Filing 406

Declaration of ROY TAUB in Support of 405 MOTION in Limine DEFENDANTS MOTION IN LIMINE NO. 1 TO EXCLUDE EVIDENCE REGARDING HOW DEFENDANTS ALLEGEDLY SPENT MONIES CLAIMED BY PLAINTIFFS, AND EVIDENCE REGARDING THE ECONOMIC WEALTH OF DEFENDANTS AND ACTIVE NFL PLAYERS filed byNational Football League Players Incorporated, National Football League Players Association. (Attachments: # 1 Exhibit 1, # 2 Exhibit 2)(Related document(s) 405 ) (Padnos, Todd) (Filed on 10/8/2008)

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EXHIBIT 2 Certified Copy UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT NORTHERN DISTRICT SAN FRANCISCO DIVISION BERNARD PAUL PARRISH HERBERT ANTHONY ADDERLEY and WALTER ROBERTS III on behalf and of themselves similarly all others situated Plaintiffs vs. CIVIL ACTION NO. C07 0943 WHA NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE PLAYERS ASSOCIATION Virginia corporation and NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE PLAYERS INCORPORATED cl/b/a PLAYERS INC. Virginia Corporation Defendants. 30b6 Videotaped Deposition of GLENN M. EYRICH Tuesday February 12 2008 930 a.m. Mannatt Phelps Phillips LLP N.W. One Metro Center 700 Washington 12th Street D.C. Linda Ann Crockett Notary Public. TO Plaze Drive California 9533 .2700 2717 errtral Avenue one 85012 Glenn N. Eyrich February 12 2008 Reported Linda by A. Crockett APPEARANCES RONALD NOEL S. S. KATZ Phelps Center ESQUIRE ESQUIRE COHEN Mannatt One 700 Phillips LLP N.W. Metro 12th Street D.C. Suite 1100 20005 Washington 650 812-1346 of the Plaintiffs On behalf DAVID ROY Dewey 1301 New 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 FEHER TAUB Avenue ESQUIRE ESQUIRE LLP Americas 10019-6092 LeBoeuf of the York York New 212 259-7164 of the Defendants On behalf ALSO PRESENT Philip G. Rowley Marks Videographer 18 19 20 30b EYRICH recording beginning taken on at Deposition simultaneous February at of GLENN with videotape 21 22 23 24 25 Tuesday One 12 2008 Phelps 12th Linda 930 a.m. Metro Mannatt 700 Phillips LLP Street Ann Center D.C. N.W. Washington Notary before Crockett Public. 800.300.1214 REPORTING LITIGATION SERVICES WWW.PAULSONREPORTThtCOM 619.239.4111 Glenn M. Byrich February 12 2008 191 all over again MR. MR. FEHER KATZ Yes. The to point now We is from we which we were is starting part of the the and direct stipulate we not the record. Mr. felt now were to off record Feher going start his EXAMINATION Q. 10 direct examination. FEElER you in BY MR. Could note and just look the briefly at statement period Do Page of 96042 NFLPA financial Inc. 11 the Players to for the 12 13 from you March see 2005 February 28 2006. note A. Q. 14 Yes. 15 Do you have paid any to belief Mr. as to as in 16 whether described way to any in amounts this tlpshaw 17 note can be in traceable any 18 licensing MR. A. revenues particular Leading. to 19 KATZ Objection. paid and one 20 21 22 23 The in compensation the Mr. Upshaw not both NFLPA to Players revenue Inc. were tied directly any source. Q. 24 25 So do you have in belief any way to as to whether its traceable licensing PALJLSSON 800.300.1214 REPORTING LITIGATION SERVICES WWW.PAULSONREPORTTNG.COM 619.239.4111 Glenn H. Eyrich February 12 2008 192 revenue in any MR. way KATZ whatever tell Objection. your Leading. Q. And just The as belief is if you could A. us paid to compensation result certain of Mr. IJpshaw employment of contracts to be that paid not 10 11 12 stipulate from the amounts money and fund to of Players one revenue No Inc. NFLPA traceable any source. questions. for MR. MR. FERER KATZ further recross Ill moment. EXAMINATION Q. 13 BY MR. The of KATZ revenues P1 14 licensing monies come and into 15 general is pool for both NFLPA 16 that correct A. It 17 18 goes into their respective bank accounts correct. Q. 19 And thats just general pool of 20 21 22 money A. Q. Operating And Mr. account is yes. Upshaw paid out of that 23 general account A. right he would be paid out of 24 believe accounts. 25 the operating 800.300.1214 REPORTING LITIGATION SERVICES WWW.PAULSONREPQRTING.COM 619.239.4111 Glenn M. Eyrich February 12 2008 198 STATE COUNTY OF MARYLAND OF BALTIMORE Linda Public certify was of A. Crockett named Notary the State the of Maryland do hereby GLENN that within EYRICH set deposed and at the time and been place duly herein sworn by out was after having by me interrogated counsel. further examination was certify that the by of recorded stenographically is me the and this transcript true record proceedings. further certify were that the into by stipulations 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 made herein entered counsel in my presence. further certify that am not of counsel of to any nor way of the parties nor an employee to counsel in related interested any in of the parties of nor this any the outcome action. As witness day of my hand and notarial seal this 13th February December 2008. My commission expires 2008 23 24 Notary Public 25 800.300.1214 REPORTING LITIGATION SERVICES WWW.PAULSONREPORUNG.COM 619.239.4111

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