Parrish et al v. National Football League Players Incorporated

Filing 6

AMENDED COMPLAINT First Amended Complaint for Breach of Fiduciary Duty, Unjust Enrichment and an Accounting against National Football League Players Incorporated. Filed byWalter Roberts, III, Bernard Paul Parrish, Herbert Anthony Adderley. (Attachments: # 1 Exhibit A# 2 Exhibit B# 3 Exhibit C# 4 Exhibit D# 5 Exhibit E# 6 Exhibit F# 7 Exhibit G)(Katz, Ronald) (Filed on 2/23/2007) Additional attachment(s) added on 11/20/2007 (klh, COURT STAFF).

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Parrish et al v. National Football League Players Incorporated Doc. 6 Att. 6 Case 3:07-cv-00943-WHA Document 6-7 Filed 02/23/2007 Page 1 of 3 Exhibit F To First Amended Complaint For Breach Of Fiduciary Duty, Unjust Enrichment And An Accounting a t G A l R r , r Case 3:07-cv-00943-WHA Document 6-7 Filed 02/23/2007 Page 2 of 3 EXHIBIT F April S, 200. LAYf II rb :tide.C.dvY l(3S1^ `^'riStram C:irele ^fi^rtrrta, '.! f^ili! s Fi, r.I, -11 E jeat Hvth; .'Phis letter scis forth the undcrst nding t^mvccn y1ou i tid Mnyess inc with rcgwrd to year , ^3r Q7^. YOja hA^ jkCr -re f rn r+t^nor rive s , li yCl Si ri [Yt t 1C P yt14 cart ;.G ^^cri^-4x^I^is^cs law+s iIt erg ^ru^r^tt^t w'}tit ^u=lwI, srrtc^LE ^Iru I'c^]ltr^3rag ^.;ttrr... -v Prodi is (We product live wM )ncIp4c, but wM not be t%. Wd to the uthentic Jerseys (575.00 who lesWe) following), Fashlon Ling s7rr vc C"rU-W 450., "whu) sSh: Lon- Sleeve Plaited'Yee ($3(3.01% holesale) fttR . ti#oeve f ivtx:! fee ($20.(,41 vails^l gi Cap ($12.50 wholc.^alel - t^' ,'.'A , Term-h- arv zl ' "Mli fc^^^fi^^1 131^[t+: ^^t' f Sal ^^(1lL%StS^t:# Chace main, thank you for war particivadon i n this Plavers Inc goup licensing pt'ogrtm nd we hope Y= Pnjoyl its ^t'neAm Jt }-on hay,=c any pe'r.lona, p'lun-sc do no' haAm4m.6 fall me Al (808) 372-5535. Finall y. plat Sim Ooth eo pies of this acknowledgment send Miurn one to DW in ON anydope pravWQ. Sinc mly, Ac.knowlcged. .--^--r f lntuarel `sk:r(l Vice President Mayer Markvhng f I^^ .'^dcler i^ ^^ .ir%.r ^^.^, 3 s ,. i a,,in...iii. ^. 1. ^ f... iti+;.J %. I'ti t',, ^^ii `., llY ya LJ + 's tL.+1^11I Lam ann+ S Rai ^dk^ Nw ^!': ,z^ !/aV ^*,Gn.^,-gar*.+ K PN kbVtlh 1c42s '. 14^^11 '% 4iir Aaly pN ThY iL1 ft.t4a^i4H i.^^ wJN"'^ f'r:Alapca'S ra^^ Y Y S G R T8 V T I K Case 3:07-cv-00943-WHA Document 6-7 Filed 02/23/2007 Page 3 of 3 i!. Y Zb 3 i. =04 I I0WARZ SE,ALL NLfPA 71r, 11- ST NW Std WAS1414 ETON r%C', 2 ;A'4 3AR1.) PR IL a, ^cW, f UGNM A LE f r OF A " WTH I YER$ J NC, TO PAA-nCIPA rff IN . AE GROUP ^[/G"VING .rP.Rt^]^(3 RAM ..1 AC{ REED ^ P R T^,} PATE ON A t+ ON - Fyr f t 19DA ; RA SIR 3s9Tt I t y C j^ '^^} O}} UNDER hf: rf-LL /YYK1G Tf..RM-8 PRQAU CTR (THE PROOUCT LINE Will. INCLUDE. Df IT NOT kF- I)MI TED TQ THE -Rf !X)1pj!Io; ADTFiE^iTx4: 51^^#SI;YS 1 ^^ ^'1'^'^^I.ES. ^.IS.E } LOW SLEEVE PLAITED TEE . CAP {$72.550} TERM' ROYALTY RATE: HROUr7H IFEBRUARY.2M., 2005 % i WHOLESALE TERRITORY : M RLOW DE +^ F "115 Vf3irllYi7 !t!iwG-i i AM WWIING MIS f..EVER ft-CAWE i HAVEWT HEARD AF1YMNG FROM REEBOK C0NCF i#4(wv THF SAMP L E OF T#4 PR!CDUC" t^ G I WAS TOLD THAT I tA,Jut R iA' r;,1AX tk ACH AT -{A is :^ I ^'1i T HAV EN 'T H V p ^^ y ^ E t1 CD k Nw\ !'s^ 'YTRI i71" I1sJiYf PLAYERS Ii^iV.^71N E 1 i NN E AGREEMENT I CALLF0 SETH W .AN AND I WW OLD THAT H' WA6 IN HA IL I CALLED 4ACK AND P.Wf rQ HIM A COUP -E 0'F MWiTM AGO GONCERiANG 1HE -9ffUATJ0f4 AND HE T OLD ME THAT rr WAS A M*TAI6 ON REEHOKS FART. HE At .60 SAID THAT "f ' LO Ctf-ECK ON TH srr.,',TIO N AH } . SAf'X FOR S%1Z REASON, 77-WEREFORE, I I R)r rC REAC?l ZT BACK rO Ai, f ih kASN't'c;ACCED OU A FEIN WEEKS AGO-ANO CONTINUED TO AET A TAPE fMCOR 3 LEFT SEWRAL MI Af0E5 ASWN G THAT'S P $2 Ca4TACT I* Ali YNI WA `1- REN RN MY L 1, HAVE RWEVED CALLS I TELL THEM TO tNiS,(K O 7 IEF STt7RF IN -m1%E'J ' M 1rHO SSE:.I.^ R^^E^^S ILL 01-M WICM 0V YOUR L1-4 OF A440EEMCNT, YOU SAID THAT WE HOPE THAT Y6u EN joy iTS SENEFITS" Sd FAR. ! HAVENOT EMMYED ANY UFNFTA OR A RF URN ML i =M YOU 09 uim , t air M Mg_ O w Ar 4AS FAPMNED b'SFMi 774E PROGRAM. PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF , THE PROGRAM VM74 REEBOK AND PLAYER S WG, 1 9 u"L!. CvoRff r7 r,kt4Ll W-tAT HAPPfz^Vc-^ SfNGEIkEI.y. ^ Af3uziu hullo. Nerb Adderlq '26

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