Crago, Inc. v. Chunghwa Picture Tubes, LTD. et al

Filing 1000

STIPULATION AND ORDER re 999 Special Masters Order filed by Charles A. Legge. Signed by Judge Samuel Conti on 9/2/11. (tdm, COURT STAFF) (Filed on 9/2/2011)

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c;ase3:37-cv-Q56& -SC iloc~ri1eniD9C i-;leail8i29l'i I Page'i o "1 f I GUIDQ SAVERI (Bar No. 22349) guidqZJsaveri.&m R.ALEXANDER SAVERI (Bar No. 173102) CADI0 ZIRPOLI (Bar No. 1 9108) 7 cadio@veri.corn SAVERI & SAVERI, MC. 706 Sansome Street San Francisco, Califbrnia 94111 Telephone: (415) 217-68 10 Facsimile: (415) 217-6913 Interim Lead Come1for the Direct Purchaser Piainfi@is C h s MAXI0 N. ALIOTO (BarNO.56433) , LAUREN C. RUSSELL (Bar No. 24115 1) TRUMP,ALIOTO, TRUMP & PRESCOTI',L U 2280 Union Street Ssn Francisco, C l f r i 94123 aiona Telephone: (415) 563-7200 Facsimile: ( 15) 346-0679 4 Interim Lead Counselfor the Indirect Purchaser Plaintifi C h s James L. McGinnis (Bar No. 95788) SHEPPARD MULLIN R I C m & HAMPTON LLP Four Embarcadem Center, 17th Floor Sm Fmncisco, California 941I 1 4 Telephone: ( 5 5) 434-9 0 00 Facsimile: ( 15) 434-3947 4 Lkfenre Liaison Counsel UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT NORTHERN DISTRICT OF CALIFORNJA,S A N FTUNCISCO DMSION MASTER FILE NO.. 07-CV-5944SC I RE: CATHODE RAY TLTBE (CRT) N ANTITRUST LITIGATION MDLNO. 1917 STIPULATION AND ORDER 827532'727532.5 WCV-5944SC STIPULATION AND [PROPOSEDJ ORDER It is hereby stipulated by and between the Direct Purchaser Plaintiffi ("DPPs") the and Indirect Purchaser Plaintiffi ("IPPst') and the undersigned defmdants ("Defendantsn)in this d o n as follows: WHEREAS, on June 29,2011, the Honorable Samuel Conti ordered upon the recommendation of the Special Master, Charles A. Legge, that DPPs and PPs have utl ni September 1,2011 to provide a list to Defendants of certain documents produced in the In Re: TFT-LCD (Flat Panel) Antitrust Litigation, Care No. M07-1827U(*in Re: TFTLCD") action for the limited purpose of i d c n w g documents for potential production in this action ("LCD Document Stipulation" attached hereto as Exhibit A). WHEREAS,DPPq and IPPs continue to review the LCD document productions for re1evant documents; WHEREAS, the DPPs and IPPs have requested, and the Defendants have agreed to extend the deadline for the production of the LCD document list an additional forty five days, such that the list shall now be provided to Defendants on October 17,2011; WHFBEAS, DPPs and IPPs agree to provide the Defendants with the list of documents on a rolling basis; I IS HEREBY STIPULATED AND AGREED, by and between counsel for the T undersigned Plaintif5 and Defendants that: T e &dine h for DPPs and IPPS to serve Defendants w t a list of LCD documents ih pursuant to the June 29,201 1 LCD Document Stipulation is extended uatil October 17,2011. DATED: August 29,2011 SAVERI & SAVERI, INC. G U M SAVER1 R. ALEXANDER SAVERI CADI0 ZIRPOLI By: is/ C i o Saveri md GUDO SAVERI Interim Lead Counselfor the Direct Purchaser Plaintrs Class 827Sj2.717532.5 2 STIPULATIONAND PROPOSED] ORDER 07-CV-5944 Sc DATED:August 29,201 1 TRUMP, ALIOTO, TRUMP & PRESCOTT, LLP MARIO N. ALIOTO By: WarioN.&to MARIO N.ALIOTO Interim Lead Counselfor the Indirect Purchaser P a n i s C a s lit' l s For the Limited P q s e of this Stipulation, Liaison Counsel DATED:August 29,2011 SHEPPARD m L I N RICHTER & HAMPTON LLP JAMES L.MCGINNIS B y -innis JAMES L MCGNNIS . Defense Licrson Counsel and Counselfor D e f d a n h S a m g SDl America, Inc., Samsung SDI C . Ltd., o, Samrung SDI (Uokuysia)Sdn BM, Samung SDI Mexiw S.A. de C.V.. Sumsung SDI Brasil Ltda., Shenzhen S a m n g SDI Co. Ltd., and Tiaqjin Samsmg SDI Co., Ltd AlTESTATION PURSUANT TO GENERAL ORDER 45 I, Cadio Zirpoli, attest that wacurrenw in the ~g of this document has been obtained from alf signatories. I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws ofthe U i e States of ntd America that the foregoing is true and correct. Executed this 29th day of August 201 1, a San t Francisco, California. is/ Cadio Zirpoli 027532.727532.5 3 SlT.PULAnON AND [PROPOSED] ORDER 07-W-5944 S c , 2ase3:G7-cv-0594i-jr= 130c~,neni9EB ,'rled38129/'i ' Page4 o f l : I 1 I.IS SO RECOMMENDED. T 2 DATED: ~ugust 2011 Lq, 3 4 Special Master 5 6 7 8 IT IS SO ORDERED UPON THE RECOMMENDATION OF THE SPECIAL MASTER 4 j tz g - 2011 e DATED. 9 10 ISTRICT JUDGE! 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 1s 19 20 21 22 23 2 4 25 crtsvr 26 27 28 827532.7275325 4 SllPULATION AND [PROPOSED] ORDER 07a-5944 SC EXHIBIT A 1 11 GULDO SAVERT (Bar No.22349) (1 (Eo 173 102) No. CADI0 ZIRPOLI (Bar No. 179108) pid;~$s"&ERl 2 RALE SAVERIF SAVEIU.rnC. " j m " 111 Pine Stroct, S u b 1700 San Francisco, California 94111 Telephone: (415 217-6610 PBCSdlB: (?15{2174913 (1 MARION. ALIOTO mar No.56433) LAUREN C RUSSELL (Bar No.241151) . TRUMP. ALIOTO, TRUMP & PRESCOTI; LLP 2280 Udon Sweet San Fmisco, C a l i 94123 ! ~amea. McGinais (Bar No. 95788) L &m - RI-Bt-ONUP Pour Embarcadem Center, 17thFloor Saa FmW, Califbmh 94 111 Ttlcphonc: (41 5 ) 434-9100 Famamile: (41 5) 434-3947 "1 ITNITEDSTATES DISTRICT COURT 21 NORTHERN DISTRICT OF CALIFORMA, SAN FRANCISCO DMSION 22 MASTER FILE NO.. 07-CV-5944 SC N 23 I IUk CATHODE RAY TUBE (CRT) ANTITRUST LITlGATION ' MDLNO. 1917 STIPlLAl'ION AND ORDER -1 Uocui oeni998 ,'iieaGd~LLi' rage; oi 'I i EMWE3 &IkMW~l &ii~%f'& It ia hereby stipulated by end between the Direct Purchasar Plaintiffs ("DPPsn)and the Indirect Purcfianer Phirttiffi ("IPPs") and the undenigned defcndmts ("Defendants")in this action as fbllows: I. That all d o c u m produced h the J Re: TFT-TCD (FJut h Punel) Antif- - UIgutbh Cnss No.W7-1827 Sl ("in Re: TFT-LCD")by entities, including theiu affiliates except forToshiba Mobile Display Co., Ltd.. that p r o d u d documents in In Re: TlcTLCD and are defwdmts in this action, coa be revlewd by Plaintiffs' oounsel in this action for the liiitcd purpose of identifying documents fa potential pnxluction in this d o n pursuant to the proccdurca dwcrl'bcd in Paragaphe 2 and 3 below. Such mkw will be subject to the protecthe order in h Rd; TFT-LCD (Docket No.MI)as well as the protcctivtorder herein (Docket No.306). 2. On or M o m Scptunber 1,2011, Plaintiffa shall provide to all defondauts a list of the begoing documcnta h r n h Re: TFT--LCDthat they seek to use fn tbis action. The defendant that produced, or whose dliliate produced, a dmument in In Re: TIST-LCD so idcntificd ("Roduciag Party") shan have 45 days t state objcctiolls t adding any such dacument to the o o CRT dIwovay record. Any document a to which no objedoru have been mado shall be deemed s produced herehr. The psrtlw s f d meet Prld cna ta ctsolvs any objecdme made and, i af f necessaty. diww a process far siacMag a d i n g h m the Spbcial 3. and the COWL After h i s initial list is provided, PlahltifE may suppleanent the list as necessary with additional dawmcnto c o v d by Panrgraph 1 above to the extent that Plainti& were in g o d faith &lo to finish their m i e w ofdocuments for inclusion i the list coatemplated by hagraph n 2 abwc. Plainti5 shall provide 110th b ail defendants of any addjdons to the list ofdocuments horn the TFT-LCD adon that they seek to uss in this action, absent a showing of good cause, no Later than seven calendar dnys before intended we i aay &position, submission or o h n peeding, and no later than 30 days prior to the diswvery cut off. Absent a showing of g o d c a w Plaintifb may mom than tcn additional dcmments In advance of each deposition. The Producing Party &dlpromptly state objections to adding any document identifted by Plahiffi to the CRT dlscsvary m r d , if any, and the partlts shaU use lhc procedurts w e d upon for rtmMon of disputes as di Pacagraph 2 abova Any suoh n mn7n25 2 SllPULATIW AND ORDER 07-W-.59U SC I 1 resolution will be done on an expedited basis so as not to disrupt tho taking of a noticed (1 4. M objectim~ Dafindanu with respect to relevancy and admissibility am I by 3 4 pnscrved as t any document from In Re: TFT-LCD that may be produced pursuant to the o 5 hrcgotng~uren. 6 : 5. Absent Court order, thts stipulation shall not apply to LO Display Co, Ltd. and LG II 7 Display America, Inc. (collectively"LGDisplay'?. Nothing i this stipulation shall preclude n I 8 P I a M h m seeking in this litigation the production of documents produced by LG Display i n 11 9 In Re: TETLCD. June 17.201 1 By: 0UIM)SAVERI l i l t d m LeadihnteI&r the h c t P v r c k PMnt3drj Class June 17,201 1 TRUMP, ALIOTO, TRUMP % FRESCOTT, ] P U MARIO N ALIO1'0 . By: b & MARIO N.ALIOTO 21 DATED: June 17,201 1 MORGAN, LEWIS & B o c K N s LLP D M L .WB ES 22 By: -1 SCOlT A. STEMPEL DA'ED: June 17,201 1 ARNOLD & PORTER LLP ERIC SHAPLAND By: ERIC SRAPLAND ComwI@r &@dmis LG Eiectrona I=, LG El&= USA, h , MdUf iiktro~cs c Taiwatt Taipei Co.. U d DATED: June 17,201 1 DEWEY & LEOEUF LLP JEFFREYL.KESSLER By: P - JEFFREY L KESSLER . Cbpwatiim o CWW~~~OT ~e>-&nts ~muL#Jnic N d M w , MT PfctLpe Dls ay Cb., Ltd Panmanic Cwporatlon WdL h * r -ic lRdkebkJ CoJ J ]SAK]eR m sLLS. JOSEPH OSTOYICH w - JAMES L. MCGRWB BY: . - JAMES L MCOINNIS Liastm C o d and C o m l f b r SmnnutgSDIAnrmMcq, I=, $aarJungSDI lh&w nu2.n71xu 4 SllPULATIW AND ORDER 2., - Ldd, 070-5944 SC 1 DATED: June 17,2011 O'MELVENY & MYERS, LLP IAN SIMMONS 2 3 BY /s/lanSimmoM SIMh4ONS IAN d Cowslfir&findana Smr~sungEkct*oni~~ Lld Co., and Sumrung Eledmnics America, Inc. 5 DATED: June 17,201 1 7 B-R & McKENZIP. LLP PATRICK J. ARERN 8 By: m 9 PATRlCK J. AH;ERN Coumelfor Lkfimht Tatmg C o w o Amedcq f 10 mc, DATED: Junc 17,201 1 12 WEUTE a CASE LLP LUClUS B. LAU 1 3 By: 14 15 16 17 DATED: Jwo 17,201 1 18 FRESHFIELDS BRUCKHAUS LIBRINGER US LLP 19 U) By: TERRY CALVANI C-lfir Dc$nuht Bevkig M i h i t a &for CRT C o v W , Ld r 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 23 mm.n75x.s 5 STlPULAnoNAND ORDER WCV-5944 SC 2 b 1. I C;ssed:b; -w-05 L d ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ,i11edG8123/ I ~ ~ d b 8 c33 e8m ~ $ J 4 'IZ of f.1 S~~~RZI#?~?J hikW{3?41r@O ~#p e6 1 ATTESTATION PURSUANT TO GENERAL ORDER 45 2 I. Lauran C. Russell, attest that concltnoncc in the filing ofthiis document has been obtained from dl sipauories. I doslarc under plulty of perjury wdm tbo laws of the United ' Stsru of America thn the fare~oing t and correct Executed thia 17th day of June 2011. at i8 m San Francisco. California. 6 7 8 8 9 10 I LS so RECOMMENDED. T DATED: June& A 2011 Hod Charles A Ltggt Spacial Master L . 18 FT IS S ORDERED UPON TEIE RECOMMENDATION OF THE SPECIAL MASTER O 19 DATED: J u n t ~ Z O l i 20 21 22 2 3 24 25 26 27 28 Bnsnmm5 6 STIPULATION AND ORDER W-CV-SW SC

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