Hitch v. Randlett

Filing 36

STIPULATION AND ORDER dismissing claims and counterclaims with prejudice; Signed by Judge Marilyn Hall Patel on 5/27/2009. (awb, COURT STAFF) (Filed on 5/27/2009)

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1 I 3 I A W OFFICE OE JEFFERSON FRAZIER J E F F E R S O NFRAZIER SBN 40803 3 8 2 4 GRANDAVENUE, SU]TE 2OO O A K L A N D ; CA 94610 T e l : 5 1 0 - l6 3 4 4 O O Fax: 510 163 4420 A T ? O R N E Y FOR CLATI{CNT AND COUNTERD SFENDANT RONALD J. HTTCH 5 o 7 8 9 10 11 LZ U N T T E D STATES DISTRICT COURT F O R THE NORTIIERN DISTRTCT OF CALI FPRNIA RONALD J . HTTCH, PIaint iff, C A S E NO. C08-01-39? Ml{P ( A 1 a r n e d a County R G o 8 - 3 7 0 3 9 0) Superior Ct.. -L.f L4 I5 STTPUI.ATTON ArqD OADER D I S M I S S I N G CIAIII AND COUNEERCTAIM $:TTE PRE{'TJDICE V I C T O R I A R A N D L E T T , and DOES i t hrough 5 0 , j . n c l u s i v e . Defendants. L6 T7 18 L9 20 VICTORIA RANDLETT, . Counterclaimant, ZJ R O N A ] , D J. za zb IiITCH, Counterdefendant. . 27 zo The their parties in to t}.e above-entitled through action their having settled at-torneys disputes this lakrsuit. respective STTPSITAT ION AIID O R D E R OI'DI${IS8A! 1 L hereby stipulate that Claim the Court enter its with order dismissing the above-entitled 3 and Countercla],m shall be effective prejudice. by facsimile. however, affect T h e stipulation T h e parties shall whe:: signed exchange original tc exchange original of signatures, signatures provided 5 D that in the failure shal-1 not any manner the validity any document signed by facsimile. 1 I Dated: l4ay\, 2009 LAW O By: F R A ZI ER 10 11 LZ IJ Atto Cl-a Dated: May 7-b, 2009 H a t ' o l d J. Jaffe Attorney for Defendant and C o u n t e r c l a i m a n t - . VICTORIA RANDLETT 1_4 15 lo T7 The above ONDER stipulation is approved, 18 Counterclaim a n d the Claim and t9 Dated: are hereby dismissed with p r e j udice . 20 2I 5/27/2009 UNIT ED S S DISTRICT TE C TA 24 25 26 ER N F D IS T IC T O R z6 ATTPUIA'IION AIID ORDER OF DISMISSAI, A C LI FO ari Judge M lyn H. P atel R NIA ZJ Judge O OR IT IS S DERED RT U O NO RT H

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