Damon v. Fenton

Filing 12

STIPULATION AND ORDER CONTINUING CASE MANAGEMENT CONFERENCE re 11 Stipulation filed by John Damon. Signed by Judge Phyllis J. Hamilton on 12/12/08. (nah, COURT STAFF) (Filed on 12/12/2008)

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<Page 2 of 4) 12/18/28D8 17:14 1 7 0 7 , 1 3 1 2l7 E I]FFICF TERRERI [,qI,.I PAGE A2/84 I 2 J i + T O M A SE. MARGAIN.Bar No. 1935_15 J A C O BSIDER,Bar No. 236094 L A W OFFICES TOMAS E, MARGATI{ OF 2 ESourh First Street, Suite210 San Jose, 951t3 CA Telephone: 408-279-4729 Fax: 415-297-4728 5 6 7 o o mareainlaw@hotmail, com A t t o m e yfor Plaintiff s JOHN D,A.MON HERBERT TERREzu L. LAW OFFICES HERBERT TERRERI OF L. I 3 2 Mill Srreer, 210 Suite H e a l d s b u rCA 9544E g. T e l e p h o n e : 701-4jl-1933 Fax: 707-431-2769 Attorneyfor Defendant RICIIARD R. FENTON 9 l0 11 t2 13 t4 15 l6 17 vs, I8 19 TINITED STATES DII;TzuCT COURT F O RNORI}IERN DISTR](]T CALIFORNIA OF S A N FRAN(IISCO J O H NDAMON. Plaintiff; s ] ' mULATTON AND [PROPOSEDI O ] ] D E R TO CONTINUE DECEMBER 18, ZO0]S CASEMANAGEMENT C O N F E R - E N CTO JANUARY 15,2009 E Cese No.: C 08 03488 PJH )n 21 22 23 24 25 RICHARD R. FENTON DBA FENTON CONSTRUCTiON SERYICES. Defendant T h e parlies submit t h e followingstipulation, pleacling M a n a g e m e n tConferencei n this mattercuffently se1 thatthe court orderthecase for Decembcr 1g.200gbe continued to I coNFERli\icf, To JANUART. rs, ioos E I,:i (Page 4 of 4) T2/T8/28881 7 : I 4 17874:l127Et T E R R E R ILAI4! F F I C F FAGE E4/84 I 2 J + F ' O RDEFENDANT L A W OFFICES OF'HERBERT L. TERRERI 5 6 8 9 l0 1l DATED: ( ?-C tl -O9_ G O O DCALISE APPEARINGTIIEREFOR, I T ORDERED: t. 2. T H A T THE CASEMANAGEMENT CI]NFERENCE CONTII\'IJED IS To JANUARY 15,2009. T H E . I O I N T CASE MANAGEMENT S]',\TEMENT IS TO BE FILED BY .IAI{IJARY 8. 2009. t2 l3 14 D A T E D : 12/12/08 15 t6 l7 I8 l9 20 21 22 ZJ UNIT ED I { O N O R A B L EPHYLLIS J.D RDERE HAMILTON S S DISTRICT TE C TA RT U O ER N D IS T IC T R OF 24 25 ;i A C LI FO T N T T E DSTATESJUDGE n Hamilto hyllis J. Judge P R NIA O IT IS S O NO RT H (Page 3 of 4) L2/IA/?AAE 17:14 t 7874::rI27Et T E F F I E E I lLAr/l DFFICF PAGE 83/84 15,2009. thattheJointcase and Marrage.rent staternent deadline Dccember 200gf of I l, ll for 2009. 2 ll bere-set January'8. I 'WHEREAS, complairrt thjsmaner notservcd Defendant the in rv,as , on untilNovenrberI ll t l l ll '*"* l t . l l o lllo,zoor; , , ,' t WHEREAS. Defendant notohtain did counriel Dccenrber200g; until 6, ll WHEREAS, counsel Plaintiff coun for De for and iel fenda-rrt r+,ith another spoke one for ll firsttimeonDecember 2008 ananswcr:notdueuntilafter 10, and is thedate scheduled for ll'nt th. Case Management Conference, ll ll I I I I I WHEREAS, Plaintiff provided has Deferrd withinfomral irr disco'ery ufiich.o*or,r.* | n discoverable documents cuffently plaintifrs in oossession: ll"' I to WHEREAS, Dcfendant currentll, rhe ,'ocess beginning faithdiscovery is in g of good ll I I I ll disclosure, I WHEREAS.meaningful l\{anagcmerrt a Casc Statement containingdamages a estimateI ll require Plaintiff that exarnine Defendant's rec(,r'ds plaintiffs hours of workcd trpeof and t , ll*tt t performed. l l work I tt Is HEREBY'STIPULATED andberween by t rainriffs Defendant. and ttrrough their ] l ll I respective counsel, foliows: as ll I t u ll 1 -' That courtshould ^''--:'-:""rt the please order thecaseh,fanagement oroerlltlt tne Lase ft,lanagernent tlurt Prtrzrsc confbrenc* trri, I C, i., ll 1 7 *"n* cunently lrruuru I setfor December 2008 conrjrr,ued j 18, be to January 2009. 15, | I tu 2' Thatt}e JointcaseManagemept Stat,:ment deadline December 200g ,r- | of I l, U. ll t, 3' l t l Thisstipulation besigned co'rnterparls, a facsimile may in ancl signature shall ll ttuu* sarne {re force effect anorigiaal and as Zr fl signatr. rc ,o 2 2 II t 9 set January for 8,200e. ll I I I I I i l l ,t II D Dr ,..r^r-rrr'rra FORPLAINTIFFS ,oll , r iioorro, . ,, l ll MARGATN LAW OF'FICES TOMASE. OF I I l ll t CoNTDRENCE JANUAny rs, iooq TO l l l -- . I l I r ur u r'Lriflnt-K lEr2008 cAsE MANA I ; l

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