Technology Licensing Company, Inc. v. America Action, Inc.

Filing 22

STIPULATION AND ORDER DISMISSING CASE WITH PREJUDICE; Each side to bear costs; Signed by Judge Marilyn Hall Patel on 3/9/2009. (awb, COURT-STAFF) (Filed on 3/9/2009)

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|-- 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 I I 10 11 \c) \n o\ :il o H N W. CARPENTER Q2r708) e c h n o l o g yLicensing CompanyInc. 3 YzLos Piffos, ica s i o ,CA94946 (415)577-0698 hone: acsimile l -866-4rc-6248 : Kao Lu L u & Associates, P.C. 1425E. DarbyRoad H av er t ow nPa.19083 , USA Phone: 6lA-446-2563 F a l < :610-446-8841 kaohlu@ associates. lucom ttorneys Plaintiff and Counterclaim for Defendant Technologt Licensing Company,Inc, A t t o r n e y sfor Defendantand Counterclaimant A m e r i c a Action Inc 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 v. a 88 E,i e9Y i3 az : IN THE UNITED STATESDISTRICT COURT F OR THE NORTHERN DISTRICT OF'CALIFORNIA SAIYFRANCISCO DIVISION U F F] T e c h n o l o ryLicensingCompany,Inc., Plaintiff andCounterclaim Defendant Case No. CV 08 3803 MHP ST I PU LAT I O N OF'DISMISSAL ANI) ORDER TITEREON IPROPOSEDI Ame ri c aAction, Inc. DefendanandCounterclaimant t lationof Dismissal N o . C 08-03803 MHP Technology Lioensing v. America Co Action Inc 1 Fursualrt a confidentialsettlem*ntsrssffientffrd rel*asen I$ HEREBY t{} IT TIPULATED by andbetween PlaintiffTECr{NOLOSY LICEhI$INS C*MPANY, INC. andS*fsndnrrtAI!{ERICA ACTI*H, m{C. f'AAo'3-thraught}reirc*xnsel *f r*s*rd, t}tet ah*ve-*aBtisned *etiorq :irmluding clairflsandcsunterslnirnsn andf,r*reby di*rnissed all b* is tth prejudice Bur to Fsdesal Ruls of Civil Frscedure 4t{n}{U" Hach,party shallbesrli* cwn 2 3 4 5 s 7 s fi 10 11 \p w {n qf (I\ 1n 1S 14 1# 1S, 17 1fi 1S ?fi 21 fqfi tr;t JH #u rff i6 Fd 6f H t SE w, cARpHNTfiR {?217fi8* lngy Linsnsing Lrc. #*r*rp*r:y 33 14 Fifrn*, Lor Nica*inCA p4p46 , Fhons{415}577-fi698 : Fa*sirniler $} 276-q8.57 {41 Hnrai:lj nhn wcsrpqnte cslrl rlaw. ffij AI larn#ys Ftaint **d tsantercIaim iff for frefendnnTe t chnalagy mws C*mpany Li ing 2r" 2# g4 2# 2B 27 * , / i l**x{l* ilu & As*peisteso F.C, l4?5 fi. Ssr,byRcad Haysrtstryn, 19S*3U$A Pa ,#;563 Phsne: 6l S-44S F n x : SIS-44S-S841 ?s Att*rnxys ##fr'n#wrct #*ant*r*laimanl *nd f,#r Ameri*sAsti$nInt *f fi'isminsnl H*, ff S&-03&03 lr"li.IP Techn*logy.Limngln#$ v, ArneriefiA*tisn Xne g 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 I I 10 11 $\ o z d ORDER TO P U R S U A N T STIPULATION AND UPONGOODCAUSESHOWN,IT IS SO ERED. UNIT ED S S DISTRICT TE C TA March 9 2008 Hon. Marilyn H. Patel t|r o 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 ER N E3 H s8 art F D IS T IC T O R Qe- s6 sz U F< F] of Dismissal No. C 08-03803 MIIP Technology Lioensing v. AmericaAction Inc Co A C LI FO l UnitedStates arilyn Judgee District H. Pat ge M Jud R NIA O OR IT IS S DERED RT U O NO RT H

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