Benedict v. Citibank, N.A. et al

Filing 14

STIPULATION AND ORDER setting hearing date on the Motion to Compel and rescheduling the Initial Case Management Conference to 3/2/2009 at 01:30 PM. Signed by Judge Thelton E. Henderson on 11/18/08. (rbe, COURT STAFF) (Filed on 11/19/2008)

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1 2 3 Andrew A. August (SBNI12851) aaugust(gpinnaclelawgroup~conn Kevin F. Rooney (SBN 184096) 4 5 PINACLELAW GROUP,LLP 425C~lifol1‹i Street, SuiteJ800 San Francisco,. California 94104 Telephone: (415)394-,5700 ~Facsimile:(415) 394-5003 6 Attorneys for Plaintiff! ames A. Benedict 7 8 UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT 9 10 11 NORTHERN DISTRlCTOFCALIF'OllIņ SAN FRANCISCODIVISION 08-04230 TEH 12 .. JAMES A. BENEDICT, individually . behalf of all others similarly and on CASE NO. 13 Plaintiff,' 14 vs. 15/ CITIBANK, N.A.,a national UnitedStates of LOAN situated, banking association Úrganized under the lawsofthe America, THE STUDENT CORPORATION, al)elaware Corporation, SET HEARING DATE ONDEFENnANTS' MOTION AND CONTINUE «ASE MANAGEMENT CONFERENCE ANn (PROPOSED) ORDER STIPULATION TO TO. COMPEL ARBITRATION (Local Rule 6-1(a)) PiNNACLE LAW,ORO–-P LLP 425-C";L.IFORNIA STREET SUITE 1800 SAN-Fŕ,NCrsco, CA94104 (415) 394,5700 1. WHREAS, to conserve '. .~, the resources of the paries Federal Rules of time and expense of fonna1 and this Court, all parties desire to 2 3 exhaust early settlement negotiations before (1) briefing the Motion to .Compel Arbitration,' (2) conductžng a Case Management Conference~ (3) underting the related obligations required by the 4 5 Rule 26 of Civil Procoourethat precede the Case ManagementConference° discovery; and (4) undertaking the 6 7 8 WHEREAS, nothing herein shall waive any right Plaintiff would otherwise haveto seek by Defendants nor discoveryftom Defend8:tsirt order to respond to any motions fied Defendants' righttooppÚseany such effort; . . 9 10 respective IT is HEREBY STIPULATED by and betweenŪhe partieshereto,.throughtheir to LocaJ Rule6-I(a), that the hearing counsel of record, pursuant date for n 12 13 14 15 Defendants' Motion to Compel Arbitration shall beset for 'February 23. 2009. PlaintŪff's' opposition shall be due no later than February 2. 2009 and Defendants' reply due no later than February 9, 2009.. Further,.the PARTlES.STIPULATEthŗt the Initial at Case ManagemenrConference shall be continued from Decernber 22,2008 1:30 p;m. to March 2, 2009 at 1:30 p.m. 16 DATED: Noverrberl1. 2008 . 17 18 By: I~N.~ Kevin Po. Rooney,' Attorneys for Plaintjff . 21 1_-, 22 DATED: November .-2008 23 S1'ROOCK& STRQOCK & LAVAN LLP 24 25 26 III 27 III 28 l'.lfh..1::.Iűi.::.. i)..tJl.r ~~,. n:°.t:....IN'...j,° 'IU.T. ~i.~II.IIlr. !!tt!o-fllllll«",°ii..,C'"i;'loO'-l~ln::''.S1\1i! .2 S''truUTION 'ro SET HEARING DAn) AND CONTINUR«l\C'°jct v. Citlbiird ii al.Casc No. OI!4230'',EJJ° ORDER Based on the foregoing stipulation of counsel and good cause appearlngtherefore, IT is 3 HEREBY ORDERED as follows: (1) The hearing 4 5 date for Defendants'Motion to Compel Arbitration shall be set for 23 , February 2009. Plaintiffs opposition shall be due nolater than February 2, 6 7 2009"and Defendants' reply du.e nolaterthan February 9, 2009; and (2) The Initial Case Managemcp.. Conference isconžőnued from December 22,2008 8 to March 2, 2009 at 1 :30p.m; 9 PURSUANT TOSTIPULATIONOF COUNSEL,rr is SO ORDERED; 18 UNIT ED Hon.TheltonE. Henderson United States S S DISTRICT TE C TA District Court 18 ER N 19 F D IS T IC T O R 20 21 .::, ~ .~..~.' i:".;.t".;°~;:l;, i.Ń «'--lfH toH~! J'':~,.:,1t1! 5033.0011()067291\ -,..., ~ j STIPULA1JONTOSIžT mi;A°UN(;Ū)AT~: ANI) C‹NTJNUE«MC BenÍdišv. Citlbanket al.. ”\S(\ NÝ; OI°"04230'JEH, A C LI 17 FO helton Judge T E. Hend erson R NIA RT U O NO RT H

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