Perry et al v. Schwarzenegger et al

Filing 495

Declaration of Ronald Prentice in Support of Opposition to Plaintiffs' Motion for Leave to Reopen the Deposition of Ronald Prentice filed byMartin F. Gutierrez, Dennis Hollingsworth, Mark A. Jansson, Gail J. Knight, - Yes on 8, A Project of California Renewal. (Cooper, Charles) (Filed on 1/20/2010)

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Perry et al v. Schwarzenegger et al Doc. 495 Case3:09-cv-02292-VRW Document495 Filed01/20/10 Page1 of 4 1 2 C O O P E RAND KIRK, PLLC C h a r l e s Cooper(DC Bar No. 248070)* J. ccooper@cooperkir (DC Bar No. 450503)* D a v i d H. Thompson d thomp on@coop erkir s H o w a r dC. Nielson, (DC Bar No. 473018)* Jr. h n ieIson@c oper kir o N i c o l e J. Moss (DC Bar No.472424)* n m o @coop er kir s.s (Ohio Bar No. 0080840)* P e t e rA. Patterson p patterson@cooperkir Ave. N.W., Washington, 1 5 2 3New Hampshire D.C. 20036 (202) 220-9600,Facsimile (202) 220-9601 Telephone: L A W OFFICES OF'ANDREW P. PUGNO A n d r e wP. Pugno(CA Bar No. 206587) 95630 Drive,Suite100,Folsom, Clalifornia 1 0 1Parkshore (9 ( 9 1 6 )6 0 8 - 3 0 6 5F a c s i m i l e : 1 6 )6 0 8 - 3 0 6 6 , Telephone: A L I , I A N C E DEFENSEFTJND ( B r i a nW . R a u m N Y B a r N o . 2 8 5 6 1 0 2 ) * A J a m e s . C a m p b e l(lO H B a rN o . 0 0 8 1 5 0 1 ) * j campbell@,tcIlad/.org Arizona85260 Scottsdalc, North90th Street, 15100 'l'elephone: (480) 444-0028 (480) 444-0020, Facsimile: woRTIJ" DcNNts DANT-lN1'EIIvENoRS I{ot.L,tNc;s A r r o R N p v spon DsnoN and MARKA. JnNssclN, G a n J. KNtcur. MnRrtNF. GurtnRnEZ, - YEsoN 8. A Pnorgc'rMARRtActl.c(tv A P n o : p c ro p C e r . t t o R N IR E N E w A L * Adnrittcd huc'vict' pro 10 l1 12 DISTRICTCOURT U N I T E D STATES DI N O R T HE,RN STRICTOI].CALIFORNIA K R I S ' f I N M. PERRY, SANDRA B. S]'IER, J. P A U L T. KATAMI, andJEITFREY ZARITILLO. 2I -2292 VRW C A S I ]NO. O9.CV OF' DECLARATION RONALD OF IN P R E N T I C E SUPPORT DEPROPOFENDANT-INTERVENORS AND PROS I T I O N8 PROPONENTS OPPOSITECTMARRIAGE.COM'S T I O N TO PLAINTIFFS'MOTION F O R LEAVE TO REOPENTHE DEP O S I T I O NOF RONALD PRENTICE 22 L) PlaintifTs, V. 1A L1 A R N O L D SCHWARZENEGGER, in his official c a p a c i t yas Governorof California; EDMUND G . BROWN, JR., in his official capacityas Att o r n e y Generalof California; MARK B. HORT O N , in his official capacityas Directorof the C a l i f o m i a Departmentof Public Health and State TO PLAINTIFFS OF IN PREN]'ICE SUPPORT DEFENDANI'-IN'IERNVENORS'OPPOSITION OI,'RONALD DIICLARATION VRW PRENI'ICE CASENO. O9-C]V-2292 OF DI]POSITION RONAI,D M O T I O N ' f OREOPEN Case3:09-cv-02292-VRW Document495 Filed01/20/10 Page2 of 4 1 2 R e g i s t r a rof Vital Statistics;LINETTE SCOTT, i n her official capacityas Deputy Director of H e a l t h Information& StrategicPlanningfor the C a l i f o r n i aDepartmentof Public Health; PAas T R I C K O'CONNELL,Tn his official capacity C l e r k - R e c o r d efor the County of Alameda;and r D E A N C. LOGAN, in his official capacityas R e g i s t r a r - R e c o r d e r / C o u nClerk for ty t h e Countyof Los Angeles, Defendants, and 8 P R O P O S I T I O N OFFICIAL PROPONENTS D E N N I SHOLLINGSWORTH,GAIL J. K N I G } I T , MAR'|IN F. GUTIERREZ, IIAKS H I N G WILLIAM'fAM, andMARK A. JANSS O N ; and PROTEC'fMARRIAGF,.COM YES CAI,IFORNIA REO N 8, A PROJEC'I'OF NEWAt,. antD ef-end I ntervenors. 12 1a IJ t4 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 L.) A d d i t i o n a lCounsellbr Del'cndant-lntcrvcnors A L L I A N C E DI'FENSE FLTND (CA Bar No. 234325) T i m o t h yChandler tchancller@teIIadf.or g l)rivo, Suite 100,Folsom,Calilbrnia95630 1 0 1Parksiiorc 1 : 5 T e l e p h o n:e(9 16) 932-28 0, Iiacsimile (9 I 6) 932-285 (DC Bar No. 385022)x W. J o r d a n Lorence A u s t i n R. Nimocks (TX Bar No. 24002695)'* o a n i mocks@teIIadf.' r g D.C. 20001 NW, Suite509,Washington, 8 0 1G Street (202) 393-8690,Facsimile (202) 347-3622 Telephone: * Admitted pro hac'vic'a 24 25 26 27 28 TO OF'DEI]ENDANI'-INTERNVENORS'OPPOSITION PLAINTII"}IS D E C L A R A T I O N OF RONALD PRENTICE IN SIJPPORT VII'W PRENTICECASENO. O9-CV-2292 OF DEPOSITION RONAI,D M O T I O N1'OREOPEN Case3:09-cv-02292-VRW Document495 Filed01/20/10 Page3 of 4 I pursuant 28 U.S.C. $ 1746: to makethe following declaration I , RonaldPrentice, hereinarebased 1 . I am a resident Californiaover l8 yearsof age,and my statements of knowledgeand if called as a witness,I could and would testify competentlythereto. o n personal my in to 2 . I submitthis declaration response Plaintiffs'Motion for Leaveto Reopen deat that was incorrect. Specifically, p o s i t i o nin orderto clarify certaintestimonyat my deposition "was thcrea stecring fcrr committee Protectto I m y deposition testifiedin response the question Decl.fl 3, Ex. B at97 4-13. While there Lazarus M a r r i a g e . c o mthat therewas not. See.lustice " or decision-making w a s no entityknown as a "steeringCommittee"that had managerial strategic thercwas there a u t h o r i t yover, was a groupof individuals(to my knowledge who would recciveinfbrmaCommittee to n e v e ra definedlist) that hasbeenreferred as a Steering t i o n aboutthe Campaignand ofI-crinfbrmation to the Campaignin return. I regretthat my lailurc to my caused testimony bc elaboration and provideappropriate t o recallthis groupat my deposition that anyoneotherthanthe ad i n c o r r c c t .It was not my intentionto misleadbut ratherto not suggesl to or commilteeof thc vendors whom ccrtainrcsponsibililies h o o executive lbr had h a dbeendelegated the authorityor ability to makedecisions the official Ycs on 8 Clamolthc StecringCommittceat my on p a i g n . F-ocusing that point, I failed to recallthe existence deposition. I testimony, alsomust placeit in context. I only 3 . While I sincerclyregretmy inaccuratc aboveone to recallusingthe term "steeringCommittee" rcfer to the groupdescribed personally t i m e , and I did not recallthat duringmy deposition.To the bestof my knowledgeand recollection, in I alsoonly participated one phonecall with this groupthat lastedmaybefifteenminuteswhile I 2 a -t A T 5 6 7 8 9 10 1l T2 1a IJ t4 l5 16 17 18 19 20 2l 22 z) 24 25 26 27 28 as w a s in an airport. I do not now, nor have I ever,thoughtof this group as a "steering Committee" but againl must acknowledgethat a group refenedto t h a t term is commonly usedand understood, b y that namedid exist and my testimonyto the contrarywas wfong. PLAIN'IIFFS OPPOSI'I'ION'IO OF IN OF D E C L A R A ' I I O N RONALDPRENTICE SUPPORT DEFENDANT-INTIiRNVENORS' VRW PRENTICECASI]NO' O9-CV-2292 OF RONAI,D DEPOSITION M O T I O NTO REOPEN Case3:09-cv-02292-VRW Document495 Filed01/20/10 Page4 of 4 I I d c c l l r c undi.ji[)clalt-vot'irt:r"jurt,tl',ai ti'i'cgoin! is 1:'uc ,lic and correct.and that this declaiii Califirrnirio't.lanuar\,:l(].-1010. r a t i ( ) nrviisc:{ccLlt,:cl Satt []ninc,sco. 2 -') 4 5 6 l 6 -t!t'..t j / i l r , i r i t l t l I )r c t i t i c e rr 9 I0 lt 12 la I -') l:+ t5 l6 t1 l/ l8 l9 20 lr 22 ^ j -l 1,1 :a 25 26 21 28 D t c l _ . \ R \ i i () \ o t i I { ( ) \ , \ t . i ) P I { t\ I i ( '.1( )Tl( ):\ j () Ill:()I)!::fr .l i \ 5r. PI)()i{l ol' Dt l ' F ' r [ ) \ N - i - l \ ' l F - t { \ ' , F ' r O I { S ' O P P C ) S l l ' l O NO P L . A I N 'IfF F S \ 2 \ I ( ' S l I t ( l f . ( ) F l t ( ) \ \ l , ) D I . ' . i r I l ( , - ( . ' . S r r O . { ) 9 - C V - 2 2 9V R W

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