Evenflow, Inc. v. Domains by Proxy, Inc.

Filing 442

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Evenflow, Inc. v. Domains by Proxy, Inc. Doc. 442 Exhibit A Dockets.Justia.com Articles Page 1 of 2 Articles on Parenting The following articles are written in Chinese. Most of them were published by Chinese Christian Herald. Please click on the link to view. Parenting Academics When children have problems with academics ..... Again Boy If only time can let them 'reboot' ...... The difficulties of boyhood ...... What your children are learning in college ...... Courage does not mean no fear ..... Develop your child's creativity ...... "Mom, when can I start dating?" The death of a marriage ........ Wise eating starts at young age ..... What's capturing your boy's heart? Gifted children needs special care, too ...... A good guy? A bad guy? Cause and prevention, an interview with Dr. Melvin Wong ...... College Courage Creativity Dating Divorce Food Games Gifted Harry Potter Homosexuality Let Go Let Go 2 Materialism Music New Age Obey Letting go with your child, a parent's toughest job ..... What? One more time? Yes, it is a learned behavior. It can be unlearned too ....... Know the music ...... Understand the New Age Movement, it's everywhere ...... Is it good if your children always obey you ? Are you fit for parenting? The problem with perfectionism ...... Train them in political wisdom ..... Don't use it on your family ...... Parenting Perfection Political Poisonous words Rebel Is it always bad if your children rebel against you ? Righteousness is a lost virtue; it's up to you to bring back to your family ..... Righteous Sad Let's share your saddness ...... http://billtam.homestead.com/articles.html 1/12/2010 Articles Page 2 of 2 Sc Fiction Scho ol s Sex safety Sleepy ssm_kids son Your child's fanatasy world of science ...... What's wrong with public schools? Protect your children from sexual perpetrator ...... A new generation of sleep-deprived youth ...... How same-sex marriage would harm our children ..... Like father, like son? Addicted to internet games ...... What happens to the society without God? True wisdom is hard to get ..... "Brokeback Mountain" breaks families See the status of some cream of the crop students Web games Without God Wisdom Brokeback Cream Click here to More articles: Science/creation, Relationships, Social issues, homosexual issues, etc. http://billtam.homestead.com/articles.html 1/12/2010

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