Intermec Technologies Corp. v. Palm, Inc.

Filing 517

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Exhibit A Monagas, Enrique A. From: Sent: To: Cc: Subject: Nicole Moss [] Sunday, January 24, 2010 8:25 AM Monagas, Enrique A.; David Thompson; Stroud, Andy; Pachter, Tamar; Martinez, Manuel; Kolm, Claude; Whitehurst, Judy; Dusseault, Christopher D.; Jeremy Goldman; Therese Stewart; Kapur, Theane Evangelis; Chuck Cooper; Howard Nielson; Pete Patterson; Garland Nagy; Margaret Barr; Jessica Bond RE: Jan. 26 Witnesses and Exhibits Counsel, DefendantIntervenors intend to call Frank Schubert as a witness on Tuesday, January 26th. We intend to introduce the following exhibits with Mr. Schubert to the extent they have not already been admitted: PX8, PX9, PX12, PX14, PX20, PX25, PX27, PX29, PX37, PX40, PX41, PX42, PX47 to PX49, PX52, PX55, PX56, PX63, PX65, PX69, PX75, PX79, PX80, PX82, PX87, PX88, PX90, PX93, PX94, PX95, PX96, PX97, PX98, PX100, PX101, PX102, PX116, PX119, PX123, PX126, PX129 to PX133, PX136, PX138, PX139, PX323, PX562, PX563, PX1529, PX1551, PX1552, PX1556, PX1557, PX1558, PX1567, PX1570, PX1762, PX1795, PX2150, PX2151, PX2431 DIX176, DIX342, DIX350, DIX524, DIX587, DIX1061, DIX1193 to DIX1199, DIX1374,DIX1376, DIX1382, DIX1412, DIX1494 to DIX1497, DIX1521 to 1525, DIX1541, DIX1542, DIX1959, DIX2308. Regards, Nicole Jo Moss Cooper & Kirk, P.L.L.C. 1523 New Hampshire Ave. N.W. Washington, D.C. 20013 9102708768 2024233237 (cell) 2022209602 (fax) 1

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