Gallion v. Apple, Inc

Filing 15

NOTICE of need for ADR Phone Conference (ADR L.R. 3-5 d) (Kralowec, Kimberly) (Filed on 6/29/2010)

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TED STATESDISTRICT COURT R T H E R N DISTRICT OF CALIFORNIA CharleneGallion, on behalf of hersel otherssimilarly situated, C A S ENO. cv 10-01610-RS tiff(s), v. A p p l e ,Inc,,a Califomiacorporation, D o e s1-100, inclusive, N O T I C E OF NEED FOR ADR PHONE CONFERENCE De report Counsel ,/ \ have theyhavemet and conferredregardingADR andthat they: to reachedan agreement an ADR process with a MagistrateJudge Conference requestEarly Settlement D d t eof CaseN n a g e m e n tConference IulY29,2010 in counsel i l l participate the ADR phoneconference: rrr{rottowing I Nafe Andrew Muhlbach. I arty Representing No. Phone E-Mail Address Jeff/ey L. F azio,representi g CharleneGallion, (925) 543-2555, t i n g Apple, Inc., (415)268-1221, A D R Local Rule 3-5 require that lead trial counselparticipate in a C i v i l Local Rule I6-8 i.tha memberof theADR Legal Staff beforethe CaseManagement conference telephone will Conference.TheAD U z i r (adr@cand.uscourts.goy) notifyyou of thedateand time of your p h o n econference. D a t e d : lune29,2Al0 J e f f r e yL. Fazio Attorney for Plaintiff D a t e d : Jvne29,2070 Andrew Muhlbach i s document ECF,pleasebe sureto use the ADR DocketEvententitled in (ADRL.R.3-5 d)." f o r ADR PhoneConference

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