McHale v. Silicon Valley Law Group

Filing 155

ORDER GRANTING re 153 JOINT Letter filed by Gerard A McHale, Jr regarding schedule for certain matters referenced in the 3/18/13 letter.. Signed by Judge Joseph C. Spero on 3/21/13. (klhS, COURT STAFF) (Filed on 3/21/2013)

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GOLENBOGK`EISEMAN ASSOR BELL & PESKOE«P Attorneys at Law 1.437 Madison Ave., New York, NY 10022-7020 T (212) 907-7300 I F (212) 754-0330 ~ ~• DiRECrDias No.: f2 / 2) 907 -734 DiRECr Fax No.: (2 / 21 754-0330 EMAIL ADDRESS:MDEVORKIN~GOLEN~OCK. COM March 20, 2013 E-FILED, VIA EMAIL Magistrate Judge Joseph C. Spero United States District Court for the Northern District of California San Francisco Courthouse Courtroom G, 15~` Floor 45D Golden Gate Avenue San Francisco, GA 94110. Re: McHale v .Silicon Valley Law Group, Case No. C 10-04864. (JCS) Dear Judge Spero: As directed by the Court,Iam writing on behalf of the plaintiff and the defendant in the above=referenced matter to set forth our joint proposed schedule fog certain matters, including those referenced in my March 18, .2013, letter April 11 f '~ Deposition of Mr. Lubin in San Francisco, starting at 8:30 a.m. if by videoconference and by 9:30 if counsel for tie plaintiff is present in San Francisco April. l6 Park es to complete meet and confer on and before this date concerning revisions to jury instruction (except for damages instructions), and to submit revised instructions and briefs thereon by May 6. Parties to meet and confer re damages instructions and submit to Court on a date to be agxeed after Court makes any further rulings on Mr. Burr and damages. Apri129 Plaintiffs brief on Burr/damages. May 6 ~7efendant's brief on burr/damages. May 6 Parties to submit revised jury instructions and briefs thereon. May 6 Parties to exchange and withdrawals of objections to other side's deposition designations. GOLENBOCK E[SEMAN -ASSOR BEI.:t & PESKOEuP ; 1v1a~s~r~te Judge JQSeph C. Spero March 20, 20 ~ Page 2 May 24 Parties to submit respective revised binders of deposition designations. May 24 Plaintiffs brief, if any,, directed to testimony of Mr. Lubin: May 24 Defendant's brief in response to any plaintiff's brief directed to testimony of Mr. Lubin. Thank you for-your. consideration. Respec lly, _~ Michael S. Devorkin Clerk of the Court (Via email) Debra Sturmer, Esq. (counsel for defendant, via email) Jerome Lerch, Esq. (counsel for defendant, via email) Jacqueline Veit, Esq. Judge Jo RT Spero A H ER seph C. R NIA NO 1739469.1 ERED O ORD IT IS S FO UNIT ED ISTRIC ES D TC AT T RT U O S Dated: 3/21/13 LI cc: N F D IS T IC T O R C

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