Williams v. City Of Oakland et al

Filing 37

STIPULATION AND ORDER TO EXTEND MEDIATION DEADLINE re 35 Stipulation filed by City Of Oakland, Anthony W. Batts (whalc2, COURT STAFF) (Filed on 10/31/2011)

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1 BARBARA J. PARKER, City Attorney - State Bar #069722 RANDOLPH W. HALL, Chief Assistant City Attorney - State Bar #080142 2 WILLIAM E. SIMMONS, Supervising Trial Attorney - State Bar #121266 ARLENE M. ROSEN, Senior Deputy City Attorney - State Bar #100160 3 One Frank H. Ogawa Plaza, 6th Floor Oakland, California 94612 4 Telephone: (510) 238-6392, Fax: (510) 238-6500 E-Mail: arosen@oaklandcityattorney.org 5 27827/863053 6 Attorneys for Defendants, CITY OF OAKLAND, et al. 7 8 JOHN L. BURRIS, ESQ. – State Bar #69888 LAW OFFICES OF JOHN L. BURRIS 9 7677 Oakport Street, Suite 1120 Oakland, California 94621 10 Telephone: (510) 839-5200, Fax: (510) 839-3882 E-Mail: john.burris@johnburrislaw.com 11 GAYLA B. LIBET, ESQ., State Bar #109173 12 LAW OFFICES OF GAYLA B. LIBET 486 41st Street, #3 13 Oakland, CA 94609 Telephone & Fax: (510) 420-0324 14 E-Mail: glibet@sbcglobal.net 15 Attorneys for Plaintiff 16 UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT 17 NORTHERN DISTRICT OF CALIFORNIA 18 19 JIMMY WILLIAMS, Case No. C-10-05266 WHA 20 Plaintiff, 21 v. STIPULATION AND [PROPOSED] ORDER TO EXTEND MEDIATION DEADLINE 22 CITY OF OAKLAND, a governmental entity; ANTHONY W. BATTS, in his capacity as Chief of 23 Police for CITY OF OAKLAND; and, DOES 1-25, inclusive, individually, and in their capacity as 24 police officers for CITYY OF OAKLAND, 25 Defendant(s). 26 STIPULATION AND [PROPOSED] ORDER TO EXTEND MEDIATION DEADLINE 1 C10-05266 WHA It is hereby stipulated by the parties, through their respective counsel, that the 1 2 deadline for completion of mediation be extended to a date no later than November 18, 3 2011. 4 Good cause exists for this continuance on the grounds that plaintiff has been 5 unable to effect service of the summons and first amended complaint on defendant 6 Delmar Tompkins and service of summons and the first amended complaint on the other 7 newly named officer defendants was not confirmed until plaintiff filed proofs of service on 8 September 8, 2011. Appearance and presence of all defendant officers at mediation 9 would enhance its fruitfulness. 10 Dated: September 15, 2011 11 OFFICE OF THE CITY ATTORNEY OF OAKLAND By://s//ARLENE M. ROSEN ARLENE M. ROSEN Senior Deputy City Attorney Attorneys for Defendants City Of Oakland, et al. 12 13 14 Dated: September 15, 2011 LAW OFFICES OF JOHN L. BURRIS 15 By: //s//JOHN L. BURRIS______________________ JOHN L. BURRIS Attorneys for Plaintiff Jimmy Williams 16 17 18 [PROPOSED] ORDER 19 20 Good cause appearing therefor, 21 IT IS HEREBY ORDERED that the deadline for completion of mediation in 22 this matter be extended to a date no later than November 18, 2011. 23 Dated: ____________ October 31, 2011. 24 _____________________________ UNITEDAlsup William STATES DISTRICT JUDGE 25 UNITED STATES DISTRICT JUDGE 26 STIPULATION AND [PROPOSED] ORDER TO EXTEND MEDIATION DEADLINE -2- C10-05266 WHA

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