Jackson v. Fischer et al

Filing 50

ORDER GRANTING 49 Stipulation Extending Time to Respond to Complaint. Signed by Judge JEFFREY S. WHITE on 10/18/11. (jjoS, COURT STAFF) (Filed on 10/18/2011)

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Case3:11-cv-02753-JSW Document49 Filed10/17/11 Page1 of 4 KAUFMAN LLC ALAN H. KAUFMAN 2 445 Park Avenue New York, New York 10022 3 Telephone: 646-820-6550 Facsimile: 646-820-6568 4 Appearing Pro Hac Vice 1 5 6 7 8 9 SHEPPARD, MULLIN, RICHTER & HAMPTON LLP A Limited Liability Partnership Including Profesional Corporations ROBERT J. SI UMPF, JR., Cal. Bar No. 72851 rstumpf@sheppardmullin.com Four Embarcadero Center, 17th Floor San Francisco, California 94111-4109 Telephone: 415-434-9100 Facsimile: 415-434-3947 10 Attorneys for Plaintiff Suzanne D. Jackson 1 12 UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT 13 NORTHERN DISTRICT OF CALIFORNIA 14 15 SUZANNE D. JACKSON, Plaintiff, 16 17 Case No. CV 11-2753 JSW V. 8 WILLIAM FISCHER, JON SABES, STEVEN SABES, DAVID GOLDSTEEN, 19 MARVIN SIEGEL, BRIAN CAMPION, LONNIE BOOKBINDER, CHETAN 20 NARSUDE, MANI KOOLASURIYA, JOSHUA ROSEN, UPPER ORBIT, LLC, 21 SPECIGEN, INC., PEER DREAMS INC., NOTEBOOKZ INC., ILEONARDO.COM 22 INC., NEW MOON LLC, MONVIA LLC, and SAZANI BEACH HOTEL, 23 Defendant. 24 STIPULATION AND [PROPOSED] ORDER EXTENDING TIME TO RESPOND TO COMPLAINT; DECLARATION OF ROBERT J. STUMPF IN SUPPORT THEREOF 25 26 27 28 V02-WEST:5DAS I \ 404053354. I STIPULATION AND [PROPOSED] ORDER EXTENDING TIME Case3:11-cv-02753-JSW Document49 Filed10/17/11 Page2 of 4 Plaintiff Suzanne Jackson ("Plaintiff'), by and through her counsel, and defendant Brian Campion ("Campion"), pro se, subject to the Court's approval, stipulate as follows: 4 5 WHEREAS, on or about August 27, 2011, Campion was personally served P aintiffs complaint and summons; 6 WHLRLAS, Plaintiff and Campion have already stipulak:d to an extension 7 of time to answer or otherwise respond to the complaint to October 11, 2011 (sec Doc. # 32); WHEREAS, Plaintiff has previously agreed to cx ,,21id time to answer or 10 otherwise respond to the complaint to October 11, 201 1 for defendants Marvin Siegel, Jon Sabes, Steven Sabes, Chetan Narsude, Mani Kulasooriga, Monvia, LLC, David Goldsteen, William Fischer and Upper Orbit LLC; WHEREAS, Campion has newly requested an extension of time to answer or 14 otherwise respond to the complaint to October 28, 2011; 5 WHEREAS, Plaintiff has agreed to extend Campion's time to answer or 16 otherwise respond to the complaint to October 28, 2011; 17 NOW THEREFORE, IT IS HEREBY STIPULATED AND AGREED BY 18 AND BETWEEN THE PARTIES that, subject to the Court's approval, defendant Campion 19 shall answer or otherwise respond to the complaint on or before October 28, 2011. 20 Dated: October 11-, 2011 Brian Campion 2 22 Dated: October 14, 2011 23 24 25 /s/ Robert J. Stumpf Robert J. Stumpf SHEPPARD MULLIN ET AL. Attorneys for Plaintiff Suzarme Jackson PURSUANT TO STIPULATION, IT IS SO 0 ERED 26 27 Dated: October 182011 , 28 T e Hon. Jeffrey S.

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