Telswitch, Inc. v. Billing Solutions Incorporated et al

Filing 110

ORDER RESETTING FURTHER CMC TO 4/25/13. Case Management Statement due by 4/18/2013. Further Case Management Conference set for 4/25/2013 10:30 AM in Courtroom 5, 17th Floor, San Francisco.. Signed by Judge Edward M. Chen on 3/15/13. (bpf, COURT STAFF) (Filed on 3/15/2013)

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1 Eric J. Sinrod (SBN 122868) Suzanne R. Fogarty (SBN 154319) 2 E.J. Kim (SBN 250062) DUANE MORRIS LLP 3 One Market, Spear Tower, Suite 2200 San Francisco, CA 94105-1104 4 Telephone: 415.957.3000 Facsimile: 415.957.3001 5 E-Mail: 6 Joshua A. Ridless (SBN 195413) Eugene Y. Kim (SBN 253113) Ridless Law Office 244 California Street, Suite 300 San Francisco, CA 94111 Telephone: 415.614.2600 Facsimile: 415.480.1398 E-Mail: 7 Attorneys for Defendants and Counter-Claimants, BILLING SOLUTIONS INCORPORATED, SEAN 8 DUNLEA, TIM PORTLEY, DARIO J. SAAL, and SAAL CONSULTING INC. 9 Attorneys for Plaintiff and CounterDefendants, TELSWITCH, INC., AARON WOOLFSON, JERRY MERKT, and MERKT-WOOLFSON 10 UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT 11 12 13 14 15 NORTHERN DISTRICT OF CALIFORNIA Case No. CV 12 0172 EMC TELSWITCH, INC., Plaintiff, v. BILLING SOLUTIONS INCORPORATED, an 16 Illinois corporation, SEAN DUNLEA, an individual, TIM PORTLEY, an individual, DARIO J. SAAL, an 17 individual, SAAL CONSULTING INC., a Florida corporation and DOES ONE THROUGH 18 TWENTY, inclusive, Defendants. 19 JOINT CASE MANAGEMENT CONFERENCE STATEMENT Date: Time: Dept.: March 21, 2013 10:30 a.m. 5 – 17th Floor The Honorable Edward M. Chen 20 21 BILLING SOLUTIONS INCORPORATED, an Illinois corporation, SEAN DUNLEA, an individual, 22 and TIM PORTLEY, an individual, 23 24 Counter-claimants, v. 25 TELSWITCH, INC., MERKT-WOOLFSON, AARON WOOLFSON, JERRY MERKT and ROES 26 1-50 27 Counter-defendants. 28 1 JOINT CASE MANAGEMENT STATEMENT, CV 12 0172 EMC 1 Plaintiff and Counter-Defendant TelSwitch, Inc. (“TelSwitch”) and Counter-Defendants 2 Merkt-Woolfson, Aaron Woolfson and Jerry Merkt (collectively, “Plaintiff/Counter-Defendants”) 3 and Defendants Billings Solutions, Inc. (“BSI”), Sean Dunlea, Tim Portley, Dario Saal and Saal 4 Consulting (collectively, “Defendants”), and Counter-Claimants BSI, Sean Dunlea, and Tim Portley 5 (collectively, “Counter-Claimants) and collectively with Plaintiff/Counter-Defendants, the 6 (“Parties”) hereby submit this joint report. THE PARTIES’ JOINT STATEMENT 7 8 The Parties are engaged in settlement negotiations and hope to have a settlement agreement 9 finalized before the currently scheduled March 21, 2013 Case Management Conference. In light of 10 these pending negotiations, the Parties jointly request that the Court continue the Case Management 11 Conference for 30 days. The Parties also jointly request that the Court hold off on ruling on 12 Defendants’ Motion for Summary Judgment until the Parties provide a further report on the outcome 13 of settlement negotiations. 14 RIDLESS LAW OFFICE 15 16 17 DATED: March 14, 2013 /s/ Joshua A. Ridless Attorneys for Plaintiff and Counter-Defendants, TELSWITCH, INC., MERKT-WOOLFSON, AARON WOOLFSON and JERRY MERKT 18 19 DUANE MORRIS LLP 20 21 22 DATED: March 14, 2013 s/ Eric J. Sinrod Attorneys for Defendants and Counter-Claimants, BILLING SOLUTIONS INCORPORATED, SEAN DUNLEA, TIM PORTLEY, DARIO J. SAAL, and SAAL CONSULTING INC. 23 24 R NIA NO 2 . Chen dward M JOINT CASE MANAGEMENT STATEMENT, CV 12 0172 EMC H ER FO LI RT Judge E A 28 ISTRIC ES D T T C ____________________ TA Edward M. Chen ERED O ORD IT U.S. District Judge ISSSMODIFIED A RT U O 27 S 26 IT IS SO ORDERED that the Further CMC is reset to 4/25/13 at 10:30 a.m. An updated joint cmc statement shall be filed by 4/18/13. UNIT ED 25 N F D IS T IC T O R C

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