Ross Weintraub v. Elon Musk et al

Filing 1

COMPLAINT against All Defendants ( Filing fee $ 400, receipt number 0971-8706450.). Filed byRoss Weintraub. (Attachments: # 1 Civil Cover Sheet)(Alexander, Vahn) (Filed on 6/18/2014)

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(SEE INSTRUCTIONS ON NEXT PAGE OF THIS FORM.) Ross Weintraub, Derivatively on Behalf of Nominal Defendant Tesla Motors, Inc. Montgomery County, PA Elon Musk, Brad W. Buss, Ira Ehrenpreis, Antonio J. Gracias, Steve Jurvetson, Harald Kroeger, Kimbal Musk, and Tesla Motors, Inc. (as nominal defendant) Santa Clara County, CA (EXCEPT IN U.S. PLAINTIFF CASES) (IN U.S. PLAINTIFF CASES ONLY) (If Known) (Firm Name, Address, and Telephone Number) Vahn Alexander (167373), The Alexander Firm P.C., 1875 Century Park East, Suite 700, Los Angeles, CA 90067, Tel: (310) 407-5335 (Place an “X” in One Box Only) (Place an “X” in One Box for Plaintiff and One Box for Defendant) (For Diversity Cases Only) (U.S. Government Not a Party) or and (Indicate Citizenship of Parties in Item III) (Place an “X” in One Box Only) (Place an “X” in One Box Only) (specify) (Do not cite jurisdictional statutes unless diversity) 28 U.S.C. §1332 Breach of Fiduciary Duty (See instructions): Hon. Charles R. Breyer /s/Vahn Alexander 06/18/2014 IX. DIVISIONAL ASSIGNMENT (Civil L.R. 3-2) ✔ 13-cv-05216-CRB

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