Transcend Insights, Inc v. Healogics, Inc.

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STIPULATION AND ORDER re 19 Second Stipulation To Extend Time For Defendant to File an Initial Response To Plaintiffs Complaint and For Plaintiff to Respond to Defendants Initial Response filed by Healogics, Inc. Signed by Judge Edward M. Chen on 9/13/17. (bpfS, COURT STAFF) (Filed on 9/13/2017)

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1 J. MICHAEL KEYES - SBN 262281 2 DORSEY & WHITNEY LLP Columbia Center 3 701 Fifth Avenue, Suite 6100 Seattle, WA 98104-7043 4 Telephone: (206) 903-8800 Facsimile: (206) 903-8820 5 Attorney for Defendant 6 Healogics, Inc. 7 UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT 8 NORTHERN DISTRICT OF CALIFORNIA 9 AT SAN FRANCISCO 10 12 13 14 CASE NO. 3:17-CV-04068-EMC TRANSCEND INSIGHTS, INC., 11 Plaintiff, [PROPOSED] ORDER GRANTING SECOND STIPULATION TO EXTEND TIME FOR DEFENDANT TO FILE AN INITIAL RESPONSE TO PLAINTIFF’S COMPLAINT AND FOR PLAINTIFF TO RESPOND TO DEFENDANT’S INITIAL RESPONSE v. HEALOGICS, INC., Defendant. 15 16 Complaint served: July 21, 2017 Current response due: Sept. 11, 2017 New response due: October 11, 2017 17 18 19 20 21 THIS MATTER came before the Court upon the Stipulation of Defendant 22 Healogics, Inc. (“Defendant”) and Plaintiff Transcend Insights, Inc. (“Plaintiff”) 23 (Defendant and Plaintiff, collectively, the “Parties”), to grant Defendant an additional 24 extension of time of 30 days, from September 11, 2017 through and including 25 October 11, 2017, within which to attempt to settle this action before filing and 26 serving its initial response to Plaintiff’s Complaint (“Complaint”) on file in this 27 action. 28 [PROPOSED] ORDER GRANTING SECOND STIPULATION TO EXTEND DEADLINE TO ANSWER CASE NO. 3:17-CV-04068-EMC -1- 1 The Parties further stipulate that in the event the Parties do not settle, and 2 Defendant’s response consists of a motion to stay, transfer or dismiss this Action, 3 than an answer, Plaintiff shall have 30 days in which to file its opposition hereto. 4 The Court, having reviewed the Stipulation of the Parties and Declaration in 5 support thereof, and for good cause shown, hereby orders as follows: 6 7 1. Defendant shall file and serve its response to Plaintiff’s Complaint no later than October 11, 2017. 8 2. In the event that Defendant’s response to the Complaint consists of a 9 motion to stay, transfer or dismiss the action, Plaintiff shall have 30 days 10 from the date such motion is filed and served in which to file its opposition 11 or other response thereto. 12 IT IS SO ORDERED. 13 13th September Executed on this ____ day of _________________, 2017. UNIT ED 17 20 21 22 23 Edward n M. Che Attorney for Defendant Healogics, Inc. LI FO Judge s/ J. Michael Keyes s/ Angela L. Dunning J. MICHAEL KEYES ANGELA L. DUNNING ER C N SBN 262281 OF D I S T SBN 212047 RICT DORSEY & WHITNEY LLP Cooley LLP Columbia Center 3175 Hanover Street 701 Fifth Avenue, Suite 6100 Palo Alto, CA 94304-1130 Seattle, WA 98104-7043 Telephone: (650) 843-5000 Telephone: (206) 903-8800 Facsimile: (650) 849-7400 Facsimile: (206) 903-8820 A H 19 EDWARD M. CHEN RT 18 ERED HONORABLE STEVEN J. MURA O ORD IT IS S R NIA 16 Presented by: NO 15 ISTRIC ES D TC AT T RT U O S 14 Attorney for Plaintiff Transcend Insights, Inc. 24 25 Filer’s Attestation: Pursuant to Civil Local Rule 5-1(i)(3) regarding signatures, J. Michael Keyes hereby attests that concurrence in the filing of this document has been obtained from all 26 signatories listed above. 27 28 By: J. Michael Keyes J. Michael Keyes . [PROPOSED] ORDER GRANTING SECOND STIPULATION TO EXTEND DEADLINE TO ANSWER CASE NO. 3:17-CV-04068-EMC -2-

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