State of California et al v. Trump et al

Filing 11

Application for Refund, Receipt Number 26FGOHCE by Commonwealth of Virginia, Dana Nessel, State of California, State of Colorado, State of Connecticut, State of Delaware, State of Hawaii, State of Illinois, State of Maine, State of Maryland, State of Minnesota, State of Nevada, State of New Jersey, State of New Mexico, State of New York, State of Oregon. (Sherman, Lee) (Filed on 2/19/2019)

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Case 3:19-cv-00872-EDL Document 11 Filed 02/19/19 Page 1 of 1 Reset Form CAND Application for Refund (rev. 5/17) UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT NORTHERN DISTRICT OF CALIFORNIA APPLICATION FOR REFUND (USDC-CAND PAY.GOV) PAY.GOV TRANSACTION DETAILS IMPORTANT: Complete all required fields (shown in red*); otherwise, your request may be denied and require resubmission. In fields 3-7, enter the information for the incorrect transaction (the one for which you are requesting a refund), not the correct transaction that appears on the docket. This information can be found in the screen receipt or confirmation email. 1. Your Name:* James Zahradka 8. Your Phone Number: (510) 879-1247 2. Your Email Address: * 9. Full Case Number (if applicable): 3:19-cv-00872-EDL 3. Tracking ID Number:* 26FGOHCE ✔ 4. Agency Tracking ID Number:* 0971- 13100723 10. Fee Type:* 5. Transaction Date:* 02/18/2019 6. Transaction Time:* 7:36 pm Attorney Admission Civil Case Filing FTR Audio Recording Notice of Appeal Pro Hac Vice Writ of Habeas Corpus 7. Transaction Amount (Amount to be refunded):* $ 400.00 11. Reason for Refund Request:* Explain in detail what happened to cause duplicate charges or no fee required. For a duplicate charge, provide the correct and Agency Tracking numbers in this field. If you paid a filing fee in an abandoned case number, note that case number here (but e-file the refund request in the open case). This is a duplicate charge for opening this case which we incurred accidentally when there appeared to be a glitch in the initial attempt to file. Correct info: Tracking ID: 26FGOHJ5 Agency Tracking ID: 0971-13100729 Efile this form using OTHER FILINGS OTHER DOCUMENTS APPLICATION FOR REFUND. View detailed instructions at: For assistance, contact the ECF Help Desk at 1-866-638-7829 or Monday -Friday 9:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. FOR U.S. DISTRICT COURT USE ONLY Refund request: Approved Denied Denied Resubmit amended application (see reason for denial) Approval/denial date: Request approved/denied by: refund tracking ID refunded: Agency refund tracking ID number: 0971- Date refund processed: Refund processed by: Reason for denial (if applicable): Referred for OSC date (if applicable):

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