United States Fidelity and Guaranty Company et al v. The Scott Companies, Inc. et al

Filing 413

STIPULATION AND ORDER CONTINUING 3/23/11 HEARING ON PLAINTIFFS' MOTION FOR ORDER TO SELL re 412 Stipulation, filed by St. Paul Medical Liability Insurance Company, Fidelity & Guaranty Insurance Co., United States Fidelity and Guaranty Company, Joseph Anthony Guglielmo, St. Paul Fire and Marine Insurance Company. Signed by Judge Edward M. Chen on 3/10/11. (bpf, COURT STAFF) (Filed on 3/10/2011)

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United States Fidelity and Guaranty Company et al v. The Scott Companies, Inc. et al Doc. 413 1 rVatt, Teder,llofar & Fitzgerald, L.L.P. lt '3 4 5 Michael G. Long, BarNo. 129771 mlong@wthf.com David R. Johnson. Bar No. i74883 Telephono: djohnson@wthf.m 2040 Main Street, Suite 300 hvine, CL 92674 949-852-6700 949-261-0771 Facsimile: o 7 Attomels for Plaintiffs I 9 10 UNITED STATES DiSTRICT COURT NORTI{ERN DISTRICT OF CALIFORNIA SAN FRANCISCO DIVIS]ON ii 1.2 UNITED STATES FIDELITY AND GU.AIANTY COMPANY, et a1., Flaintffs, Case No. CV-03-5376- SBA cv-06-5s90-EMC 13 STII]LATION TO CONTINUE'THE MR.CH 23,2011 CONTINUED IIEATTING ON PLA]NTIFFS'MOTION FOR ORDT,R TO SELL SECURTTMS TO PARTI,E.LLY SATISFY PI-INTIFFS' JT]DGMENT AGAINST JOSEPH GUGLIELMO; IPROPOSED] ORDER TEEREON 14 v. 15 TIIE SCOTT COMPANIES, lNC., et al., 16 Defendats. T7 'to t9 20 21 Date: Time: Judge: March 23, 2011 10:30 a.m. Magistrate Edward M. Chen Couoom: C-15fh Floor Plaitiffs United Stafes Fdelity and Guaranty Company, Fidelity and Guaranty Insurance Company, St, Paul File and Marine Insurance Company and St. Paui Medicl Liability Insurance .22 23 Company (collectively, "St. Paul;) and Jdgrnent Debtor Joseph Guglielmo ('Guglieliro'), ihrough their respective counsel, hereby stipulate and agree as follows: WHEREAS: 25 26 A, St. Paul's Motion for Orde to Sell Secwities to Partially Satisfy Plantiffs' ('Motion') yas hear{ b thi.s Court on January 4, 2011 at Judgnent Against Joseph Guglielrno about 10:30 a.m. or 27 Coml'lur HEArNc ot Pr-ttNTrFlT' Mo IoN roR ORDER To SELL SEcuRtrIFs AND [PRoposErr] ORDm cv{3-5376-58A CV-05590-.EMC Dockets.Justia.com 1 B. in its Jariuary 11, 201 1 Order on the Mofion ('Schwab Accnt Ords'), e Cout 2 3 ordered that hfornation regarding a cedain account maintaine.d by Guglielrno at Chales Schwab & Co., Inc, be exchaged v/ith briefing regarding Guglielmo's St. Paul. Further, the Court ordered that the parties submit futher for the funds on February i 6, 201 1, and set a ::. ,. . 4 5 neecl ftrther hearing regrding Plaintiffs' Motion on Febnt ary 23 , 2011 , 7 .... . -.-.-Q--. ...-o,ttlv.ery.l4,.29ll,,.SJ,,Paulcct|9ueliplns provide certain aloclrnents and information pertqrg t9 ni, 2011 in accordance with the Schwab Account Order a tlsjsq}alldils.t}l Glis-lip-lsle $ng.c.tat condition by January 28, I ('Si. Paul Letter Demand"). I i0 D. Thereafter, St. Paul and Guglielmo began disoussing the possible resolution of their dspute. To allow fo thoir discussion to progress, St. Pal $eed fo contnue tire briefing r-egarding Gugliekno's need for ihe fimds to March 9, 20i 1 and the hearing on St. Paul's Moiion ii T2 13 to Mach 23,2O7I. The Court agreed to the continued dates (Case No. CV-06-5590'EMC, Docket No. 97 and Case No. CV-03-5376-SB, Docket No. 410). t4 15 16 17 18 19 E. if St. P4ul arid Gugtielmo are presently aotively engaged in disoussions whicJr may, successful, ultimately resolve the entire dispute between them, and thereby obviate the ueed for the infonnation sought ia the St. Paul Le(ter Demand, the addtional submjssions to ad the continued hearing on tlre WIIER-EF'ORE, tlis Coud Motion. i!r , To allovs St. Paul ad Guglielmo to complete fheir urnecessarily incurring addilional expenses and discussions without potentialiy unnecessarly ')(\ 21 to avoid the potentia]ly expendflre ofthe resouces ofthis Courl St. Paul and GuglieLao agree to continue: 22 1r..: days (to The hearingronr st ?aril'drMiitin :ni'Ivlirch 27 ,2011), as +he z; 2011'by thirty-five (35) n 24 25 26 2'.1 April Court's calendar may permit; Z. St- Paul's and Guglielmo's submission of additional briefing in accordance with the Cout's Schwab Account Order from March 9,2011 to trvo (2) weeks before the contaued hearing date on the Motion (to April 13, 201 i); ard 28 WATT/TI!DER, Fn.zcERALD, L.L,?. STrpuL ToN To CoNl'rNuEMArc$23,201 I CoNTINUED IIERING oN PT,INIIFFE, MoTIoN I.OR OER To SELL S EcuRIIIFs AND [PRo?osED] O!ER -2 - cv-03-s3?6sBA cv.o6.559o-EMc 1 3, The deadline for.Guglielmo to provide.tq St.. Paul the dooumonlation and 2 3 information demanded by SL Paul it its Sl Paul Letter Demand to thirty (30) days before the hearing (approxmately March 28, 2011)- 4 5 IT IS SO STIPULATED. nated: tracn Q . zol r 7 8 & FTTZGERAI,D, L,L.P. 9 10 Dated: March 11 ,{ . 201 I LAV/ OFFICES OF JAMES M. SU].LIVAN, INC. 72 13 14 15 i6 17 18 19 20 21 22 J 24 25 tti 2- 28 l roN m CoNTNU M,{.RCH 23,201I C0NTINUED lE^Rn'c oN Prn]rFls' MoTIoN ot ORDrR To SELL SEcUR],lrEs [PRoosEo] OnDER cv-03-5376-sBA CV-06.5590-EMC ^ND I 2 3 ORDER After colsidering the Stlation of the parties, and god oause existing therefore, IT lS HEREBY ORDERED TIAT: 4 5 6. '1 1. The hearing on St. Paul's Motion is cntnuecl Aom Apri1 22, 201 1 at 10:30 May 4 3:00 a.m. to , 2011 aI _a.m-/p.m.; . :_,2,_. '.&e-4944lisp-fpr.-11..q4.e4-9-c1'_d'nq-!g $1lit4!rqil$_rip-fie_1 accordance with the Court's Jaary March 23, 2011 I1, 20i1 Schwab Accout Ordcr is continued from I 10 March 9, 2011 to April 20 ,201I. 3. The deadline for GugLielmo to provide to St. Paul tle documenttion and l1 T2 13 information dema:eded April 4 by St. Paul in its St. paul Letter Demad js S DISTRICT TE C TA 2011. IT TS SO ORDERED RT U O l4 15 .16 Dated: _ March 10 _,2011 l7 20 /)1 N F D IS T IC T O R 22 23 24 25 26 27 LSVEAS WTr, TEEi, FrrzcRArD, L.l.-Ir STrpuLA')oN 702_l i01319.001 m Co̡rD'uE MACH 23, 201 I CoNTTNUED HErNc oN PtrNrFFs' MooN FoR ORDERTo SELL SEcuB.rEs [RoposED] OnER ^l$D cv-03-5376-5BA CV,06-5590-EMC I A 19 ER C LI FO dwa Judge E rd M. C hen R NIA D RDERE IS SO O FIED IT MAGISTRATE JUDGE I DEDV/RD M- CHBN AS MO NO UNIT ED S RT H

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