Google Inc. v. Netlist, Inc.

Filing 78

Minute Entry: Tutorial Hearing held on 11/12/2009 before Saundra Brown Armstrong (Date Filed: 11/12/2009), Claims Construction / Markman Hearing held on 11/12/2009 before Saundra Brown Armstrong (Date Filed: 11/12/2009), Further Case Management Conference held on 11/12/2009 before Saundra Brown Armstrong (Date Filed: 11/12/2009), Scheduling Conference held on 11/12/2009 before Saundra Brown Armstrong (Date Filed: 11/12/2009). 7 Day Jury Trial set for 11/1/2010 08:30 AM in Courtroom 1, 4th Floor, Oakland. Pretrial Conference set for 10/19/2010 01:00 PM in Courtroom 1, 4th Floor, Oakland. Fact Discovery cutoff 3/30/2010; Expert Discovery Cutoff 5/17/2010. Plaintiff name experts by 4/15/2010; Defendant name experts by 4/30/2010. Dispositive Motion hearing cutoff date is 7/27/2010 at 1:00pm. Pretria Papers due 9/21/2010. Motions in Limine filed 9/28/2010; responses to Motions in Limine by 10/5/2010. Referred to Magistrate for Mandatory Settlement Conference to be held in August 2010. Parties agree to private mediation.(Court Reporter Raynee Mercado.) (fs, COURT STAFF) (Date Filed: 11/12/2009)

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UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT NORTHERN DISTRICT OF CALIFORNIA HEARING AND CIVIL CASE MANAGEMENT CONFERENCE MINUTES TIME IN HEARING:9:07am-10:54am; 11:15am-1:43pm; 12:55pm-2:07pm *Total: 5 hours and 22 min Case Management: 2:07pm-2:35pm *Total : 28 min Date: November 12, 2009 C-08-4144-SBA JUDGE: SAUNDRA BROWN ARMSTRONG Title: Google Inc. vs. Netlist, Inc. Atty.: Plt: Howard Pollack Shelly Mack Expert for Tutorial: Desi Rhoden Deft: Adrian Pruetz Steven Hansen Expert for Tutorial: Martin Waugh Deputy Clerk: Frances Stone for Lisa R. Clark Court Reporter: Raynee Mercado PROCEEDINGS Plt DFT ( ) ( ) 1.Tutorial for Claim Construction Hearing- HELD 2. Claim Construction Hearing- HELD 3. Further Case Management Conference- HELD (not reported) ( ) Motion(s) ( ) Granted ( ) Denied ( ) Off Calendar ( ) Granted/Part ( ) Denied/Part ( ) Submitted ( ) Order to be prepared by ( ) Plaintiff ( )Deft (X ) Court RESULT OF CASE MANAGEMENT CONFERENCE Case Continued to for Motion Hearing Brief Sched. Motion papers by Opposition by Reply by General Discovery Cut-off 3/30/2010 Expert Discovery Cut-off 5/17/2010 Plft to name Experts by 4/15/2010 Deft to name Experts by 4/30/2010 All Dispositive Motions to be heard by ( Motion Cut-off)7/27/2010 at 1:00pm Case Continued to 10/19/2010 for Pretrial Conference at 1:00 p.m. Pretrial Papers Due 9/21/2010 Motions in limine/objections to evidence due9/28/2010 Responses to motions in limine and/or responses to objections to evidence due 10/5/2010 Case Continued to 11/1/2010 for Trial(Jury: 7 Days) at 8:30 a.m. ( X ) REFERRED TO MAGISTRATE for Mandatory SETTLEMENT CONFERENCE TO BE HELD IN AUGUST 2010 ( ) REFERRED TO MAGISTRATE TO BE ASSIGNED FOR ALL DISCOVERY MATTERS Notes: Parties agree to Private Mediation cc: Lisa Clark

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