Pugh et al v. Doctors Medical Center et al

Filing 16

STIPULATION AND ORDER SELECTING ADR PROCESS (MEDIATION) re 15 Stipulation and Proposed Order selecting Mediation filed by Doctors Medical Center, Case referred to mediation. Signed by Judge Phyllis J. Hamilton on 12/2/08. (nah, COURT STAFF) (Filed on 12/2/2008)

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01106/2007 20:49 FAX 5108889044 11/25/2008 18:12 FAX 9258308035 WL DAVIS,ESQ GALLDWAV LUCCHESE III 003/004 l4I001 ... UNITED STATES DISTRICT COUk'f NORTHERN DISTRICT OF CALIFORNIA W1LLlA PUGH, PUOH, .1). I md TOMMIE I CASE NO. c08-041S51 PJH~ PlaintifI(s), v DOcrORS MHO! STIPULAnON AND [pROPOSED) ORDER SELECTINO Defendant(s). MALCOLM JOHN ADR PROCESS _____-+- ------" Counsel ort that they have met and conferred reprding ADR and ~Ilve reached the following stipul ~on punUllDt to Civil L.R. 16-8 and ADR L.R. 3-5: i The parties agrc to partiCil'Rte in the following ADR pro~S5: I ! I Court -/ (Note: Partiss appreciably mo ADR phone cO ADR Phone Co ~ella: -binding Arbitration (ADR L.R. 4) Iy Neutral Evaluation (ENE) (ADR L.R. 5) dilrtion (ADR L.R. 6) ! I beliew an ea,.Zy 3sttlBmtmt conj«nnce with Q MagtsJateJudgl likely to meet th~ir Tleeth than. an)' otherfarm ofADR. tn an. renee a n d may n o t f i l e this f o r m . Th,y mU3t i n s t e a d f i l e a IYot/c e 0 / N e e d f o r nee. See Civil L o c a l Rule 1~8 and A D R L . R . 3-5) t",At mu.'r1pa,ticipate i.~ oees.: ate ADR (p~ase td~tifyp.,.o~te~S andprovide,.) _ - - - - _ The parties a ,., hold the ADR session by: presumptive deadline (The deadlinfl is 90 days from the dti1e ofthe order "trig the case to an ADR process U1IIB.!~ orhsrwis« omuei.) er requested dc:BdJine ..;:1:;;:;.20=--d=a::LY8~ _ Dated:._,:...'~=~~' tn1lff1t WILLIA PUGH. PH.D. and TOMMIE PUG Dated: 11124/08 ~~. ++_ Itfendanl DOCTORS MEDICAL CENTER Dated:, _.. I - - - - -·.. A t t o m . y for Dofendant MAlCOLM JOHNSON, M.D. 11/25/2008 .. . a. 09:05 4153345957 17:42 1&:1~ HILLYARD LAW FIRM HILLVARD LAW FIRM BAl~D'AV PAGE 02/02 11/25/2008 11/Z5/200B FAX 41S33469S7 92592096$5 LUCCHESE ~(I03/004 UNITED STATES DISllUCT COURT NOR.THERN DISTRtcr OF CALIFORNIA , CASB NO. cot-041S9 PJH~ CE'NTERhd N.MD.j Defeo4ant(s). on dJM1blty m e met ~d QOJlf~ re~g APR and tlave I1llCbed the ~<m pumlant tel Civil U. 16-8 GIld .'lOR LJI.. .3-S: . . i I The partiell ~ , ~lcipate in the fbllooa/iDg ADR process: ~~.: ! I I dn-binding Arbifntion (ADR L.1t. 4) NllUtra1 !walQatlon (ENE) (ADR L.R.. S) .{ iation (AOll LR.. 6) 1.1 ..4DR. phcJ"e COIIlffn~,ce and may lIotfi~ t1I~j'orm. 7'h6)l mlLft ,,,,tIlGdjile fJ J\1oric:e oIN4~fo" ADR P1lQf((j Co I)(e. $,~ ervil LocallClAle 16-8 arul..4DR L.R, "') ~: :rlikfb' to mflct t~cir nMtb JI"m QIl)' othuftm,. ofJfDR.~1 JMl1i~jptl,. iJIf ml ~lWve rhor an early $1Jttie",osr confimmctt 'With a Ml'"..lJatlr JU4g8 i~ ! r ate ADR (pUrue identifyp1"OCUlr QndpNWfdl!~ _ - _ -_ _~ _ !be pll1t:hlS a I bold the APR. _lIri t m by: pre!1UDp1iVel d6A4liDo (lhr: deadlf;ttfl is 90 tU:lySfrom th. tlr6E "'1 't1ul ortlrr "g 1U case to ADR P"JCC3 Ill{IISS orltcl"Wisl! OrrJlI~.) a,. Atfcn'l-vror P1a,~W1lUA PUGH, pH-a lW1d TO"'\«! PUGH Datad:,......:.l_'I--=-~;""::" [PROPOSED] ORDER Pursuant to the Stipulation above, the captioned matter is hereby referred to: Non-binding Arbitration Early Neutral Evaluation (ENE) ./ Mediation Private AOR Deadline for ADR session 90 days from the date of this order. ./ other 120 days UNIT ED S S DISTRICT TE C TA IT IS SO ORDERED. Dated: 12/2/08 _ ER N F D IS T IC T O R A C LI FO Honorable PhyllisJ.1. Hamilton amilton llis H hyDISTRlCT UNITED JSTATES JUDGE udge P R NIA O OR IT IS S DERED RT U O NO RT H

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