O'Bannon, Jr. v. National Collegiate Athletic Association et al

Filing 161

TRANSCRIPT ORDER by National Collegiate Athletic Association for Court Reporter Diane Skillman. (Singla, Rohit) (Filed on 5/28/2014)

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FTR CRIMINAL CIVIL NON-APPEAL ✔ APPEAL DATE TYPE (e.g. CMC) Pretrial CW PORTION If requesting less than full hearing, specify portion (e.g. witness or time) b. TEXT/ASCII (email) F F F F F F PDF (email) ● F F F F F F F F F F F F PAPER DISTRIBUTION: 11. SIGNATURE COURT COPY /s/ Rohit K. Singla TRANSCRIPTION COPY F F F F F F CONDENSED (email) F F F F F F ECF ACCESS (web) (7-day) EXPEDITED DAILY (Next day) 05/28/2014 12. DATE 14-Day ORDER RECEIPT (30-day) ORDINARY c. ORDER COPY HOURLY (2 hrs) DELIVERY TYPE ( Choose one per line) CJA: Do not use this form; use Form CJA24 SELECT FORMAT(S) (NOTE: ECF access is included with purchase of PDF, text, paper or condensed.) ORDER & CERTIFICATION (11. & 12.) By signing below, I certify that I will pay all charges (deposit plus additional). 10. ADDITIONAL COMMENTS, INSTRUCTIONS, QUESTIONS, ETC: (initials) JUDGE HEARING(S) (OR PORTIONS OF HEARINGS) 05/28/2014 a. 09-CV-3329 CW 6. CASE NUMBER REALTIME In forma pauperis (NOTE: Court order for transcripts must be attached) rohit.singla@mto.com 3 . ATTORNEY EMAIL ADDRESS DUE DATE: COURT USE ONLY steven.uhrig@mto.com 3 . CONTACT EMAIL ADDRESS 9. TRANSCRIPT(S) REQUESTED (Specify portion(s) and date(s) of proceeding(s) for which transcript is requested), format(s) & quantity and delivery type: Diane Skillman 7. COURT REPORTER NAME ( FOR FTR, LEAVE BLANK AND CHECK BOX) O'Bannon v. NCAA Munger, Tolles & Olson LLP, 560 Mission Street, 27th Floor, San Francisco, CA 94105 8. THIS TRANSCRIPT ORDER IS FOR: 5. CASE NAME (415) 512-4032 2b. ATTORNEY PHONE NUMBER (415) 512-5020 2a. CONTACT PHONE NUMBER TRANSCRIPT ORDER Please use one form per court reporter. CJA counsel please use Form CJA24 Please read instructions on next page. 4. MAILING ADDRESS (INCLUDE LAW FIRM NAME, IF APPLICABLE) Rohit K. Singla 1b. ATTORNEY NAME (if different) Steven Uhrig 1a. CONTACT PERSON FOR THIS ORDER (CAND Rev. 7/2013) CAND 435 UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT NORTHERN DISTRICT OF CALIFORNIA Clear Form

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