O'Bannon, Jr. v. National Collegiate Athletic Association et al

Filing 219

Minute Entry: Bench Trial held on 6/11/2014 before Claudia Wilken (Date Filed: 6/11/2014). Further Bench Trial set for 6/12/2014 8:30 AM. (Court Reporter Diane Skillman and Raynee Mercado.) (ndr, COURT STAFF) (Date Filed: 6/11/2014) Modified on 6/16/2014 (ndr, COURT STAFF).

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CIVIL TRIAL MINUTES NORTHERN DISTRICT OF CALIFORNIA June 11, 2014 Before: Claudia Wilken Dawn Toland Courtroom Deputy Diane Skillman; Raynee Mercado Court Reporter(s) Clerk Time: 4 hours and 35 minutes Case No. C 09-3329 CW O'Bannon, Jr. v. National Collegiate Athletic Association, et al. Trial Began: June 11, 2014 Trial Motions Heard: Further Trial: June 12, 2014 Disposition 1) 2) 3) Other: The following witness is called by Plaintiff: Roger Noll (resumes the stand from 6/10/2014); Tyrone Prothro and Daniel Rascher. Parties shall file a stipulation with a list of agreed upon exhibits to admit into evidence. Parties are finalizing a stipulation regarding the history of the NCAA. Verdict: Disposition of Exhibits: See trial sheet for admitted exhibits.

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