Banga v. Experian Information Solutions, Inc.

Filing 62

ORDER by Judge ARMSTRONG granting 60 Stipulation (lrc, COURT STAFF) (Filed on 5/3/2013)

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Case4:09-cv-04867-SBA Document60 Filed05/01/13 Page1 of 3 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Katherine A. Klimkowski (SBN 263099) JONES DAY 3161 Michelson Drive Suite 800 Irvine, CA 92612 Telephone: 949.851.3939 Facsimile: 949.553.7547 Attorneys for Defendant EXPERIAN INFORMATION SOLUTIONS, INC. 8 UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT 9 NORTHERN DISTRICT OF CALIFORNIA 10 11 KAMLESH BANGA, 12 13 14 15 Plaintiff, vs. EXPERIAN INFORMATION SOLUTIONS; KOHL’S; FIRST USA, NA, and Does 1 through 10 inclusive. 16 Case No. CV09-04867 SBA Related Case No. 4:08-cv-04147-SBA Hon. Saundra B. Armstrong STIPULATION TO MODIFY CASE SCHEDULING ORDER [CIVIL L.R. 6-1; 6-2; 7-12] Defendants 17 18 Pursuant to Local Rule 6-2, Plaintiff Kamlesh (“Plaintiff”) and Defendant Experian 19 Information Solutions, Inc. (“Experian”), (collectively, “the Parties”), by and through their 20 undersigned attorneys of record, hereby stipulate to modify the Court’s Order for Pretrial 21 Preparation dated December 20, 2012 (Docket No. 22), to extend the discovery cut off deadline 22 of May 1, 2013, to allow for Plaintiff’s deposition to be completed. 23 In March 2013, the Parties meet and conferred as to Plaintiff’s deposition date. On 24 March 27, 2013, Experian noticed Plaintiff’s deposition for April 25, 2013. On April 25, 2013, 25 Plaintiff’s deposition commenced as noticed at 10:00 a.m. During the deposition on April 25, 26 2013, Plaintiff became ill and the deposition could not be completed. The Parties are requesting 27 until June 3, 2013 by which to complete Plaintiff’s deposition. The Parties have already mutually 28 agreed to May 31, 2013 as a date for Plaintiff’s deposition to be completed. IRI-50417v1 Case4:09-cv-04867-SBA Document60 Filed05/01/13 Page2 of 3 5/3/13 Case4:09-cv-04867-SBA Document60 Filed05/01/13 Page3 of 3 1 PROOF OF SERVICE 2 I, Sandra J. Wilson, declare: 3 I am a citizen of the United States and employed in Orange County, California. I am over 4 the age of eighteen years and not a party to the within-entitled action. My business address is 5 3161 Michelson Drive, Suite 800, Irvine, California 92612.4408. 6 7 8 On May 1, 2013, I served a copy of the within document STIPULATION TO MODIFY CASE SCHEDULING ORDER  by placing the document in a sealed envelope with postage thereon fully prepaid, in the United States mail at Irvine, California, addressed as set forth below.  by transmitting via the United States District Court’s practice for collecting and processing electronic filings, where documents are electronically filed with the court. The court’s CM/ECF system generates a Notice of Electronic Filing (NEF) to the filing party, the assigned judge, and any registered users in the case. The NEF constitutes service of the document. Registration as a CM/ECF user constitutes consent to electronic service through the court’s transmission facilities. 9 10 11 12 13 Kamlesh Banga Post Office Box 6025 Vallejo, CA 94591 Email: Plaintiff In Pro Per 14 15 16 17 18 I am readily familiar with the firm's practice of collection and processing correspondence 19 for mailing. Under that practice it would be deposited with the U.S. Postal Service on that same 20 day with postage thereon fully prepaid in the ordinary course of business. I am aware that on 21 motion of the party served, service is presumed invalid if postal cancellation date or postage 22 meter date is more than one day after date of deposit for mailing an affidavit. 23 24 25 I declare that I am employed in the office of a member of the bar of this court at whose direction the service was made. Executed on May 1, 2013, at Irvine, California. 26 /s/ Sandra J. Wilson Sandra J. Wilson An employee of Jones Day 27 28 IRI-50417v1 -3- STIPULATION TO MODIFY CASE SCHEDULING ORDER Case No. CV09-04867 SBA CAND-ECF Page 1 of 1 Stipulations 4:09-cv-04867-SBA Banga v. Experian Information Solutions, Inc. ADRMOP,EFiling,ProSe,REFSETDMR,RELATE U.S. District Court California Northern District Notice of Electronic Filing The following transaction was entered by Klimkowski, Katherine on 5/1/2013 at 1:19 PM and filed on 5/1/2013 Case Name: Banga v. Experian Information Solutions, Inc. Case Number: 4:09-cv-04867-SBA Filer: Experian Information Solutions, Inc. Document Number: 60 Docket Text: STIPULATION WITH PROPOSED ORDER TO MODIFY CASE SCHEDULING ORDER filed by Experian Information Solutions, Inc.. (Attachments: # (1) Proposed Order)(Klimkowski, Katherine) (Filed on 5/1/2013) 4:09-cv-04867-SBA Notice has been electronically mailed to: Eric John Hardeman, Katherine Anne Klimkowski,, 4:09-cv-04867-SBA Please see Local Rule 5-5; Notice has NOT been electronically mailed to: Kamlesh Banga P.O. Box 6025 Vallejo, CA 94591 The following document(s) are associated with this transaction: Document description:Main Document Original filename:C:\fakepath\Stipulation.pdf Electronic document Stamp: [STAMP CANDStamp_ID=977336130 [Date=5/1/2013] [FileNumber=9585850-0] [ 637481c1ed2605d5bcd9889f7e07df2bb5ed1a201d4efa27c299be461671b2d0863de6 52e032e1182b8dcc9969fb0efd65bdef5dc9ab4d6e488c026ea20ac423]] Document description:Proposed Order Original filename:C:\fakepath\Proposed Order.pdf Electronic document Stamp: [STAMP CANDStamp_ID=977336130 [Date=5/1/2013] [FileNumber=9585850-1] [ 7a640f03e2a3e3e211bbdfa2e7141bfe860b97462a01b562d7578ea541e9061f004b81 d6084c911344f870c81a216fc9945ed623c3178da2560d31564411703a]] 5/1/2013

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