Via Technologies, Inc. et al v. Vizio, Inc.

Filing 32

THIRD STIPULATION AND ORDER FURTHER EXTENDING DATE FOR COMPLETION OF MEDIATION re 31 Stipulation filed by Vizio, Inc., Via Technologies Inc., Via Technologies, Inc. Signed by Judge Phyllis J. Hamilton on 1/17/12. (nah, COURT STAFF) (Filed on 1/17/2012)

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1 DAVID N. MAKOUS, SB# 082409 E-Mail: 2 JOSHUA S. HODAS, SB# 250802 E-Mail: 3 LEWIS BRISBOIS BISGAARD & SMITH LLP 221 North Figueroa Street, Suite 1200 4 Los Angeles, California 90012 Telephone: 213.250.1800 5 Facsimile: 213.250.7900 6 Attorneys for Vizio, Inc., a California Corporation 7 8 UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT 9 NORTHERN DISTRICT OF CALIFORNIA, OAKLAND DIVISION 10 11 VIA TECHNOLOGIES, INC., a California corporation, and VIA TECHNOLOGIES, 12 INC., a Taiwan corporation, Honorable Judge Phyllis J. Hamilton Plaintiffs, 13 14 CASE NO. CV11-0077 PJH v. 15 VIZIO, INC., a Delaware corporation, 16 Defendant. THIRD JOINT STIPULATED REQUEST FOR AN ORDER FURTHER EXTENDING DATE FOR COMPLETION OF MEDIATION; [PROPOSED] ORDER 17 18 Complaint Filed: January 7, 2011 19 Trial Date: October 29, 2012 20 21 22 Whereas, the Court referred this case for court mediation on July 5, 2011 and 23 subsequently, on joint stipulated motion of the parties, referred it to private mediation on July 24 11, 2011; and 25 Whereas, Local Rule ADR 37 requires that mediation be held within 90 days of referral 26 to a mediator; and 27 LEWIS Whereas the parties held a private mediation before Hon. Daniel Weinstein (ret.) of 28 JAMS on September 28, 2011; and BRISBOIS BISGAARD & SMITH LLP ATTORNEYS AT LAW 4835-6370-8686.1 CV11-0077 PJH THIRD JOINT STIPULATION FURTHER EXTENDING DATE FOR COMPLETION OF MEDIATION 1 Whereas the parties previously stipulated to, and the Court ordered, extensions of the 2 deadline to complete mediation until January 15, 2012; and 3 Whereas, at that mediation an agreement in principal was achieved on the terms of 4 settlement of this case, and since then the parties have diligently pursued settlement, with 5 several draft settlement agreements having since been circulated among the parties; and 6 Whereas, the parties believe that a final settlement will be achieved soon; 7 The parties hereby respectfully request that any deadline to complete mediation be 8 further extended until February 15, 2012 in order to allow time for a final agreement to be 9 completed. 10 DATED: January 13, 2012 Respectfully submitted, 11 12 DAVID N. MAKOUS JOSHUA S. HODAS LEWIS BRISBOIS BISGAARD & SMITH LLP 13 By: 14 15 DATED: January 13, 2012 16 17 /s/ Joshua S. Hodas Joshua S. Hodas Attorneys for VIZIO, INC., a Delaware Corporation J. DAVID HADDEN JEDEDIAH WAKEFILED TYLER G. NEWBY SEBASTIAN KAPLAN FENWICK & WEST LLP 18 By: /s/ Jedediah Wakefiekd (by permission) Jedediah Wakefield Attorneys for Plaintiffs VIA TECHNOLOGIES, INC. (Taiwan) and VIA TECHNOLOGIES, INC. (California) 19 20 21 [Proposed] ORDER 22 23 PURSUANT TO STIPULATION, IT IS SO ORDERED. 24 4835-6370-8686.1 R NIA A H ER Hamil FO Judge P LI RT 28 BRISBOIS ATTORNEYS AT LAW hyllis J. NO 27 BISGAARD & SMITH LLP S UNIT ED Honorable Phyllis J. HamiltonRED E O ORD IT IS S United States District Court Judge Northern District of California ton 26 LEWIS ISTRIC ES D TC AT T RT U O 1/17/12 25 Dated: ______________ N F D IS T IC T O R C CV11-0077 PJH 2 THIRD JOINT STIPULATION FURTHER EXTENDING DATE FOR COMPLETION OF MEDIATION ATTESTATION PURSUANT TO GENERAL ORDER NO. 45 1 2 3 Pursuant to General Order No. 45 of the Northern District of California, I, Joshua S. 4 Hodas, attest that concurrence in the filing of this document has been obtained from each 5 of the other signatories to this document. 6 I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the United States of America 7 that the foregoing is true and correct. Executed this 13th day of January, 2012 at Los 8 Angeles, California. 9 10 By: /s/ Joshua S. Hodas 11 Joshua S. Hodas 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 LEWIS 28 BRISBOIS BISGAARD & SMITH LLP ATTORNEYS AT LAW 4835-6370-8686.1 CV11-0077 PJH 3 THIRD JOINT STIPULATION FURTHER EXTENDING DATE FOR COMPLETION OF MEDIATION

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