Pimental v. Google, Inc. et al

Filing 4

Summons Issued as to Google, Inc., Slide, Inc.. (vlk, COURT STAFF) (Filed on 5/27/2011) (vlk, COURT STAFF).

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UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT DMR lot 1I1e Northern District of Calitornia BRET L. LUSSKIN, JR. ind~v~dually on behalf of and all others sirn~larly s~tuated. ~'/f11ltl11/ ) ) 1 t, ) GOOGLE, INC., a Detaware corporat~on, and SLIDE, INC.. a Delaware corporation, 1 Ih .t(vr~/tnlr Civil hctior~ No. ) 1 7 o: fncit~rrcti1rrt atrjlic. (lrrrf ~rd(Plc.tr) 'r GOOGLE, INC.. a Delaware corporation, 1600 Amph~theatre Parkway, Mountain V~ew. 94043, and SLIDE, INC , a Delaware corporation. 301 Brannan St.. 6th CA Floor, San Franc~sco, 94107 CA A lawsuit has bce~i filed againsl yoa. Witlii1131 days afcr service of'tliis summons on you (not counting the day you rcccived 11) --- or 60 days ~f you are 11icCfnited Stales or a Url~tcd Stnlcs agency. o at1 oflicer or crnployec oftl~e r United States described in Fed R C'iv 1'. 12 ( a ) ( 2 )01(31 you 111us1 scrkc on the plaii~t~ITan answer to the attactieci coinplaint or a motion under Rule 17 or ~hc l:cdcr:~l Rules orC,'tvil Procedure The onswer or motion must be sened on the plainriff or plainrifYs attorney. uhosc nrtlllc and address are Sean Reis Edelson McGuire LLP 30021 Tornas Street, Su~te 300 Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688 (949) 459-2124 I r'3ou la11 10 respond, i~rdgmen( tldl~ullwill bc e~ilered by agoinst you for !he relief dcrnarlded in the complaint. musi file your answer or rnolio~l with the coul-1 RICHARD W. WlEKlNG ~ ' o alscl ~ i CIXRh' OF COURT * rC:%...:" ,:. ,-.-,e 4q 9-, i) I " r 8-' 4-.:; 2 ~ . \O .I I 0 i l < c . : . 1?R!U) S I I I I ~ I ~ \111.!( ,8 , , I II ' 11 . A C ~ I O III ' Y ~ c2 ) I C'ivil tlctirrn No. PROOF OF SERC'ICE (7'111's .scrlit)n ,tlrorrlrl #roth ~ J i / t ) d the rcrrtrt 1rrr1c~s.v rk1yuirc.d hy I;r.d R, Civ. P. 4 (I)) rr*itA I'his summons fi?r (rttieic ofrrr;/t rrr/rrtrl a r j i r l filke I/ trrt,, 7 1 persnnnliy served tht: summans crn the indieiduril at (OI~ICC) 7 1 ICSI 111csum~i~ons Llic indiiridual's rrsidencc or usual place of ahode trritll firtrrr~c.) a1 , a person orsuitnblc age and discretirm \\ho resides therc, on ,arid ~nailt(l copy to the inrfiv~du~il's known address; or a last /(/,Iw) ,who is 17 1 servztl thr summons on (rctrrrtrS f r t ~ t i i \ ; t ; k ~ ~ t l ) o designatecl by lam lo accept servict: cdprncess on I?el~aI p , , r r ~ r c ,/ fof ~ r,r~rtni-oii(~nj 17I rcrurrlcti rllc s u n ~ ~ i l cuncxecuted because ~~is , or n Other rrp.c:fl, My fees are $ - -.. for travel and 3 I deciarc u11dc.r pcnalty of pcriury tlial this i ~ l f i m n ; ~i~ ~ o ~ i s rrue ;lddltionat inhnnnt~cr~r regnrdi~ig atte~iipted ice. etc sen for senriccs, For a total of $ 0.00

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