Streetspace, Inc v. Google, Inc. et al

Filing 36

PRO HAC VICE APPOINTED: Timothy J. Rousseau appearing for Defendant Jumptap, Inc. (All non-registered users served via U.S. Mail Service)(leh)

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~" r rt' l r-' . Le· t" r> :i. ---~~- --~_=~ UNITED STA TES DISTRICT COURT SOUTHERN DISTRICT OF CALIFORNIA STREETSPACE, INC., Plaintiff vs. ~,~~~~ CLERK. U,S. DISTRICT COURT ) ) ) ) ) ) SOUTHERN DISTRICT BY PRO HAC VICE APPLICA nON JUMPTAP, INC. Party Represented Defenda* I, T!mothy J. Rou~seau ; (Applicant) to appear and participate in this case and in support of petition state: My firm name: Street address: City, State, ZIP: Phone number: hereby petition the above entitled court to permit me ¢;oodwin Procter, LLP ~20 Eighth A venue few York, NY 10018 12-813-8800 I was admitted to practice before the Courts of the State of New York That on 3/10/2009: (Name of Court) (Date/) and am currently in good standing and eligible to practice in said court, that I am not curren,ly suspended or disbarred in any other court, and I2l that I 0 (have) (have not) concurrently or within the year preceding this application made any pro hac vice application to this court~ (If previous application made, complete the following) Title of case _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ Case number _ _ _ _ _ _- - - - - - - - - Date of application _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ Application o granted o denied I declare under pena'ty of perjury that the foregoing is true and correct. ~.e:~ ~ {itgfilillBApPltelUltj ~.<' ~-" , - - ',', - -,"'. -, ' -". -­ Timothy J. Rousseau DESIGNATION OF LOCAL COUNSEL I hereby designate t~e below named as associate local counsel. Kurt M. Kjelland (Name) Goodwin Procter LLP (Firm) 4365 Executive Drive (Street) (858) 202-2700 (Telephone) San Diego, CA (City) IFORNIA DEPUTY Case No. 3:1O-CV-1757-LAB-AJB GOOGLE INC., ADMOB~ INC., APPLE ) INC., QUATIRO WlRELiESS, INC., ) NOKIA CORPORATIONi NOKIA INC., ) NAVTEQ CORPORATION, MILLENIAL MEDIA, INC., JUMPTAP:, INC., and DOES 1 though 20, inclusive, C 92121-2125 (Zip code) ex: American LegalNet. Inc. I hereby consent to the abo V\! designation. , The pro hac vice application is hereby approved for filing W. Samuel Hamrick, Jr. Clerk of Court MAR 0 2 2011 i CtEJ~l<;, i'; SOUTHf:HI\lulSTRlCT 0,-' G;\ !FOr:lNIA BY DEPUTY By Deputy Clerk L. Hammer Received $180.00 for Court LJbrary fee _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ jDeputy Clerk Pro Hac Vice (For this ojue particular occasion) An attorney ~ho is not a mtmber of the California State Bar, but who is a member in good standing of, and eligible to proactive befare, the bar of [any United States Court or of the highest court of any State or of any Territory or Insular possession of ithe United St~tes, who is of good moral character, and who has been retained to appear in this Court, be permitted to appear and partIcipate in a particular case. An attorney is not eligible to practice pursuant to this paragraph in anyone or more of the fdllowing apply to him/her: (I) he/she resides in California, (2) he/she is regularly employed in California, ,or (3) he/she is regularly engaged in business, professional, 01' other activities in California. The pro hac vice applicatio~ shall be presented to the Clerk and shall state under penalty of perjury (I) the attorney's residence and office addressj (2) by what court he/she has been admitted to practice and the date of admission, (3) that he/she is in good standing apd eligible to practice in said court, (4) the he/she is not currently suspended or disbarred in any other court, and (5) if he/she has concurrently or within the year preceding his/her current application made any pro hac vice application to tl\.is court, the title and the case number of each matter wherein he made application, the date of application , and whethe~ or not his/her application was granted. HelShe shall also designate in his application a member of the bar of this qourt with whom the Court and opposing counsel may readily communicate regarding the conduct of the case and uponl whom papers shall be served. HelShe shall file with such application the address, telephone number, and written consent pf such designee. Fee: $180.00, payable to /2lerk, U.S. District Court Application and fee should bll mailed directly to: W. Samuel Hamrick,ilr., Clerk United States Djstric~ Court Southern District of q:alifornia 880 Front Street Suitt 4290 San 9iegO, Californi, 92101-8900 I 817107 American legalNet, Inc.

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