Streetspace, Inc v. Google, Inc. et al

Filing 50

PRO HAC VICE APPOINTED: Nelson Kuan appearing for Defendant Millennial Media, Inc. (All non-registered users served via U.S. Mail Service)(leh)

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I UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT SOUTHERN DISTRICT OF CALIFORNIA FILED APR: ~ 2011 ] CLERK, U.S. DISTRICT COURT SOUTHERN DISTRICT OF BY Strcctspace. Inc. Case No. IO-cv-1757 LAB WMC PRO HAC VICE APPLICATION Google Inc, et al. Millennial Media Party Represented Defendant L Nelson_IS~~l.n ___ .__._______________________________..___ hereby petition the above entitled court to permit me (Applican t) to appc~r and pal1icipate in this case and ill support of petition state: My firm name: Street address: City. State. ZIP: Phone number: That Nov, 3. 2010 Cooley LLP One Freedom Square. 1195 I Freedom Drive Reston. Virginia 20190-5656 703 456-8000 Eastern District of I was admitted to practice (:--Jame of Court) and am currently in good standing and eligible to practice in said court. that I am not currently suspended or disbarred in any other court. and lhat 1 Dhav,e) [81have not) concurrently or within the year preceding this application made allY pl'O hac vice application to this court. (If previous application made, complete the following) Title of hse Case number _____ ;...__________________________________ Date of appl Applicalion o granted j o denied g _ declare under penalty of perjury that the ft.".e _o_i--}n"€H'-A-' i "L;;~'~-- _____ _ (Signature of Applicant) DESIGNATION OF LOCAL COUNSEL [ hereby designate the below named as associate local counsel. 858 550-6000 John (Telephone) (Firm) 4401 East ate Mall (Street) : ± --i4 _~~~L San Diego (<f\~) ) Signature 0 Applicant 92121 (Zip code) lFORNIA EPUTY / //-J /)~ I hereby consent to the above designation. _ .. /----------- --<-----_ •...._- Si~nailire of Des' nee Attorney -------------------­ I The pro hac vice appli<;ation is hereby approved for filing. W Samuel llamrick. Jr. Clerk of Court APR 06 2011 t i , ". .' ;.,,}F~ f ,~ W'~,l~mIA 1~:::Wb··· tV1 0 . tf-?Jlf{ - ----------kJ~--By Deputy Clcrk Received S180.00 for C')lIrt Library fec _~~_~ _____ ~ ____ Pro Hac Vice L.Hammer ._ Deputy Clerk (For this one particular occasion) An attorney who is not a member of the California State Bar, but who is a membcr in good standing of, and eligible to proactive before, the bar of any United States Court or of the highest court of any State or of any Territory or Insular possession of the UnitQ:dStates, who is of good moral character, and who has been retained to appear in this Court, be permitted to appear and participate in a particular casco An attorney is not eligible to practice pursuant to this paragraph in anyone or more of the following apply to hi m/her: (I) he/she resides in California, (2) he/she is regularly employed in Califo~nia, or (3) heVshe is regularly engaged in business, professional, or other activities in California. The pro l1ac vice application shall be presented to the Clerk and shall state under penalty of perjury (I) the attorney's residence and office address, (2) by what court he/she has been admitted to practice and the date of admission, (3) that he/she is in good standing and eJigible to practice in said court, (4) the he/she is not currently suspended or disbarred in any other court, and (5) if heishe has concurrently or within the yea" preceding his/her current application made any pro hac vic e app licatioh to this court, the title and the case number of ea ch matter wherein he made app lication, the date ofapplic+tion, and whether or not his/her application was granted. He/She shall also designate in his application a member <l>f the bar of Ihis C oUr! with whom the Court and opposing counsel may readily communicate regarding the conduct (if the case and, upon whom papers shall be served. II e/She shall file with such application the address, te Iephone number, rd written consent of such designee. Fee: ~180.00, payable to Clerk, U.S. Distriet Court Applicat~on and fee should be mailed directly to: W. Samuel Hamrick, Jr., Clerk United States District Court Southern District of Ca lifomia ~80 Front Street Suite 4290 San Diego, Cali fornia 92101-8900 817107

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