Kip Sides v. Cisco Systems, Inc. et al

Filing 138

ORDER by Judge Haywood S. Gilliam, Jr. Granting 136 Motion to Appear by Telephone for Case Management Conference.Counsel shall contact CourtCall at (866) 582-6878 to make arrangements for the telephonic appearance. (ndrS, COURT STAFF) (Filed on 10/4/2017)

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1 SE EDGWICK LLP L ED DWARD A. STUMPP, State Bar No. 157682 S ward.stumpp p@sedgwick 2 edw RO OBERT C. BOHNER, St Bar No. 136641 B tate bert.bohner @sedgwickl @ 3 rob 801 South Figu 1 ueroa Street, 19th Floor 4 Los Angeles, CA 90017-5 C 5556 Tel lephone: 213 3.426.6900 5 Fac csimile: 877.547.6580 torneys for Defendant D 6 Att Un nited Healthc care 7 8 UNITED STATES D D DISTRICT C COURT 9 NORTHER DISTRIC OF CALI RN CT IFORNIA 10 11 KIP SIDES, P 12 13 Ca No 3:15-cv-03893-H ase HSG Plaintiffs, v. 14 CIS SCO SYSTE EMS INC., and a UN NITED HEA ALTHCARE, 15 Defendants. . 16 17 TE ELEPHON APPEA NIC ARANCE RE EQUEST FO CASE M OR MANAGEM MENT CONFEREN NCE BY DE EFENDANT UNITED T, H HEALTHCA ARE AND O ORDER D Date: October 10, 2017 Ti ime: 2:00 p p.m. Pl lace: Oaklan Courthou nd use 1301 C Street Clay Oaklan CA 946 nd, 612 18 19 Defend United HealthCare ("UHC") her dant H ( reby submits this Reques and Propo s st osed Order 20 for leave from the Court to appear telep r o phonically a the continu Case Ma at ued anagement C Conference. 21 Counsel for UH Edward A. Stumpp, is located in Los Angel and is the trial attorne assigned HC, , n les e ey 22 to this matter. Mr. Stumpp has persona appeare before this Court for a prior Case t p ally ed s 23 Ma anagement Conference and personall appeared for the Man C a ly ndatory Settlement Confe erence on 24 Ma 26, 2017. He is sched ay duled to appe before T Honorab Percy Anderson on O ear The ble October 10, 25 201 at a case Managemen Conferenc (United St 17 nt ce tates District Court Cent District o California t tral of a 26 Case No. 2:17-cv-04737-PA-SA) that was previou continue at the requ of a co-defendant. w usly ed uest 27 For his convenience and the ben e nefit of Unit Healthca Mr. Stum requests to appear ted are mpp s 28 tele ephonically for the Octo ober 10, 2017 Manageme conferen scheduled to take pla in the 7 ent nce d ace 8542 21663v1 -1TELEPH HONIC APPE EARANCE RE EQUEST FOR CASE MAN R NAGEMENT C CONFERENC BY CE DE EFENDANT, UNITED HEA U ALTHCARE A AND ORDER R 1 abo listed ma ove atter at 2:00 p.m. in Cou urtroom 2, 4tth Floor, 130 Clay Stree Oakland, California 01 et, 2 946 612. Mr. Stu umpp has ad dvised partie that he see to appear telephonica and ther are no es eks r ally re 3 obj jections. 4 ATED: Octo ober 3, 2016 5 DA SEDGW WICK LLP 6 7 By: /s/ Edward A. S Stumpp Ed dward A. Stu umpp Ro obert C. Bohn ner Att torneys for D Defendant UN NITED HEA ALTHCARE E 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 ORDER The abo Request to appear telephonical is granted Counsel E ove t t lly d. Edward A. Stumpp may y pear telephonically on behalf of Uni b ited Healthc care for the O October 10, 2017 Case M Managemen nt app Conference. Counsel shall contact Co C l ourtCall at (866) 582-6 6878 to mak arrangem ke ments for the e tele ephonic appearance. IT IS SO ORDERE ED 18 ated: October 4, 2017 r 19 Da ________ ___________ __________ _________ 20 Hon. Hayw wood S. Gilliam, Jr.| U.S. Distr Judge rict 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 8542 21663v1 -2- TELEPH HONIC APPE EARANCE RE EQUEST FOR CASE MAN R NAGEMENT C CONFERENC BY CE DE EFENDANT, UNITED HEA U ALTHCARE A AND ORDER R

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