Heyward v. Hayward Police Department et al

Filing 15

ORDER Relating Case 15-4802 DMR to Case No. 15-4799 JCS. Case No. 15-4802 DMR shall be reassigned to Chief Magistrate Judge Joseph C. Spero. Signed by Judge Joseph C. Spero on February 5, 2016. (jcslc1S, COURT STAFF) (Filed on 2/5/2016)

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UNIT TED STATE DISTRIC COURT ES CT T NORTH HERN DIST TRICT OF C CALIFORN NIA RELATED CASE OR D RDER A ive o Whether Case Should be Related or a es e A Motion for Administrati Relief to Consider W te R P D Relationship (Civil L.R. 3-12) has been p Sua Spont Judicial Referral for Purpose of Determining R filed. The time for filing an oppos e sition or stat tement of su upport has pa assed. As th judge assig he gned to case 15-cv-04799-J JCS, Heywar v. 24 Hou Fitness, I find that th more recen filed cas rd urs he ntly se listed belo is related to the case assigned to me, and such case shall be reassigne to me. ow d m h ed Case Title Related 15-cv-04 4802DMR Heyward v. Hayward Police d d Departm ment Not Related x ORDER O Th parties are instructed that all futur filings in a reassign case are t bear the he e t re any ned to initials of the newly assigned judg immediate after the case numbe Any case managemen ge ely er. nt conference in any reas ssigned case will be resc e cheduled by the Court. T parties s The shall adjust t the dates for the conference, disclosur and repor required b FRCivP 1 and 26 accordingly. t res rt by 16 Unless oth herwise orde ered, any dat for hearin noticed m tes ng motions are v vacated and m be remust noticed by the moving party befor the newly assigned jud y g re dge; any dea adlines set by the ADR L Local Rules rem in effect and any de main t; eadlines esta ablished in a case manag gement order continue to r o govern, ex xcept dates for appearance in court, which will b reschedule by the ne f w be ed ewly assigned judge. Dated: Feb bruary 5, 20 016 By: ____ ___________ __________ __ Joseph C Spero C. Chief Ma agistrate Jud dge ‐1  

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