Digital Envoy Inc., v. Google Inc.,

Filing 65

Attachment 2
EXHIBITS re 64 Brief in Opposition to Defendant Goggle, Inc.'s Motion to Shorten Time on the Hearing of its Protective Order filed byDigital Envoy,Inc.,, Digital Envoy,Inc.,. (Attachments: # 1 Exhibit B# 2 Exhibit C# 3)(Related document(s)64) (Blackman, Brian) (Filed on 1/20/2005)

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Case 5:04-cv-01497-RS Document 65-3 Filed 01/20/2005 Page 1 of 2 EXHIBIT C P1 W N P Case 5:04-cv-01497-RS 01/17/05 5 :49 Document 65-3 Filed 01/20/2005 LLP Page 2 of 2 O .303 02 ILSON SONSINI GOODRICH ROSATI 4 M G VtR Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati PMOFESSIONAL CORPORATION 650 Ptgc Mill Road Palo Alto. CA 94304-105 0 mow.650.493.9300 FAX 650.493.681 1 nary 17, 200 5 ''V'ia Facsimile to (404) 443-5784 Timothy H . Kratz, Esq . McGuireWoods, LLP 1170 Peachtree Street, N.E . Suite 210 0 Atlanta, Georgia 30304 Re : Digrtid Envoy V. Google USDC, Northern District of California, Case No. : C-04-01497 RS Dear Tim : In response to your email of January 15, your proposal on the schedule is unacceptable . Your proposal does not allow us to file a reply in time for the Court to consider all the papers . If you do not agree to our original briefing schedule, we'll file a motion to shorten time tomorrow asking the Court to adopt our schedule . If you have an alternative in mind, please let us know by noon Pacific time tomorrow. As aIZ aside, there is no reason for you to refuse to inform all of the third parties that they can wait to respond to your subpoena until the protective order motion is resolved.. The fact that you won' t suggests your intention is really to harass third parties with improper subpoenas . Very truly yours, WILSON SONSWI GOODRICH & ROSATI Professional Corporation Stephen C . Holme s cc . . Craig Cardon, Esq . C:1Nr?ortb" LI011STti12S9 1027_1 .DOC PAGE 212' RCVD AT 111712003 6 :46:47 PIA (Eastern Standard Time' SVR :MGHTF', 4D 4632' CSI 0:660 565 6100' DURATION (mss) :0046

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