Google Inc. v. Compression Labs Inc et al

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Attachment 4
DECLARATION of Ryan M. Kent in Opposition to 13 Memorandum in Opposition Declaration of Ryan M. Kent in Support of Google Inc.'s Opposition to Defendants' Motion to Dismiss, or in the Alternative, to Transfer filed byGoogle Inc.. (Attachments: # 1 Exhibit A# 2 Exhibit B# 3 Exhibit C# 4 Exhibit D# 5 Exhibit E# 6 Exhibit F)(Related document(s)13) (Kent, Ryan) (Filed on 11/17/2004)

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Google Inc. v. Compression Labs Inc et al Doc. 14 Att. 4 Case 5:04-cv-03934-JF Document 14-5 Filed 11/17/2004 Page 1 of 8 EXHIBIT , ,. v V ~... '" P 4 .".' ,~-:- .-." A Case 5:04-cv-03934-JF Document 14-5 Filed 11/17/2004 Page 2 of 8 14 ~ri -/3~SJ-3.j'?5 SJ ATENT NUMBER ""'2 698672 ' fII II II SEI\M. . -;ULAR UT LITY ;78) ::f. .....~ 3) - 1:..3 .Q986III 72. r .0-436 PA1tHT DAli 11lIIIO . 92363D " ~IUNaDl'n: cU\SS OCT - 6 19S7 5UBClJ'SS aIOUP"'"TUNIT SlEIIIALNUMBER 06/923, 630 1.0/27/86 . 358 262 ' ~ EXAMINER EN, (~~NNYVALE, )""L ,. 'L""f ""1T" iWEN-H5IUNG CH TA CON TI NU 1 N G D A eIHfleO - .!'!. ?:.I! G . * FOR E 1 GH / PCT A PPLI CA TI ON S * ERIFIED ~!~Jf J Aft G"I ,:P; ::x COOING SYSTEM FOR REOUCING \REDUNOANCY u.s. DEPT. of cOMM,Plt. II TJI CIfIIc8 - f'TO.4IlL en ID-71' Jlf/ qg,gS '3 I J3 " 53'JJ- PARTS OF APPLICATION FILED SEPARATELY AT ALLOWANce SHEEt3 flOURrS DRWQS. Q.AlMS : cuss SlJucuSs iD~" '-I 'I' 13b rB' 1M UftO ISSUIJ 1/111duelest.1 0;:( h -.c?:3 P', RETEN1l0N lABEL Case 5:04-cv-03934-JF Document 14-5 Filed 11/17/2004 Page 3 of 8 -/~Case 5:04-cv-03934-JF Document 14-5 ..,.. "'" .,/ ."". - . Filed 11/17/2004 Page 4 of 8 DECLARATION FOR PATENT APPLICATION As a below named inventor, I hereby declare that as my residence, post office address and citizenship are an believe that I am matter original, first and joint inventor of the subject on the which is claimed and for which a patent is sought invention entitled stated below next to my name; I X Application the specification of which (check one):-as is attached hereto; and was amen ed on (or amend- COOING SYSTEM FOR REDUCING REDUNDANCY was filed Sbe)rIial No. on eld. through) ca e S 1.56(a). (if appli- the contents of the above-identified specification,erred to . ing the claims, as amended by any amendment (s) r , disclose nformation above. I acknowledge the duty to which is material to the examination of this application in Regulations, accordance with Title 37, Code of Federal hereby state that I have reviewed and understand nclud- on I hereby declare that all statements made herein of my own knowledge are true and that all statements made information and belief are believed to be true; and further that these statements were made with the knowledge that willful false statements and the like so made are punSection ishable by fine or imprisonment. or both, under 1001 of Title 18 of the United States Code and that such willful false statements may jeopardi~e the validity of the application or any patent issued thereon. Send correspondence to: David E. Lovejoy FLIESLER, DUBB, MEYER" LOVEJOY Sui te 1740, Four Embarcadero Center San Francisco. California 94111- 4187 (415) 362-3800 Full name 0 first inventor: Wen-hsiung Chen tJ~. 10 Inventor s signature: Date: Residence: fa /J"r. California 94067 668 Inverness way, su ~nyv~~e, CMPLS/O13 Page 1. Atty. Docket NO. : CMPLS1100EL 86/10/13-1 4 Case 5:04-cv-03934-JF Document 14-5 Filed 11/17/2004 Page 5 of 8 Ci tizenshil?: USA Post Office Address: Same as residence address Full name of second inventor: Inventor s signature: Date: 9:~i?; 1Z 10 z. ~ Residence: California 95035 92 Curtner Drive, M~ ~~~s Citizenship: Post Office Address: Same as residence address CMPL5/013 Page 2. 86/10/13-1 Atty. Docket No. : CMPLSIIODEL Case 5:04-cv-03934-JF Document 14-5 Filed 11/17/2004 Page 6 of 8 ,. Case 5:04-cv-03934-JF Document 14-5 Filed 11/17/2004 Page 7 of 8 IN THE UNITED STATES PATENT AND TRADEMARK OFFICE In re application of: Inventors: Wen-hsiung Chen and Daniel J. Klenke Serial No. : unassigned Filed: unfiled For: CODING SYSTEM FOR REDUCING REDUNDANCY POWER OF ATTORNEY BY ASSIGNEE NDER 7 C. F . R. S Ron. Commissioner of Patents and Trademarks Washington, D. 20231 C. the above-identified application for, appoints David E. Lovejoy The undersigned assignee of the entire interest in letters patent hereby (Reg. No. 22, 748L and each of the attornies of FLIESLER, DUBB, MEYER & LUVEJOY to prosecute this application and to transact all business in the United States Patent and Trademark Office connected therewith; said appointment to be to the exclusion of the inventor(s) and his (their) attorney(s) in accordance with the provisions of 37 C. 51. 32 . The undersigned assignee hereby revokes any and all powers of attorney previously given, if any. Direct all telephone calls to David E. (415) 362-3800. Address all correspondence to: David E. Lovejoy Lovejoy at FLIESLER, DUBB, MEYER & LOVEJOY Suite 1740. Four Embarcadero Center San Francisco, California 94111-418, Assignee: Compression By: Labs, Inc. r'l'l ?Rg~~~~~e JAM 1':" M VAlKF.rI (please pr~nt or type) Title: F,NAN.- Address: 2305 Date: IO~1 / Bering Drive San JO5C, California 95131 /8(, MI" ";!1J I " Atty, Docket No. : CMPL5110DEL flG/lO/I' (~~ ' ~' ~~ . ", a ..." ~ ' ,; ";,", :; . Document 14-5 Filed 11/17/2004 Page 8 of 8 Case 5:04-cv-03934-JF If'plic.3m: or Patentee: ' -1 or Paten~ No. Wen-hsiung Chen, Daniel J. Klenke I\t to rney , 5 D::x:ke~ ~o. Q12.lli 1 0 Or Issued DEL -CODING SYSTEM FOR REDUCING REDUNDANCY 15' ' l/ERIFUD STJ\ro1EN1' (DEa..AAATlail aAIMnJG j'CG; b~ ~clare (X) the a..-ner of the NN-1E OF (:X)NCD~N ADORJ::S$ Or CCN:Er~ that I am 137 ern 1.91f) aI1d 1.27(c)) - SMALL BUSINESS SNJ\LL ENI'ITI STATUS CCN:~ small business concern identified belcw: conCen'! an official of the small business concern enp:;w-ered to act on behalf of the identified below: Compression Labs, Inc. 2 J 05 Berinq Dri v~. Ran Jose, Ca lifornia 95131 s:--.aH I hereby declare that the alxJve identified small bllsiness concern qualifies as a (d) , for purt:Oses buSiness concern as defined in 13 CFR 121.3-18" and reproduced in 37 CFR 1.9 of paying reduced fees under section 41 (al andlb) of Title 35, United States COde, in that including those of its affiliates, does not exceed the n\JlTbc!r of 500 persons. f' or purposes of this staterrent, ' III the nurber of enployees of the business concern is the average over the previous fiscal year of the concern of the persons I!II'?loyed on a full- t.iJrc, part-tine or tent:orary basis during each of the pay periods of the fiscal, and 12) concerns are affiliates of each other when either, directly or i11directly, one ..0 control the other, or a third party or parties controls concern controls or ha:; the ~loyees of the con=, or has the power to control both. I hereby' dec1are that rights under contract or law have been conveyed to and with the small business cxJncern identified above with regard to ('nnTNr. !,;VC::;'I'F'.M pnR RF'.nTlrTNr. RF'.nmmalllrv Wen-hsiuna Chen. Daniel J Kl~nke .ibed. the invention, entitled by inventor(s) l I the specificaci.on filed i1O:tewit:.'1 (X) application serial no. 1 ) ,patent no. 06/923, 630 , filed , J.ssued October 27. 1986 If the rights held by the above identified SMll business concern are not exclusive, each individual. concern or organization having rights to the invention is listed below. and no riqhts tD the invO!ntion are held by any person, other than the inventor, 1oIho could not 9 (d) or by any concern which ...ould not qualify as a small busi11ess con::ern UlIder 37 CFR 1. qualify as a small business ooncern under 37 CFR 1. 9(d) 9r a nonprofit organization under 37, ern. 1. 91eJ. *NC7l'E: Separate verified staterrcnts are required fran each nailed person. ==rn or organization having rights to the invention ' averring to their status as small entities. (37 CFR 1. NA'IE ADDRESS 27) I) D ID IVIDl.IAL NAME J Sl-IA!..LBUSINESS . l j NC4'iProFIT ORG.\NlZATlal AID RESS IWMDUAL SMALL BUSINESS CtN:ERN I J N::NP.roFIT OfCANlZA:l'ID.'i I acmQ.o'ledge the duty to file, in this application or patent, notification of any change status resulting in loss of entitlerrant to small ..ntity status prior to paying, or at the t.i1re of paying, the earliest of the issue fee or any maintenance fee due after the date on which status a;o a small entity is no longer appropriate. (37 CFR 1.2B(b)) I rereby declare that all stataT'ents made rerein of my 'cwo kncwledge are true and that all :;taterrents made on information and belief are believed to be true; and further that these st.!terrcn~s 'oIere made with the knOo'ledge that willful false statarents and the like So made r . punishable by fine or inprisonn='1t, or both, section 1001 o~ Title 18 of the United l..J.catlon . OJ..rected. 7s nd tha~ suc;:h w~llful false statC!lTe!1ts may jecpa.rdize the vi!lidity of the any patent thereon, or any patent to which this verified statelrent is NN-IE OF PE:R5ON SIQlrnG TITU: Of' P~Ct-I anlER 'fHJ\.N a.'NER ::rAMf~ M \J"..~f."" \I P F'"",Nt!. AroRESS Of PE.RSCtl SIQlING l3~q'N" O~ Slo.AruRE ~~~I DATI: "/'~/RI.

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