Google, Inc. et al v. Microsoft Corporation

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Declaration of Michael J. Bettinger in Support of #26 Memorandum in Opposition filed byMicrosoft Corporation. (Attachments: #1 Exhibit A#2 Exhibit B#3 Exhibit C#4 Exhibit D#5 Exhibit E#6 Exhibit F#7 Exhibit G#8 Exhibit H#9 Exhibit I#10 Exhibit J)(Related document(s) #26 ) (Davidson, Rachel) (Filed on 9/23/2005)

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Google, Inc. et al v. Microsoft Corporation Doc. 27 Att. 6 Case 5:05-cv-03095-RMW Document 27-7 Filed 09/23/2005 Page 1 of 5 The Honorable Steven Gonzalez Hearing Date: Friday, September 9,2005 Without Oral Argument IN THE SlJPERlOR COURT OF THE STATE OF WASHINGTON FOR THE COlJNTY OF KING Microsoft Corporation NO. 05-2-23561-6SEA Plaintiff. NOTICE FOR HEARING SEATTLE COURTHOUSE ONLY (Clerk's Action Required ) (NTHG) Defendants. TO: THE CLERK OF THE COURT and to all other parties listed on Page 2: PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that an issue of law in this case will be heard on the date below and the Clerk is directed to note this issue on the calendar checked below Calendar Date:- September 9,2005 Day of Week:-Friday I .. Nature o f Motion: Defendant's Motion lo Dissolve or Modifv Ternp.o_raw Restraininq Orde~. CASES ASSIGNED TO INDlVlDtJAL JlJDGES - Seattle If oral araument on the motion is allowed ILR 7ib)i2)). contact staff of assianed iudoe to schedule dale and time . .. .. before filing this notice Working papers; Thejudoe's name, date and time ofhearing a t be noted in the upper right corner of the Judge's copy Deliver Judge's copies to Judges' Mailroom at C203. [ X I Without oral argument (Mon ..Fri) [ ] With oral argument Hearing I I [ ]Supplemental Proceedings (1:30 pm TuesNVed)(LR 69) Addre s: 10 0 ~ebond Avenue, Suite 3800 Telep - 6 622 2000 k DO NOT USE THIS FORM FOR FAMILY LAW, EX PARTE OR RALJ MOTIONS. NOTICE FOR HEARING Seattle Courthouse Only ICSEAO40502 www.metrokcgovlkcscclformsh t m u: Homey for: Defendant City, State, Zip -Seattle, WA 98104 Date: -8131105 - Page 1 Case 5:05-cv-03095-RMW Document 27-7 Filed 09/23/2005 Page 2 of 5 I LIST NAMES AND SERVICE ADDRESSES FOR ALL NECESSARY PARTIES REQUIRING NOTICE C o u n s e l for Goosle. Inc.: Michael W Droke Dorsey & Whitney LL.P 1420 Fifth Avenue, Suite 3400 Seattle, W A 98101-4010 Counsel for Microsoff Corporation: Jefiey C .Johnson Preston Gates & Ellis L L B 925 Fourth Avenue Suite 2900 Seattle, W A 98104-1 158 ] IMPORTANT NOTICE REGARDING CASES Party requesting hearing must file motion &affidavits separately along with this notice List names, addresses and telephone numbers of all parties requiring notice (including GAL) on this page Serve a copy of this notice, with motion documents, on all parlies The original must be filed at the Clerk's Office not less than six court days prior to requested hearing date, except for Summary Judgment Motions (to be filed with Clerk 28 days in advance) THIS IS ONLY A PARTIAL SUMMARY OF THE LOCAL RULES AND ALL PARTIES ARE ADVISED TO CONSULT WITH AN ATTORNEY. The SEATTLE COURTHOUSE is in Seattle, Washington at 516 Third Avenue The Clerk's Office Is on the sixth floor, room E609 The Judges' Mailroom is Room C203 NOTlCE FOR HEARTNG - SEATTLE COURTHOUSE ONLY ICSEA040502 Page 2 Case 5:05-cv-03095-RMW Document 27-7 Filed 09/23/2005 Page 3 of 5 The Honorable Steven Gonzalez Hearing Date: Friday, September 9,2005 Without Oral Argument SUPERIOR COURT OF WASHINGTON IN AND FOR KING COUNTY LIICROSOFT CORPORATION. a Washington) Plaintiff, j ) ) No. 05-2-23561-GSEA DEFENDANTS' MOTION TO DISSOLVE OR MODIFY TEMPORARY RESTRAINING ORDER (AI-FU LEE and GO0GL.E INC , a Delaware ) :orporation, ) Defendants. ) ) ) ) I. RELIEF REQUESTED Defendants Kai-Fu Lee and Google Inc, respectfully request that the Court dissolve or nodify the temporary restraining order entered by the Court on July 28, 2005 ("TRO").. The TRO should be dissolved or modified for the reasons set forth in Kai-Fu Lee's Ipposition and in Google's separate Opposition to Microsoft's Request for Preliminary njunction, and the materials submitted in support thereof. In addition, the TRO should be iissolved or. modified based on the evidence, argument and authority that will be presented by he Defendants at the evidentiary hearing scheduled for September G and 7,2005. As Defendants have shown in their Opposition briefing and materials, and as Iefendants will further show at the evidentiary hearing, both the TRO and Microsof

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