Jemery James Ehart, et al v. Ghillie Suits.Com, Inc. et al

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STIPULATION AND ORDER FOR EXTENSION AND TOLLING OF STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS re 107 Stipulation. Signed by Judge James Ware on 12/16/2008. (ecg, COURT STAFF) (Filed on 12/16/2008)

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I 2 a J Á cRArG NEEDHAM (SBN s2010) rïRSTEN FrSH (SB #217940) NEEDHAM, DAVIS, KEPNER, & YOUNG, LLP Tel: - Fax: 5 UNIT ED 1960 The Alameda, Suite 210 San Jose, CA95126 (408) 244-2166 (408) 244-7815 S S DISTRICT TE C TA 8 ER Attorne¡ts 9 for Plaíntffi, JEREMY JAMES EHART, KRISTY EHART, and STEVEN RYAN McCLANAHAN N F D IS T IC T O R 10 l1 t,) IL LINITED STATES DISTRICT COURT NORTHERN DISTRICT OF CALIFORNIA SAN JOSE DIVISION .IEREMY.TAMES EHART, KRISTY EHART ancl STEVEN RYAN McCLANAHAN, l3 t4 ) ì ) Case No.: C 06 06507 (.rW) l5 l6 17 Plaintiffs, vs. ) ) ) STIPULATION FOR EXTENSION AND TOLLING OF STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS l8 t9 20 GHILLIE SUITS.COM, INC., TODD MUIRHEAD; NEW YORK FIRE-SHIELD INCORPORATED; WACKENHUT S ERVICES, INCORPORATED; THE WACKENHUT CORPORATION and DOES 50, inclusive, Defendants. 1- 2l 22 ¿) 1A Á L Complaint Filed: October 18,2006 AND RELATED CROSS-ACTIONS 25 Plaintif'fs, .IEREMY .IAMES EFIART, McCLANAHAN, (hereinafter "Plaintiffs") ancl I(RISTY EIJART ¿urcl STEVEN RYAN Defendants, GARY 26 27 B. CROSSLAND, THE GARLAND COMPANY D/B/A FIRE SHIELD WEST (hereinafter "Defendants"), and JACE A C LI ('^Sl,l NO. 5:06-C:V-(r507-.lW 7 FO 6 0l 07 McAllister Freeway San Antonio, Texas 78216 Telephorte: (21 0) 225-3121 Fax: (210) 225-6235 I mes Wa Judge Ja re -lìrlling.{glccnrcnt R NIA TINSMAN & SCIANO,INC. DANIEL J.T. SCIANO (Achnitted Pro Hctc Vice\ OO IT IS S D RDERE RT U O NO RT H -l- I CONTRACTING SERVICES, INC., by and through their attorneys o1'recorcl or in fact, do hereby stipulate ancl agree as follows: 2 J I a L Plaintifß ancl Delendalrts are parties to a lawsuit entitlecl EhurÍ v. Ghillie Suits.Cont, Jose Inc., et ul. filed in the Unitecl States District Court, Northern District of' Califorrria, San 5 Division, bearing Case Number C 06 06507 (JW) which concerns tlie complaint for personal injuries and other damages arising out of a series of incidents or occurrences which ultimately culnrinated 6 7 8 in injuries on or about October 28, 2004, while the two plaintiff Marines were a ¡rarticipating at a joint training exercise implernented by the Offìce ol' Secure Transportation, 9 Division of the Department ol'Energy, in which both Marines sulfbrecl extetrsive burns. l0 2. Plaintiffs alleged that they were injured as a result of tlie defective design, ll 12 manufäcture, distribution, sale, and marketing of certain proclucts (Ghillie Suits and Fire-Proof-it Spray) that they contend were unreasonably clangerous. They also allege that certain persons were l3 t4 l5 l(r or are negligent, ancl that said negligence causecl damages to Plaintiffs. During written aud ora<liscovery, GARY B. CROSSLAND and/or THE GARLAND COMPANY DlBlA FIRE SHIELD WEST were sutrsequeritly iclentifìed as potentially lraving sorre irrvolvement clistribution, ancl/or marketing in the sale, of lìre retardant identifiecl as "lttspecta-Shielcl" manufactured by t7 NEW YORK FIRE-SHIELD, INC., which was allegedly subsequently solcl to Defendants Todd Muirhead and/or Ghillie, Inc. Adclitionally, irr response to written discovery an affiliated entity named JACE CONTRACTING SERVICES, INC. was iclentified by GARY B. CROSSLAND ancl TI-IE GARLAND COMPANY D/BIA FIRE SHIELD WEST as ¡rotentially having some l8 l9 20 2t 22 23 .\À LA irrvolvcnrcnt in certain sales, distribution, ancl/or ntarl<eting ol'certailr Ins¡tecta-Shielcl ultimately solcl to Todcl Muirhead and/or Defellclants have cleniecl all allegations. Neither GARY B. CROSSLAND. THE GARLAND COMPANY DIB/A FIRE SHIELD V/EST ITOT JACE CONTRACTING SERVICES, INC. were involved in the clesign, manufäcture, sale, or distribution of' the actnal ghillie suits involved in the separate injuries sustainecl by the plaintifß. InspectaShiclcl, according to Defendants Toclcl Muirheacl and Ghillie Suits.conr, Ittc., is the alleged active 25 26 27 lire rctarclant that rvas contained in the 8 ounce bottles of'Fire-Prool--it-Spray ¡rackagecl and sold by -2lìrlling Aglccnrcnt ('ASII NO. -s:0ó-C:V-6507-.lW I Toclcl Muirheacl altd/or Ghillie, Inc. to the Departmeut of Energy and/or Wackenhut z a Services, Inc. and distributed by Wackenhut Services, Inc. to certailr marittes who applied it to ghillie suits worn by the plaintifß. Plaintiffs subsequently Detunclants, GARY WEST. an-rencled their Corlplaint to include the 4 5 B. CROSSLAND and THE GARLAND COMPANY DIBIA FIRE SHIELD 6 7 8 3. Del'endants GARY B. CROSSLAND, TI-IE GAIìLAND COMPANY D/B/A FIRE SHIELD WEST and potential Defendant JACE CONTRACTING SERVICES, INC. have electecl to provide Plaintifß with an incentive to voluntarily dismiss Plaintiffs' claims against GARY B. CROSSLAND and THE GARLAND COMPANY DIBIA FIRE SHIELD WEST without prejudice ancl 9 t0 to not seek to currently join .IACE CONTRACTING SERVICES, lNC. in this action as a il l2 l3 t4 15 ¡rotcntial Dcf'enclaltt in excliange lbr an extension ancl cx¡rrcss tolling of'thc Statute of Limitations l'or Plaintil'f's to rely Llpon as l'ollows: JACE CONTRACTING SERVICES, INC., GARY B. CROSSLAND, ATTd THE GARLAND COMPANY DlBlA FIRE SHIELD WEST hereby each separately agrees that the periods of time in which any and all statutes of lirnitation may begin ló l7 r8 to run have been and are extencled and tollecl from the date the origirral complaint rvas fìlccl in Califbrnia Fecleral District Court, San.losc Division, Case No.: C 06 06507 (.fW). Further, these parties agree that on any ancl all causes ol'action against l9 20 a ztl GARY B. CROSSLAND, THE GARLAND COMPANY DIBIA FIRE SHIELD WEST, and JACE CONTRACTING SERVICES, INC. that may be held by Plaintiffs, if any, fbr all economic and non-economic damages which Plaintifß 22 ¿-) 1A LA contetrcl they sustained as a result of the alleged design, manufactut'e, clistribution and/or salc ol'Insyrecta-Shield by thesc parties, artcl allegecl clainrs f-or negligence regarcling any acts or ornissions or concluct of'tliese ¡:arties rvith regard to the 25 manufacture, sale, distribution, and/or packaging, if any, that niay have resulted in 26 27 tlre separate injuries that occurred on or about October 28,2004, said claims need not be pursuecl in the current proceeding. -3'l olling l\q¡ccr¡cnt ( ¡\SI: NO. 5:06-('\/-ó.507-.1W I .IACE CONTRACTING SERVICES, lNC., GAIìY B. CROSSLAND, ancl ¿ 1 'II{E GARLAND COMPANY DIBIA FIRE SHIELD WEST each separately agrees that each and every period of limitation shall be arrd is hereby tollecl and extended cluring the period commencing the date the original complaint bearing Case No. C 06 4 5 06507 (JW) was filed in the United States District Court, Northem District of ó 7 8 California, San Jose Division, and encling 30 clays af'ter the clate a trial court .judgment is sigrred and entered, or the clatc the Plainti[f's scttlc with the last renraining Defenclarrt currerrtly joinecl, whichever clate is earlier. 9 In reliance upon this stipulation, Plaintiffs will voluntarily clisrniss all claims agairrst GARY B. CROSSLAND and THE GARLAND COMPANY DIBIA FIRE l0 1l 12 SHIELD WEST without prejudice. Fnrther, plaintifß will not seel< to join JACE AN AdditiONAI CONTRACTING SERVICES, INC. aIK/a JACE CONTRACTING as clefèrrclarrt t-t in this proceeding conditioned upon the Court's authorization to Plaintil'fs agairrst GARY l4 l5 ló t7 r8 to voluntarily clisrriss their claiurs B. CROSSLAND and THE GARLAND COMPANY DIBIA FIRE SHIELD WEST. Defenclants GARY B. CROSSLAND, THE GARLAND COMPANY DIB/A FIRE SHIELD 'WEST ATTd IACE CONTRACTING SERVICES, INC. stipulate ancl agree that none all</a IACE CONTRACTING further of thern will raise any objection to rtor raise any l9 20 afl'rrntative clel'elrse based on any a¡rplicable statute of'lirrritatiorl subsequently elect to arrrend the current if Plaintiffs adcl or subsequently fÌlecl cornplaint to 2l 22 GARY B. CROSSLAND, THE GARLAND COMPANY D/B/A FIRE SHIELD WEST, OT.IACE CONTRACTING SERVICES, INC. A/K/A.IACE CONTRACTING, or separately file a clairn against any or all of them as a party clefenclartt on or before ¿) 24 25 the clate that this tolling agreement is sclieduled to errcl. Further, GARY B. CROSSLAND, THE GARLAND COMPANY DIBIA FIRE SI_IIELD WEST, ANd 26 27 .IACE CONTRACTING SERVICES. lNC. a/k/a .IACE CONTRACTING, shall not assert or contend that this Stipulation irr any way prejudices or iur¡rairs the Plaintiffs' -4'li)llirìg Agrccnrcnt ('r\S li NO. 5:06-C'V-6507-.lW DTC_O2-2OOB TUE l2IIB PI1 TINSI1AN & SCIANO FAX N0, 210 225 6235 P, 06/08 I rights to subsequently join GARY B. CRöSSLÂND, THE CARLAND CotvtpÂ)ry 2 _t D/B/A FIRE SHIELD wF,sr. or JACE coNTRAcrrNG sERVrcES, tNc. aik/a .IACE CONTRAC:TING, as fttture f)ofenclzu¡ts in ary firture anrencletl complainr; in thts action or ôny otlrer nction scckirrg pclstrnal injuries ancl othcr darrrages arrising out of a series of incideuts or occuffences whioh ultimately culmin¿rted in injnrier; to tLle Plaint,ilfs on or ¡bour October 4 5 (r 28.2004. 7 E 4, DEI'ETTCIATTIS, Ily signing this Stipulation, Lori B. Feldrnan and Shilccn B. Roger.s, counsel for ANCI GARY B, CROSSLAND ]'T.tE GARLAND COMPANY D/B/A FIRTI SHIELI) ¿urtl D¿rniel 9 WESI', a¡rcì JACE CONTRACTING SERVICES" tNC. a/k/a ,IACE CON-l'Ìt A.CTING l0 .l'T. Sciano, as attorney lor Plaintiffs, JEREMY JAM.ES EI{ART, KRISTY b,HART and STEVEN l¡ t2 ftYAN MoCLANAHAN, hereby turthcr stipulato, agree and warrarlt tlrat they ol'the parties who further agrec trì be bound by the agrcement, havo spoken to their respoctive clients, who have ¿uthorized cach ¿rttorney to Èntor intr: this tolling agrcemenr on behalf sign.irtru'os l3 of their rcspeclive counr;el on this l4 ì5 r6 17 IT IS SO STIPI.IT,ATBD, Datecl: Decelnber 2. 2008 THE LAW OtrTIC]ES OF LORI B. t8 l9 20 Foldman ,A,ttr:nrey for DclÞndant, CiARY I'. CROSSLANI) AND JACE CONTRACTING SERVICES, INC. ¿/k/a JAC]E CONTRAC]TING 2t 22 ¿) 24 .Datcd: Dccember 2. 2008 )\ 26 )'7 MUSICK, PEELER & GARRBTT LLP Míke Erontn 'l'ollin¡¡ irgrcgnrunr -5('^, No i:0(ó DEc-02-2008 TUE 12r 16 PN TINSI,íAN & SclAN0 FA}{ N0, 210 225 6235 P, 00/08 I rigbts to subsoqueutly join OARY B, CROSSLAND" THE GARLAND CoMPÂ)w 2 3 tr/B/A lìlRE SHIELD WEST, or JACE CONTRACTING SBRVïCES, lNC, ark/a JACE CONTRACTING, as futuro Þofencfants in any fr¡lure a¡rrÉnclcrl complainr in Ih¡s acriùn ö¡ âny other ,îc[ion seclcirrg pcrsonat injuries ancl othcr dartrages arisiug out of â sÈriès crf inciclents or occrurÈr1cec which ultimafelyoulmin¿rted in injurierito the Plaintifl's on or ¿rbout Octobc¡ 28,2004. 4 5 6 7 8 4, .Defen¿lants. By signing this Sripulation. Lori B. Feldrnan and Shircør B. Rogels, counsel for GARY B. C:ROSSLAND ¿ncl 't'I{B GARLAND COMPANY DIBIA FIRI| SHIHLD I l0 WESI:', a¡rcl JACE CONTRACTING SERVICES, ,fNC. alk/a JACE CON'IRACTING aud Daniel ,1,T. Sciano, as attornoy for Plaintiffs. JEREIvfy JAMES EIIART, KRTSTY:bHART and STEVEN a.groe and wanent thot thoy hnve spoken to thoir n t2 RYAN McCL¡\NAHAN, hereby further stipulato, rosprlctive clíeute, who have authorized cach ¿ttc¡rucy to cntcr iuto thi¡ tolling agrcÞmeril on behalf c¡f thc partics n¡ho firth.s¡ agrcc l3 tr be hound by Uhc signatules of their fcspoctive coun¡iel on uris t4 't5 16 11 agrccment, rT IS SO STIPTJLATËD, Dated: December 2.2008 TT{E LAW OI'ITIC]ES OF LORI B. rALDM.4,N l8 ¡9 20 ¿t 22 23 24 25 26 21 t By: Lori ß, I¡oldman Atton:ey fo¡ Defþndant, GARI' B. CROSSLANÞ AND .TACF CONTI{ACTING SEIìVICES. INC. a/lçla CONTRACTTlNG Datctl: December Z, 2008 l\llinE Â8rsc¡lcnr -5C^titi NO. i:0(iCv-6i07.J1V RECEIVED DEC-02-2008 I 0:044lll FR0N-¿10 ¿¿! 623! TO-MIJSICK,PEELER û GARR PA6E 006 1 Attorney for Defendant THE GARLAND COMPANY DlBIAFIRE SHIELD TVEST 2 3 Dated: December 2,2008 TINSMAN & SCIANO,INC. 4 5 6 7 8 Attorney for Plaintifß, JEREMY JAMES EHART, KRISTY EHART and STEVEN RYAN MoCLANAHAN 9 10 *** ORDER *** Since parties in an action may stipulate to extend the statute of limitations, the Court finds good cause to accept the parties' Stipulation. See, e.g., Lee v. ABC Carpet & Home, tl 12 13 236 F.R.D. 193, 199 (S.D.N.Y. 2006) ("Where parties are ordered or agree by stipulation to suspend proceedings during the pendency of legal proceedings, the time during which a party is prevented from obtaining legal relief is not counted for purposes of statutes of limitations" ); Roebuck v. Hudson Valley Farms, 239 F.Supp. 2d 234, 240 n.10 (N.D.N.Y. 2002); Hoffman v. Sbarro, Inc., 982 F. Supp. 249, 260 n.14 (S.D.N.Y. 1997). t4 15 l6 l7 18 19 Dated: December 16, 2008 20 2t 22 23 _______________________________ JAMES WARE United States District Judge 24 25 26 27 -6Tolling Agreenænt CASE NO. 5:0ó{v{507-JW

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