Shloss v. Joyce

Filing 265

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Shloss v. Joyce Doc. 265 MARK D. JORDAN A t to r n e y at Law 16 12 Fourth Street Santa Rosa, CA 95404-4020 T e l e p ho n e : (707) 526-3700 F a c s im ile : (707) 526-1716 E - m a il: Diane Aqui- Of Counsel Friday, December, 11, 2009 US District Court, Northern District of California Magistrate Judge Joseph C. Spero Courtroom A, 15th Floor 450 Golden Gate Avenue San Francisco, CA 94102 Re: Board of Trustees of the Bay Area Roofers, et al,. v. Second Generation Roofing, Inc. Case No: C 09-3634 JCS Dear Magistrate Judge Spero: I, MARK D. JORDAN, am the attorney of record for SECOND GENERATION ROOFING, INC., and respectfully request to appear telephonically at the December 18, 2009 Case Management Conference for the following reasons: 1. 2. 3. I am suffering severe neuropathy in my hands due to late effects of radiation therapy treatment that I underwent 20 years ago. This neuropathy makes it extremely difficult and painful for me to drive long distances. The distance between my office in Santa Rosa, CA and Federal District Court in San Francisco, CA is approximately 140 miles round-trip and is expected to take upwards of three hours due to Bay Area traffic. For these medical reasons, I respectfully request permission to appear telephonically by way of my office land line at 707-526-3700. 4. Respectfully submitted, S/ MARK D. JORDAN Attorney for Second Generation Roofing, Inc.

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